What is the best way to clean my couch?

What is the best way to clean my couch? Topic: What is the best way to clean my couch?
September 23, 2019 / By Carolyn
Question: I have a dark red couch that is microfiber plush fabric, or what i call swead (or however you spell it) what is the best way to clean baby spit up and other such stains off it. the spell check only does words that sound like what you were typing. Why do people love to start crap. I do still have a warranty with aarons, i am still on a rent to own lease with them. I just wasn't sure if they would come out and clean or how much they would charge.
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Best Answers: What is the best way to clean my couch?

Angelina Angelina | 10 days ago
I just did mine which is dark green microfiber "suede". I rented a carpet cleaning machine and got the extra "upholstery" head (small hand-held sprayer and vacuum unit). I started by pre-treating the stains (in you're case, baby spit is treated with household ammonia, dish soap and water). I let the pretreated areas sit about 15 minutes then I used the machine and little nozzle by starting at the top of the sofa, spraying on the liquid to wet the area, wait about 60 seconds and vacuum it off. The vacuum gets 90% of the humidity and I go over it twice to be sure. Work from the top of the sofa down to the base. The whole sofa took less than 3 hours to dry with the windows open. Microfiber dries fast too without streaks, dye fading or damage! It was really easy and the sofa looks and smells like new!
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Will Will
First, check what the fabric is by looking inside the cushion zipper. Most upholstery fabric cannot be laundered. Also, many fine furniture manufacturers warrant their fabrics and will send a rep out if there is staining or the fabric has become grimy. But, if you did not follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning it or spotting you may have voided the warranty. If the couch is out of warranty, it is usually better to use a dry cleaning method. Why? Wetting most upholstery fabric can cause shrinking and mold or mildew to grow in the foam and batting underneath. Some cleaning companies load their steam/extractors with detergents that contain mold/mildew inhibitors others don't. With the dry granule method they do not damage the fiber nor get the sofa wet enough to make mold a concern. If it is an older couch, you can set up fans to dry it quickly and just want to get by, use a steam cleaning company.
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Scotty Scotty
What ever you use, test it first, I found that even water and a soft cloth took the colour out of mine.... Great furniture from DHS. As for the laminate floor, warm soapy water.
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
If it was me, I'd use a professional cleaning company. If they trash the couch, it's on their heads and they will have to replace if they are worth their salt and reputable. The way I see it, why take chances?
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Kevin Kevin
water,and alhocol :D the best is Hot water tbh..water helps for everything :D Oh ..yeah hot water with soap...put it in a bucket(the water and soap ) and then wipe it :):)
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Hudde Hudde
wow.......you have a SPELL CHECKER on this damn site and you STILL can't spell? You are such a retard! SUEDE!!!
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