it is embarressing question. please help urgently.?

it is embarressing question. please help urgently.? Topic: it is embarressing question. please help urgently.?
September 20, 2019 / By Carol
Question: I have this problem from last 3 - 4 years.On my back portion, the place from where the stool comes out, just on the opening area of that , a part of skin is swolen and it is like comeing outwards.whenever i have constipation it becomes hard a pains a lot.even it gets swolen up in the inside portion as well. and then at times it even bleeds as well.but other than constipation it dose not hurts and stays soft. I have constipation quite offten.is it the reason behind this.is it a kind of external hemroid ? is this is something which is called paills? i am very shy to go to a doc or to talk to anybody. please help.and if possible can any one tell me the remedy for this.i would be greatfull. thanks a lot for your ans.can you please specify what is Preparation-H? when i will go to the medicine store what should i ask for? Is this can cause infection if one have annal sex during this.i think it can.please suggest.
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Best Answers: it is embarressing question. please help urgently.?

Angela Angela | 8 days ago
Hemmeroids can be caused by constipation, because you have to force your stool out and it becomes a major strain on your colon. Do not be shy to talk to your doctor, I am sure they have seen it before and it is most likely a quick fix. Would you rather be in pain? Also, you may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which is a main cause of frequent constipation, too. That can also be treated with a pill. Talk to your doctor, unfortunately that is the only way you can remedy this problem, as OTC medicines will help for short term relief. Good luck honey.
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Angela Originally Answered: Old man question?
If you are sleeping on your side, your are applying pressure on your hip joint(s) which is causing inflamation....sleep on your back..better for you, and may stop problem. If you are just "stiff" in the morning, you are not getting enough exercise...start a gym program and stick to it...you do not want to be crippled at age 50...we live a very long time now, 90 is not unusual. Have a full body MRI (IF you have no metal in your body). Have it checked for arthritis...you may have onset...can be controlled with pain meds and glucosamine. NO this is not normal at your age. Change your life style and have things checked out ASAP. You are not old, by any means. You do not want to be OLD long before your time. Good luck

Wilfred Wilfred
See a doctor. You can treat it with prep H, but as soon as you have another hard stool, it'll come back. Its better just to get rid of the thing. You also MUST change your diet. Like others said, eat much more fiber, and drink more water. Until then, use stool softners when its difficult to eliminate waste.
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Scott Scott
yes this is a hemerhoid. they can be treated with preperation h . you can buy that over the counter at the drug store. it is very important to keep your stools soft so that you are not putting undue pressure on the rectum .the constipation causes these. you must also keep the area very clean so that there is no irritation.
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar
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Keshawn Keshawn
This is piles or a hemorrhoid. Get some preparation H at Walgreens, avoid foods that irritate, get plenty of fiber to avoid constipation, soak in a hot tub for comfort sometimes push them in with your finger if you can. They can be surgically removed if all else fails.
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Hucc Hucc
Don't ever be afraid to speak to a doctor (bring it up at your OB exam) Here is a link - that may help.
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Autism effects society by making everyone go broke, the families, the schools, etc. Also, it stresses everyone out since the schools are not equipped to handle the huge amount of special needs children they are now getting. Autism makes people lack the ability to socialize. About half have seizures. The ones with seizures also have a significantly shorter life-span. Since it was rare just 20 years ago, we don't really have enough of them to decide their life span, but the old books say it's the same as everyone else. The new reports don't agree. Individuals with autism have lots of health problems, such as seizures, severe allergies, Crohns, Celiac, migraines, severe stomach cramps, chronic diarrhea, chronic swollen tonsils, eczema, severe cavities, chemical sensitivities, dysfunctioning immune systems, etc. Thousands have been recovered by rebuilding their immune systems, my children included. Simply Google to learn what I mentioned. Unfortunately, for every article on autism saying it's this, there is another article saying it's the opposite. So, there is an obvious war going on about it. I chose to listen to those who recovered their kids, since I figured they have the results to show they know the most. I listened to them, did what they did, and now my kids are recovered. If you look for articles that say they can not be recovered, you will find them too. Unfortunately, those articles are naysayers, clogging up the good research, and stifling those who are wondering if recovery is true.

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