what causes a bowel obstruction?

what causes a bowel obstruction? Topic: what causes a bowel obstruction?
January 25, 2020 / By Emil
Question: My fiance has a bowel obstruction, he is in the ICU and he started throwing up a green smelly thick pea soup liquid from his mouth. He threw up so much of it that they had to put in an NG tube to make sure that he did not aspirate from it(choke on it). They are going to get his bowels going again by giving him a suppository. I hope it works.
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Clifford Clifford | 9 days ago
What he was throwing up was bile due to the fact that he has an obstructed bowel as far as what caused it I don't know the factors leading up to his hospital admittance. It may well be that he didn't have a bowel movement for so long that the stool became hardened in his bowels making it so hard that couldn't pass it on his own, if they are "fixing" it with a suppository then it doesn't sound like anything but severe constipation in the future he needs to be sure an address the problem before it goes this far GOOD LUCK TO THE BOTH OF YOU
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Clifford Originally Answered: Bowel Obstruction.?
I can't believe they sent you home. They should have at least given you some sort of laxative. I would go to a different ER right away. A bowel obstruction can cause a lot of complications. It doesn't mean you will hospitalized but you may be sick for a little while after.
Clifford Originally Answered: Bowel Obstruction.?
Pain, vomitting and loss of appetite are symptoms of illness. Therefore, it is best to obtain an accurate diagnosis within a few days. In order for this to happen, chances are pretty good you will need to be admitted to the hospital for a series of tests. You would do well to understand that being admitted to the hospital is one of the first steps towards wellness. Your hospital stay will give the doctor(s) a chance to get a closer look at what's going on in your gastrointestinal tract. Hopefully, this will enable the proper diagnosis and treatment for what ails you. I sincerely hope you get well soon! P.S. Don't pay any attention to the posts suggesting you need laxatives and, heaven forbid, a colostomy. These posters do not know anything about your situation, let alone what to do about it.

Angel Angel
If you had a bowel obstruction you would not feel hungry. You might be vomiting instead and having abdominal pain. You don't have an obstruction if you had a BM this morning. You would not be breaking wind either.
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Trace Trace
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Trace Originally Answered: bowel condition ibs or inflammatory bowel disease?
Hi there, I don't know what your medical insurance is like, but I would suggest having a colonoscopy done. I have similar symptoms to yours, only not quite as severe, and I'm 24 yrs old. They thought for a long time I had IBS, which runs in my family, but I just had a colonoscopy and they confirmed that I have inflammatory bowel disease, which is apparently worse than IBS.

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