Could baby be constipated?

Could baby be constipated? Topic: Could baby be constipated?
November 22, 2019 / By Eliab
Question: Hi, my baby is one week and three days old, and she has pretty regula diapers...although, yesterday, she had no dirty (or poopy) diapers at all. She normally will have 3 or 4 a day. Also...she didn't wet or dirty her diaper throughout the night at all. When normally she does...2 or 3 times. We feed her breast milk and formula. The formula we have to give her has iron in it, and I'm wondering if she might be constipated from that. Not to mention, my doc has me on an iron pill. So that could be passing through my breast milk.It might be silly..but I'm a new parent. I always have these questions! Anyone have any thoughts as to what it might be? Thanks! Thanks for all of your help. My goal was to completely breast feed for the first 6 months...it still is. But in the hospital, the pedi told me he wanted me supplementing formula because of her jaundice. She is having a difficult time actually nursing from me, so most of the time I just pump it.
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Chad Chad | 4 days ago
Hey hon! If your baby is constipated you will know it. She will be very unhappy. New babies will be very irregular until they aren't, kinda have to wait on them to develop their schedule. If you notice that she starts to strain or grunt you can work her legs (like a bicycle type motion), this will help her muscles to contract. You can also let her lay with her feet against something that she can press against. It is hard for babies to poop laying down so you can put her with her belly against your and pat her bottom and hope that gravity helps. When Madden (my 6 week old) got horribly constipated (cried for 5 hours one morning) I took him to the pediatrician and it turned out that it was his formula, he is lactose intolerant and had to switch to soy formula (I unfortunately never got any milk - lucky me - my boobs are small and pointless) While he was getting adjusted to the switch he stayed constipated and cried for another 4 hours and we went back to the doc and he gave me a few more tips. Put her in the bathtub and sometimes that will help her relax enough to go. With your finger gently massage in a circular motion her butthole (sorry). --This one really worked for me, I still use it if he is having a hard time, you can sometimes actually feel the poo up inside. Just be careful because there is NO WARNING when the muscles contract and let loose.-- The last resort he gave me was a glycerin suppository. You can get them at your local drugstore where the enemas are (Sometimes they are behind the pharmacy counter in the refridgerator so they dont melt). They are an adult suppository made of pure sugar and they are rather large. I cut the one piece into about 5 smaller pieces. Wet the little pellet and gently push it just inside the anus until you feel the muscles take it...and GET READY....it literally worked in about 10 seconds and didn't stop..LOL. Once he had that first poop the doctor told me to add about a tablespoon of prune juice to one bottle a day to help get him going at least once a day. Oh, and one thing my doctor told me was DO NOT GIVE YOUR BABY KARO SYRUP. Once the syrup is opened it is a breeding ground for bacteria. Hope this helps...I know I was soooo lost when Madden was constipated and so many people were telling me so many different things, I refused to do anything the doctor didn't tell me about. Oh, and with the iron....her poop should not be hard should be from watery to a toothpaste consistency. So if her poop is comming out in little balls or harder than toothpaste, then you know it is being caused by the iron. Iron will constipate her, but you will know because of the texture if it's the irons fault.
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Chad Originally Answered: Help! My baby is constipated.?
I'm not sure how old yours is, but my daughter is almost six months. She was constipated and her doctor told me to mix 1-2 Tbs. of Dark Karo Syrup (start with 1) with 4 oz. of water. He told me to give that to her once a day until the constipation went away. It didn't work for us because she doesn't like the taste and won't drink it (she's only had cereal and formula so far), but thats the advice I got from the doctor maybe it will help you.

Alonzo Alonzo
Constipation means hard, difficult-to-pass stools. It has nothing to do with frequency. You usually want to see at least one dirty diaper a day in a young baby (older breastfed babies often go a week or more, but not at this early age). Still, if she's otherwise healthy and happy, and nursing well, a single missed day isn't cause for concern. When she does poop, if it's soft, don't worry about it. If it's hard, you might look into stopping the formula. Is there any particular reason you are supplementing? It's not usually a good idea, esp. with such a young baby.
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Tess Tess
i'm not sure about the no wet diaper. that seems odd to me. i would think my baby isn't getting enough to eat if that happened. but if it was only one night. i wouldn't worry. now my son is 2 months old and he went from a dirty diaper every time i changed him. to drastically changing a dirty diaper only 2 to 3 times a day. and now only once a day. and some days he didn't have any. this is normal. their body is using the food instead of wasting all of it. don't get too concerned until it's been about 3 days since she's had a bowel movement. i was frantic for awhile just to find out that i was overreacting and this is normal. and even if your baby is constipated. ive looked up all the natural ways to fix this. and theirs nothing much you can do but to wait it out. take the iron pills. your daughter is fine. iron is good for her and you need it. my iron was low after my c section and my skin was so pale and i was so beat down and tired that the stress from birth was just about sending me into major depression. i feel really strongly about that. you need your iron right now more than anything
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Rosalind Rosalind
It sounds like the formula might be causing constipation, if you want to help with that, don't use the formula, go to all breast milk. Also if you plan on breast feeding for a long amount of time, you are better off to quit using formula for now, your supply has not yet regulated itself and using formula will only tell your body to make less and create a downward spiral. EDIT-Formula does not make a difference with jaundice. Breast milk will actually help it more, breast fed babies have more bowel movements and push it out quicker. Do a little research on it, that is one of the biggest pieces of false information given to breast feeding mothers.
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Morgana Morgana
what for the formula.Stop the formula. No need from it. Breastmilk is perfect source of iron. Do not believe any stupid doctors. I stopped taking my prenatal vit since 6th month of my son he is now a year and i sorry i ever took any vit. I dont give him any vit as well. Just eat healthy. I never gave my son any formula and he is even still not taking alot of solids. He is trying but only rarely eating more. And he is perfectly ok. The doctor who told you to mix breastmilk and formula should be very stupid. And dont worry it happens sometimes to nothave poop for a day andless wet diapers. You just make sure you nurse on demand and for as long as your baby likes to. Newborns are nursing very frequently even at half an hour even all the time sometimes. Just stop the formula as that is messing up your breastmilk. It may even stop if you continue with the formula.BREASTMILK IS PERFECT FOR BABIES DONT BOTHER WITH DOCTORS NURSE ON DEMAND EXCLUSIVE BREASTFEEDING FOR 6 MONTHS AND YOUR BABY WILL BE PERFECTLY FINE.
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Morgana Originally Answered: my 6 month old baby is constipated?
Is your baby acting uncomfortable. If not, she might have just skipped a day. Bowel movement schedules can change as a baby gets older and she starts eating solid foods. If your baby is acting uncomfortable, you might try calling your doctors nurse. The nurse usually knows what the doctor usually recommends. Your doctor may recommend juice. My doctor had recommeded Kyro Syrup mixed with water, however I know some doctors are adamently against doing this. Your babies doctor may even recommend an enema. My daughter ended up needing the enema. My advice is to double check with your doctor which approach they feel would best suit your child.

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