What should I do about severe chronic 6 month constipation?

What should I do about severe chronic 6 month constipation? Topic: What should I do about severe chronic 6 month constipation?
September 23, 2019 / By Eleazar
Question: Tried miralax, nightly senna tea, different stool softeners, exercise, but still nothing put a dent in the massive amount of fecal matter inside of my abdomen right now. It has made life very difficult to enjoy the entire time. I eventually gave up on laxatives and exercise just ended up giving me pain, so I stopped and am now very desperate to get all of this crap out of me and feel healthy again. Many mornings I wake up feeling like I can barely breathe, and throughout the day breathing is difficult and my lung capacity has significantly diminished it seems. I am also a vocalist and for the past few months it has greatly impacted my singing ability. Sometimes i feel like I just want it all sucked out, and I heard someone saying on an online forum that they went to the hospital and had it done via some sort of nose-tube. Of course that must be an extreme case, and a nurse at the ER said they only do enemas, but another doctor said they only do it when its really bad. What is this called, do you reccomend it, or what do you reccomend I do?
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Cassidy Cassidy | 9 days ago
The good news is you gave up on oral laxatives. They usually end up leading to a dependency on laxatives. A fiber supplement with plenty of water daily will help provide moisture to soften the stool and bulk to keep the stool moving. If it was me I would take a 1 quart soap suds enema made with either ivory bar soap dissolved in water until the solution looked whitish or a teaspoon of liquid castile soap (found in health food stores). Hang the bag so that the bottom of the bag is no more than 12" to 18" above your anus while administering (remember to purge the air from the hose). Retain the enema for 5 to 15 minutes until the urge to defecate is strong and then move to the toilet to release. Then follow that enema with 1 or 2 larger volume (1 to 2 quart) tap water enemas to rinse the soap residue from the colon along with help remove any remaining fecal mater. I had this occur after being on percocet. It took 4 enemas before I felt that most fecal matter had been released. Allow at least 1/2 hour in between the enemas. As for the exercise, that is needed along with the daily fiber supplement if you want to avoid the constipation. Exercise can be as little as walking briskly for 20 to 30 minutes per day. If you can't do that your overall health is in a state where the constipation is the least of your problems.
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Cassidy Originally Answered: I have chronic constipation!?
Home Remedies for Constipation 1. Constipation treatment via Bael Fruit Normally all fruits, except banana and jackfruit, are useful in the treatment of constipation. Certain fruits are, however, more useful. Bael fruit is regarded as the finest of all laxatives. It cleans and tones up the bowels. Its normal use for two or three months throws out even the old accumulated faecal matter. It must be rather taken in its original form and before dinner. About sixty grams of the fruit are enough for an adult. 2. Constipation treatment with Pear Pears are useful in the treatment of constipation. Patients suffering from chronic constipation must accept an exclusive diet of this fruit or it's juice for a few days, but in normal cases, a medium-sized pear taken after dinner or with breakfast will have the desired effect. 3. Constipation treatment with Guava Guava is another helpful remedy for constipation. When eaten with seeds, it provides roughage to the diet and helps in the standard evacuation of the bowels. One or two guavas should be taken daily. 4. Constipation treatment with Grapes Grapes have proved very helpful in overcoming constipation. The combination of the properties of the cellulose, sugar, and organic acid in grapes build them a laxative food. Their field of action is not inadequate to clearing the bowels only. They also tone up the stomach and intestines and reduce the most chronic constipation. One must take at least 350 gm of this fruit daily to achieve the desired results. When fresh grapes are not obtainable, raisins, soaked in water, can be used. Raisins must be soaked for twenty-four to forty-eight hours. This will make them swell up to the original size of the grapes. They must be eaten early in the morning, along with the water in which they have been soaked. 5. Constipation treatment with Orange Orange is also beneficial in the constipation treatment. Taking one or two oranges at bedtime and again on increasing in the morning is an excellent way of stimulating the bowels. The all-purpose stimulating influence of orange juice stimulates peristaltic activity and helps prevent the accumulation of food residue in the colon. 6. Constipation treatment using Papaya and Figs Other fruits specific for constipation are papaya and figs. Partly a medium-sized papaya should be eaten at breakfast for it to act as a laxative. Four or five dry figs must be soaked overnight in a little water and eaten in the morning. 7. Constipation treatment with Spinach Among the vegetables, spinach has been measured to be the most vital food for the entire digestive tract from time immemorial. Raw spinach holds the finest organic material for the cleansing, reconstruction, and regeneration of the intestinal tract. Raw spinach juice-100 ml, mixed with an identical quantity of water and taken twice daily, will cure the most aggravated cases of constipation in a few days. 8. Constipation treatment by means of Other Remedies Half a lime, squeezed is a glass of hot water, with half a teaspoon of salt is also an effective medicine for constipation. Drinking water, which has been kept overnight in a copper vessel, first thing in the morning, brings superior results. Linseed (alse) is extremely useful in complicated cases of constipation. A teaspoon of linseed swallowed with water before each meal offers both roughage and lubrication. ksses

Allyn Allyn
The ER will do enemas or admit you to the hospital if you have a fecal impaction. If it is simple constipation, they would typically send you home with instructions to change your diet, drink lots of water and a recommendation to take a laxative, enema or suppository to treat the problem.
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Teri Teri
A deficiency in vitamin B12, vitamin B1, iron, magnesium, and calcium causes constipation!!! You might want to get your nutrient levels for these nutrients checked up in particular; nurse will take a blood test to see if you are low in any of them. Stop taking laxatives!!! because your body will get used to having them and one day will stop having any bowel movements... which is freaky to think about, you don't want to end up having a colostomy! So, get your vitamin B12, vitamin B1, iron, magnesium, and calcium levels checked up. Drink enough water daily, take a probiotic supplement, and add some coconut oil to your diet.
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Rosa Rosa
Frist thing is the natural way get some Extra Virgin Olive Oil and eat more fiber or take a fiber supplement i took a laxitive and it didnt work but fiber and Extra Virgin Olive Oil did but your situation could be worse id see a doctor but fiber supplement wouldnt hurt to try gl to you and hopefully its nothing bad
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Monta Monta
Extreme laxatives, your bowels can actually rupture from the pressure built up and can kill you. So seek medical aid immediately.
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Monta Originally Answered: Help! chronic constipation at 13!?
Chronic constipation occurs irrespective age and gender. Most of the people who are at above 45 likely to constipation. Many people who are skipping diet and exercises are constipated. Not consuming enough fiber and water also lead to constipation. Milk and dairy foods also lead constipation. Drinking too much cow’s milk and taking loads of fiber also lead this problem. While consuming fiber foods you need to maintain the equilibrium. Below are amounts of fiber needed to consume as per their age and gender. Men below 50 years need to consume 38 gm per day. Women below 50 years consume 25 gm per day. Men above 50 years consume 30 gm per day. Women above 50 years consume 21 gm per day. Don’t increase the fiber levels and drink more water while taking fiber foods. Try to follow these tips and I hope it will help to you. If you are suffering for more than 3 -4 weeks you should consult your doctor.

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