What could cause a 17yr old girl to completely lose her appetite in about a month?

What could cause a 17yr old girl to completely lose her appetite in about a month? Topic: What could cause a 17yr old girl to completely lose her appetite in about a month?
September 23, 2019 / By Carnation
Question: I started losing my appetite about a month ago and now I'm hardly hungry at all and eat next to nothing. As a result I've lost 10-15lbs and am looking quite thin, I don't want to lose anymore weight but I'm just not hungry. I do plan on seeing a doctor, I'm just hoping to get some information so I can ask good, relevant questions while I'm there. What could cause this?
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Angel Angel | 7 days ago
This has happened to me so many times and can even answer from a medical point of view as well as personal. When we start to loose our appetites out body goes into Ketosis. Ketosis is where the body starts using it's own fat resources to give you energy. This gives off Ketones. The side effect of producing Ketones and going into Ketosis is COMPLETE lose of appetite and desire to eat. You feel full all the time like you have just eaten a 6 course dinner. Have you noticed almost daily headaches? A horrible taste in your mouth? If yes. This is another side effect of Ketosis. It only takes as little as 24 hours to enter Ketosis, so having a busy or stressful day and not having time to eat well or forgetting will get's you started. So many people suffer from Ketosis, with the splitting headaches, only to not know what's happening to them. So if you had a day like that, you may not even remember, a month ago that would have started this. Unfortunately Ketosis is a catch 22 situation. The more you feel like not eating, the more Ketones you release and the less you feel like eating. So you get stuck in a cycle that is EXTREMELY hard to break. It is SO DARN HARD to force yourself to eat something when you have absolutely NO DESIRE to eat. The way to beat Ketosis easier is to, when you do eat, eat carbohydrates. It's the bodies perfered use of fuel and energy, so will guzzle them up instead of your fat. Producing less Ketones. Slowly the Ketosis will evaperate and reverse until your body is back to using carbs as fuel and stops producing so many Ketones. But it is a slow process. It's a good idea that you are seeing your Doctor as you will need a complete physical as Ketosis does nasty things to your muscles, bones and internal organs. But you are getting it in time.
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Angel Originally Answered: how to lose my appetite completely?
You need about 1852 calories (I calculated using your information) and yes it's to lose weight You can't get rid your appetite sweetie but you can get your binging under control Don't allow yourself to go too long b/w meals you want to avoid getting to that ravenously hungry state. Some healthy snack ideas hummus w/ raw veg, a slice of multigrain bread w/ a bit of natural nut butter or apple slices with nut butter, fruit and cottage cheese or string cheese, natural yoghurt with fresh berries or muesli, fruit and/or vegetable smoothies, plain nuts and seeds maybe mixed with some dry fruit, edamame, healthy crackers with some of that lowfat Laughing Cow Cheese, oatmeal (add some fruit, almonds, ground flax seed), sweet potato with cinnamon yoghurt, healthy cereal, kashi or luna bars, brown rice in rice milk Always eat breakfast and ideally make it your largest meal Stay hydrated This might be hard but MSG and other flavor enhancers stimulate appetite (fast and processed food contains a lot of unnatural additives) so try to cut down on such foods Sugar and salt can stimulate eating so reduce them and cut out soda entirely You have to find out what's really going on that makes you want to turn to food Are you bored (this is one of my biggest reasons for overeating)? If so get outside, call up some friends you could get together and play tennis or Frisbee something fun that isn't linked to food, do something intellectually stimulating that consumes your attention (don't mindlessly watch tv or surf the net, in fact cut off the tv those food ads will suck you in, you need to do something that snaps you out of your coma basically), clean or redecorate as much as I hate cleaning it actually keeps me from snacking, make time for hobbies or get a hobby if you haven't any Are you thirsty? Have a glass of water, sometimes the urge to eat is actually thirst Are your stressed out? Exercise, confide in a friend, express yourself paint, write in your journal, carve whatever, practice some yogic breathing techniques, meditate, get some fresh air maybe a nice walk or bike ride preferably somewhere like a park or forest, play with your pets (if you have them), take a nice bubble bath, or get a massage if possible Are you tired? Get some fresh air, have a few plain nuts or seeds, drink some water, take a 30 minute power nap, take a shower Are you sad? Talk to a friend, have a comedy night, vent in a journal, do yoga (helped me through Depression), meditate a useful technique is to simply observe your thoughts/feelings without adding on to them, and label thoughts as these arise simply "Thinking" Don't label your thoughts or emotions as bad or wrong or as good either, simply accept them and let them pass. Moods are like weather they will pass things will improve you have to learn to be with uncomfortable feelings, a lot of people try to bury their feelings beneath food to break this cycle you have to face your thoughts/feelings in an open, gentle, and nonjudgmental manner Don't have junk food just laying around in plain site, always store junk food if you will have it in the home high up behind closed doors Eat till you are 80% full, slow down and savor your food, if necessary eat with chop sticks or set your fork down b/w each bite it takes about 20 minutes to recognize the sensation of being full so try to stretch your meal time for 20 minutes. Keep your sat fat 14 grams since you are dieting and aim to get more healthy fats (fatty fish, olives, avocado, plain nuts and seeds, olive and flaxseed oil) Divide your plate 1/2 fruit and veg, 1/4 fiber-rich carbs (aim for 24-38 grams of fiber a day it will make you feel more sated but if you don't consume much now gradually increase intake otherwise you will get stomach pains), 1/4 lean protein Keep a food diary and record exactly what you ate as well as any triggers that might have led to binging It may help to have a glass of water or a bowl of miso soup (seaweed is fantastic for the metabolism) before a meal If you mess up at one meal, oh well get back on track with your next meal, don't try and guilt yourself, keep your messages positive Eat a variety of foods to avoid nutritional deficiencies (it was also keep you from getting bored), you need to aim for 100 different healthy foods a week be adventurous try different cuisines, new recipes etc. This site has tons of healthy recipes http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/content/recip...

Wilford Wilford
A lot of things could cause changes in appetite, but the first thing that came to my mind is depression. The seasons are changing! I don't know where you live, but I'm in the northeast. It gets dark earlier these days, and seasonal depression hits hard. Have you gone through a break up, or friend drama lately? Are you anxious about anything? Make sure that even though you aren't feeling hungry, you make yourself eat something, even if it's just a piece of bread or a few crackers. It can become dangerous if you don't eat (obviously). Good luck with your doctor's appointment!
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Scot Scot
this exact same thing happened to me when i was younger in middle school. because of my hormes all out of control and puberty. I did have clinical depression and caused me to not eat, if your stressing, not happy or what not, try and go see a doctor let them know your symptoms, you'll have low nutrition and calories which is risky for your health. my body has never been the same as before because i basically didn't do anything about it at that time which i regret. do your body well. good luck~
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Neas Neas
I'm your age and I have that same problem. Last month I would hardly eat anything for some reason. Not like I was starving myself at all. But this month I'm eating like crazy and my stomach is always full and showing instead of flat. This always changes so I never know what to expect. I think you should go to the doctor. Let me know what he/she says.
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Keshaun Keshaun
It could be many things but it sounds like it could be the start of an ulcer (which are curable). That happened to me a few years ago when I lost my appetite all of a sudden like you did.
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Keshaun Originally Answered: Gaining weight fast and healthy, 17yr female.?
Weight gainer shakes and workout by lifting weights. Don't worry about getting too muscular looking or anything. Girls just can't gain as much muscle as boys can. There is a genetic/hormonal limit that you'll reach before you look all muscular. But it is better to gain the weight in muscle than in fat. Try this workout routine (you'll need access to a gym and a workout partner to be safest): workout 1: Bench press Shoulder press Squats workout 2 Seated Rows Lat Pulldowns Good mornings Take a day of rest in between each workout and take the weekends off. A sample would be, week 1: wkout 1 on monday, wkout 2 on wednesday, wkout 1 on friday... Week 2: wkout 2 on monday, wkout 1 on wednesday, wkout 2 on friday. Start doing each exercise with just the bar. You should shoot for somewhere between 6-10 reps before you get too tired to do another one. Dropping the bar, then lifting it again is a rep. If you can do more than 10, add more weight next time. If you can't do at least 6, find a way to drop the weight. Keep progressing by adding weight as you get stronger. If you were able to do 9 or 10 reps, but now you can do 11, it's time to add more weight. A set is performing reps until you can't do anymore and need rest. You should only have to do one set of each exercise for the first 2-3 months you're doing this. After that, your body will need more sets (2 or 3) per exercise to keep progressing. If you're doing the workout right and aren't gaining weight, you need to increase your calories. You can only gain weight with a calorie surplus; eating more calories than you burn off living day-to-day and through exercise. 3500 calories of excess equals one pound of weight gained. If you eat 500 surplus calories a day for a week, you'll gain a pound in a week (500x7=3500). Make sure to track your weight weekly with a scale so you can figure out if you're actually gaining weight. If not, you'll need to eat more this week than last week. Make sure to weigh yourself at the same time whenever you're keeping track. Right after waking up is a good time. If you follow the workout plan above, your body will gain weight in muscle unstead of fat. The presses work your chest, shoulders, and triceps. The rows and pulldowns work your upper back and biceps. The good mornings work your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. The squats work your Quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Guys like muscular, toned legs on a woman, so don't neglect the squats. You aren't too weak to do them if you stick to low weights at first, plus they are almost a full body workout and help your body to release beneficial hormones which will help you gain muscle and keep fat off. Working out like this will also burn less calories than running does. Make sure to drink your weight gainer shake within 30 minutes of working out. That's when your body needs the calories the most. Try to find a shake that has at least half as many grams of protien as there are grams of carbs. Fat is ok too, just not too much. This may seem like a lot of stuff to do, but I guarantee it'll work if you can stick to it. Most people give up too quickly. It can take a month before your body starts to adapt. Our bodies are stubborn like that. It thinks "all this weight lifting is just a temporary thing... I can get away with not wasting calories building muscle." Then after a while it's like "Oh man... I guess I'm gonna have to start changing to keep up with this crap." Also, try to keep your weight gain to no more than 1.5 lbs a week. 1lb/week is probably more realistic though... But if you are gaining 2lbs/wk or more, then some of it is definitely gonna be in the form of body fat. The body can only build so much muscle a week. Given 1.5lb/wk, you should reach your goals in 16-18 weeks. That's probably just in time for prom.

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