Help for a constipated 7 month old?

Help for a constipated 7 month old? Topic: Help for a constipated 7 month old?
May 22, 2019 / By Addy
Question: My 7 month old had been constipated for weeks. Per my doctors recommendation, we have done three baby enimas in the past week. The first worked pretty well and seemed to clean him out. Tonight, however, it produced a hard, golfball sized movement. He has not had a real bowel movement on his own in over a week and he has been eating prunes twice a day! Any suggestions? Each enima has produced something, but I don't think that is solving the problem. He isn't eating any rice cereal and is on breastmilk. The funny thing is that he is very happy and always smiling and laughing.
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Tanner Tanner | 5 days ago
Do not give your baby any baby cereal. NO bananas. Give her a 2 ounce bottle of apple juice or pear juice. Repeat the juice 2x a day. If your daughter is constipated is because of too much solids and not enough liquids. Give her baby juice 2 a day and her bowels will become normal again. Good luck
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Tanner Originally Answered: 4 month old constipated?
As a 4 month old, she should not be constipated at all as she should be on only formula or breast milk. Don't try anything!!!! It is normal for a breast fed baby to go only once a week!!!! If she is formula fed and you think she is constipated, then give a little extra water in her formula and hold off giving an solids, since she may be sensitive. just give her a couple of ounces of extra water and do not give anything but formula or water until your child is at least 6months old. She really does not need anything but breast milk or formula until 9 months or 1 year. Solids are more to learn about taste and texture, and for fun at this age. Just make sure that she gets enough of those. Also, if you do not mix enough water into the formula, that can cause constipation. And remember that if your daughter is turning red and really working when she poops. that is not constipation, that is just how a baby poos, it is not anything to be worried about. You only worry about it if they have gone more then 7 days (for a breastfed child) or 5 days ( for formula fed). If it is longer then that, then give some prune juice mixed with water (half and half). If no poo after 24 hours, then go to the doc. But red face, grunting, even crying and uncomfortable facial expressions and crying do not mean constipation, it just means they are working those muscles hard.

Peregrine Peregrine
Get clear Karo Syrup and add a tbsp to an eight oz bottle of your child's formula or breast milk. Do this until they poop and if still constipated you can continue. My doctor recommended this for all three of my children and it worked. Just don't go overboard putting more than a tbsp in or use if you don't need to cause the sugar is definately not what a baby needs a lot of. The result of this is the sugar helps pull the water from the intestines into the stool and loosens it up so it can pass making life easier on the baby and you. I didn't see where you stated you were feeding your child rice cereal but if you are and your child doesn't need it because they have reflux or another health issue that requires them be fed rice I would not feed them rice cereal because like the other person advised it does cause constipation.
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Lucas Lucas
Do Not feed your baby any rice cereal (rice crackers or any rice products), banana's, toast or apples (this includes apple juice, applesauce, or fresh apples) (these are all used to firm up diarrhea). Get some adult prune juice. Mix 2 oz of prune juice to 2 oz of water and feed it to your baby by bottle or sippy cup. Keep feeding him the prunes for meals as well. If he's on formula, the formula you're feeding him may be the cause of constipation as well (especially if it's Soy formula). Talk to your pediatrician about changing formula. Rice cereal constipated our little one, and we changed to Oatmeal per our Pediatrician's recommendation. While there still are some occassional problems with Constipation, prune juice and prunes usually solve the problem. Hope this helps! Best Wishes!
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Jed Jed
We've been struggling with constant constipation in my 4 month old. Sometimes we would have to give him a glycerin suppository to help him. The doctor doesn't want to continue with that route because if prolonged he could lose the ability to tell when he has the urge to go. He is now on Miralax, 1 teaspoon a day and it has seemed to help regulate him. Talk to your doctor...we tried everything before resorting to this but it is helping so that's what is important. Good luck.
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Jed Originally Answered: 13 month old is constipated?
Does she eat yogurt or cheese? There are plenty of sources of calcium besides milk if you think the milk is causing problems for her. Is she eating lots of other things that could be constipating? Rice, bananas, applesauce, toast? Keep pushing pears, peaches, prunes, grapes (cut in fourths), berries, etc. And offer water throughout the day as well.

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