4.5 body fat on girl way to low?

4.5 body fat on girl way to low? Topic: 4.5 body fat on girl way to low?
September 20, 2019 / By Carlyn
Question: Okay, I know when I posted my body fat percentage last time people went NUTS. But I just need some honest advice/opinions. I'm a GIRL (despite my screen name haha) who is suffering form an eating disorder. I am getting help for this so I should be getting better soon. However, my body fat is very low. I weight something like 95 pounds at 5'2 which is underweight but not to the point of looking like I am dying. My body fat is at like 4.5%. Everytime I loose a pound my body fat like halves itself. I have been reading stuff about the fact that when body fat gets to low internal organs begin to shut down. That's very scary to me. I know people think that people with eating disorder want to sabatoge themselves but thats not neccesarily true. I am going through a tough time that I hope to get out of but I don't want my organs shutting down on the way to recovery. Anyway the hospital that I go to as an outpatient in California seems to think that this body fat is very low but you know sends me home until our next visit. Should I really be taking father steps in this matter? Are my organs going to just start shutting down? Or can my body maintain me? Thank you so much guys. I am 16 by the way. Thanks!!!!
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Ange Ange | 6 days ago
'Healthy' body fat for women is 22-25% for a normal frame. An athlete should be in the 15-20% range. For only 16, somewhat under those numbers is probably normal, but 4.5% is really, really unhealthy.
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Ange Originally Answered: 4.5 percent body fat on girl way to low?
If you dont get help your bodily organs WILL shut down, however, if you keep getting help and working on what needs to be worked on then you will eventually get to a healthy weight. Just keep your head up.. it seems to me that you are trying to get healthy and really thats all that matters

Wilf Wilf
yes it is extremely low! i used to suffer from an eating disorder as well and even at my lowest weight (96lbs at 5'4) my body fat percentage was around 10-11%. i highly suggest you do something more to increase your body fat or else you can risk hurting yourself dramatically. your body can and will shut down if you continue this. it's not a joke. i have researched a lot on the effects of eating disorders and it is highly possible that your body can go into cardiac arrest and your heart stops beating. please take this information seriously. you need SOME fat to survive!!! email me if you have any more questions, i would love to help you.
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Schuyler Schuyler
No, sweetie. Your body can't handle that. It's too little to function on. You need to keep taking steps to get more healthy. It's a process and takes time, but you can do it!
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Neal Neal
i think of that's necessary to of miscalculated. At 5'2" one hundred fifteen lbs must be interior the conventional selection. i could have a expert recalculate it so you might ensure it. To decrease physique fat, the final way is to develop weights which might advance your weight somewhat.
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