i wanna eat healthier, but am allergic to fresh fruits!?

i wanna eat healthier, but am allergic to fresh fruits!? Topic: i wanna eat healthier, but am allergic to fresh fruits!?
December 11, 2019 / By Darian
Question: my grandma has diabetes and is gonna have to have heart surgery; well i'm very worried, but i wanna start eating healthier now. obesity does NOT run in my fam...i'm tall and thin. i have allergies (itchy mouth) to almost every fresh fruit, and many raw veggies, so what could i eat to keep my heart and i healthy? does drinking water aid heart health? any suggestions would be great! thanks in advance!
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Best Answers: i wanna eat healthier, but am allergic to fresh fruits!?

Azel Azel | 5 days ago
You can eat healthy without eating veggies or fruit. Drinking 8 glasses of water, or more, a day is perfect. Just try to stay away from a lot of sugar and high carbohydrates, unless you will be working out. Try to eat whole wheat bread, rather than white, or any whole grains. I try to do this and it helps a lot. My mom is not obese at all, but she is diabetic and so I just try to see how she eats. She "tries" to stay away from sugars, white bread or high carbohydrate foods, etc., etc. Also, chicken breasts or any kind of lean meat is good to eat. It is not only healthy, but helps you keep your iron. Let's see...black beans are a good source of protein and baked potatoes are a good source of carbohydrates. Maybe you can look into a nutritionist or your Dr. regarding your concern and maybe he/she can help you with a list of things you can eat. I hope this helped. Good luck!
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Azel Originally Answered: Do Philippine people like tropical fruits? Are any of these fruits (in my avatar) available in your country?
Yes! I can see sugar apples, mangosteen fruits and rambutan on your profile. Mangosteen farms are located in Southern Philippines (Mindanao).. though.
Azel Originally Answered: Do Philippine people like tropical fruits? Are any of these fruits (in my avatar) available in your country?
Fruits---aye yai yai--when are you going to learn, --fruit-- is singular, or plural, there is no such word as, fruits. one apple is a fruit, 2 apples is --fruit, --got it? Anyway, every country has fruit, whether the same as yours or different , i.e, show me a coconut palm in Alaska, or a Tamarillo in Italy. Tamarillo is a Kiwi ---fruit. Red and crossed with a tomato and something else. Grapes are everywhere, wine is it's major use, or dried, they make raisins. Fruit, one , two, or three million pieces is still just FRUIT, NOT --- FRUITS.

Wilda Wilda
For you, a multivitamin is mandatory if you can't eat fruit or veggies everyday. For the fiber you are missing from veggies like brocolli and such, eat cereal that has multigrains or fiber, and eat whole wheat bread when you have a sandwhich. To maintain a healthy heart, drinking water works but exercise, a walk, a soft jog, walking the dog, would work great. As your heart learns to beat faster and become more effective at pumping blood to your extremeties while working out. It will be MUCH easier for it to rest and beat slower, and still be able to pump blood around your body, such as when you are sleeping, reading, or relaxing. Not to mention your muscles will be healthy and your brain will be more alert. Also, as you get older, IF you are still young... for the 30 and older crowd, a half glass of wine every few days or so, even every evening aids in maintaining a healthy heart because it'll thin your blood VERY SLIGHTLY to ensure faster travel through the veins for less work. Fresh fruit, vitamins, exercising and veggies help fight the possibility of diabetes, but you also don't want heart disease which is common in that crowd. So stay active, drink water, and take a vitamin for the rest of your life!
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Sharleen Sharleen
First, go talk to your doctor about your concerns. He/she can do a standard blood test to see where your cholesterol and sugar levels are at, as well as check on your overall health. Then you'll have a basis to start from and will know what you need to watch. Exercising everyday is awesome for keeping you and your heart healthy. I don't know much about preventing diabetes, but I know exercising is good. As far as a heart-healthy diet, make sure you limit your saturated and trans fats. Look at the labels on the foods you eat. You'd be amazed at how much saturated fat the average American consumes in one day, and you'll understand why heart disease is one of the number one killers in America. Can you have cooked veggies and fruits? What about canned fruits? How about some canned peaches with a little fat-free vanilla yogurt on top? Try some stir-fry with low-sodium soy sauce (cooked with low-fat cooking spray instead of oil). Beans are full of protein and are low fat. Chicken is awesome. Most cereals have very little saturated fat. Breads and pastas are good, too. And don't forget about oatmeal! A bowl a day is supposed to help lower cholesterol. Drinking water is very good for your body. And it seems like you already know this, but remember that just because a person is not overweight, that doesn't mean they're immune to heart problems and diabetes.
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Sharleen Originally Answered: Do you think Im allergic to coffee?
I am the same way with coffee, it gives me diarrhea. Actually, I only drink coffee when I have constipation, very effective. :D I also don't like coffee because I get intense headache, shaking hand and chest pain, and after drinking a cup I get this strange feeling of being hungry but I have no appetite. I don't think it's allergy, maybe the coffee is too strong for you.

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