What are tips to lose the most weight as quickly as possible?

What are tips to lose the most weight as quickly as possible? Topic: What are tips to lose the most weight as quickly as possible?
December 13, 2019 / By Clancy
Question: I don't mean 'lose ten pounds in three days' or anything crazy, or anything like not eating at all or throwing up. I know that to lose weight you must cut back on calories and increase on exercise, I just want extra TIPS.
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Amlodi Amlodi | 3 days ago
okay, to get into shape , speed up your metabolism, rid yourself of excess fat and lose weight ,,,,,do as follows: Stop drinking & smoking (if you do this regularly) eat fruits & vegetables all you can (buy a food/rice steamer to make it easy on you)...(vegetables are not tasty, like junk foods,, but can be as you aquire your taste to them..and are loaded with energy and nutrients)...avoid all junk food, cokes, sweets, etc...and drink water . If you eat meat ,,eat only steamed fish or chicken. also, do an hour of walking each day at least. or some type of excercise. * you should lose about 10 lbs per month
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Amlodi Originally Answered: Diet tips! Please help-need to loose weight quickly?
30lbs in 4 months is an attainable goal. Losing 1-2lbs a week is the best way to go. This way, you are losing mostly fat, rather than water and muscle. Faster weight loss is not better, nor is it sustainable. Diet should be what you look at first for weight loss- this is what will enable you to drop fat. Try a balanced diet made up of mostly natural whole foods, with high protein, moderate carbs and moderate fats. You need to know how many calories you burn- you can use an online calculator for a rough estimate. Aim for 10-20% calories fewer than you burn daily (too large a deficit will be counterproductive in the longer term). Don't worry about complicated diets or cutting things out. You can enjoy anything in moderation, as long as the majority of your diet is healthy. Base your meals around: Lean protein (e.g. chicken, tuna, lean beef, fat-free cottage cheese, egg whites) Wholegrains (e.g. wholewheat bread, oats, bran cereals, rice) Healthy fats (e.g. nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocado, salmon, whole eggs, flaxseed) Fruit and veg And drink lots of water. Second in importance to diet, is heavy resistance training- this is what will allow you to preserve muscle so you look 'toned' and defined once you've dropped the fat (rather than just a smaller version of how you look now, with the same bits you're unhappy with). More muscle also means a higher metabolism, so you definitely want to hold on to, or increase the muscle base you have, for fat loss. You need to work ALL your major muscle groups- you can't spot reduce. Then you can look at extras like cardio to help create a calorie deficit. But cardio is by far the least important of these three, and you can lose fat effectively without it. Make sure you're getting at least one rest day a week with no exercise at all.

Timotha Timotha
I will try to keep it simple. Your metabolism is basically the rate at which your body burns calories to create energy. So the faster your metabolism, the faster you burn calories and the easier it is to lose unwanted weight. To boost your metabolism naturally you just need to eat the right foods. You can sit down and literally eat a 1,000-calorie dinner and yet be absolutely starving just a few hours later and the reason is simple: Because your body didnt get what it needed in those 1,000 calories so it sends signals to your brain telling you to ingest more calories and thus, the late-night cravings. That means that the surest way to end those late-night cravings and keep your weight loss goals on track is to eat a more balanced, nutritious diet that actually gives your body what it needs. It's VERY EASY to lose weight if you eat the right foods. Check out Dr. Charles Livingston's video here: http://www.sexyjese.com - it will blow your mind.
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Roxy Roxy
cut back on calories like you said is good, try to cut back about 200 calories. drink more water and less soda and jucie(or even none) drink 2% milk its healthier then regular and tastes the same eat fruits and vegetables instead of cookies and chips make up an exercise to do while watching tv like push ups, situps, jumping jacks, lunges.. stuff like that try not to watch tv but go outside and do something fun like walking a dog or riding a bike weigh yourself at the same time each day( like before eating breakfast ) just because of food and water weight. eat the 100 calorie snacks those are the best for you! or even low fat Hope this helps you!!
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Natalie Natalie
make it a point to use the steps whenever possible use the bathroom on a different floor at work take the stairs at the bus station the airport or the mall
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Lorraine Lorraine
You want three months to lose all that fats...you ought to do aerobic and firming sports five days every week and element manipulate(as good as calorie shift) your meals consumption...well good fortune
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Lorraine Originally Answered: How to lose weight quickly?
You can actually lose weight extremely quickly without altering your diet too much. - Only drink water! no sugar drinks or fruit juices, just water. If your a high tea drinker, then just take the sugar out. - Cut out all 'starchy' carbs; these can be found in potatoes, chips, bread,pasta an rice - Exercise in the morning before you eat breakfast. They might sound like a pain but it's highly effective because your burning fat without consuming anything over the past 8/9 hours. Exercise should include 20 minutes of cardio like swimming, cycling or jogging. Then spend 10 minutes strength training. do these 3 steps and you will notice result fast. good luck :)

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