Help, had a binge and took laxatives, uh-oh.?

Help, had a binge and took laxatives, uh-oh.? Topic: Help, had a binge and took laxatives, uh-oh.?
November 17, 2019 / By Cassidy
Question: So, after 2 months of losing about a stone and a bit, earting healthily I got to school and had so much food... I had about 2 pieces of chocolate cake, a cupcake, a mini bounty, a slim slice of homemade pizza, and then took 3 laxative (senna tablets) what can I do? I don't have the energy to excercise and I have work to do! Please help!
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Best Answers: Help, had a binge and took laxatives, uh-oh.?

Allyn Allyn | 10 days ago
It's perfectly natural to overeat some days! It's gonna be okay!! But laxatives are a very, very bad way to "fix" this problem. One- even two days of overeating are fine. Just make sure you eat healthy for a couple days and your body will naturally even itself out. To ensure that you keep the weight off and have a healthy mentality about food, you have to learn that no food is "good or bad". Food is necessary for our life. End of story. When you think you eat too much one day, then even it out with a couple days of lean, healthy foods and everything will be just fine after a couple days. Congratulations on your weight loss. :)
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Allyn Originally Answered: Should I take laxatives after a binge?
Well, after eating that much, there is a possiblity you'll need to take them if you get constipated! That said, I'd not take anything in the meantime unless you have indegestion (brought on by eating too much, etc) in which case gaviscon or rennies will help. Just wait until the food has burned itself off and think about why you were led to that point in the first place. If you feel that guilty over eating, then it MAY indicate you could have some underlining fodd issues, and so visiting a doctor to see if they can give you a referral to an expert on these these things could be the answer you really need. Hope you're ok hun! These sorts of things, if not watched and monitored correctly, can turn into monsters if you let them. x x x

Teri Teri
Don't worry about one day. It will not effect your diet, you won't gain weight through it. Don't be so hard on yourself and don't overdose yourself in medicine to poop it all out, and definitely don't ever make yourself throw it up. Go for a walk, try like 45 minutes. That will help alot actually. Hun, we all do it, so don't feel so bad. And when you're dieting, give yourself a small cheat meal once a week to stop this from happening. It may make you feel like you won't lose, but if you keep it under moderation and probably no more than 300 calories of a cheat food, you'll be fine. It prevents this from happening, which in the long run adds up to more weight loss. Just take that walk and stop stressing. You're fine. :)
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Rosa Rosa
Laxatives don't take back your binge. The calories are still absorbed into your body. Doesn't make it better or get rid of anything. All your doing is making yourself uncomfortable and you may lose a pound in water weight which you will gain right back once you drink anything. Get off your butt and exercise. Thats the only way to take it back.
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Monta Monta
easily, laxatives won't aid you burn energy and could no longer help with weight reduction in any respect ! laxatives have little or no effect on lowering weight because of the fact with the aid of the time they paintings, the energy have already been absorbed !! supply up binge ingesting to lessen energy ;) try vegetables somewhat
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Lisanne Lisanne
Drink gatorade and diet coke for some energy and get up and go! Or fake a tummy ache and stay in bed ;)
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Lisanne Originally Answered: Best food to binge on?
Baby carrots and popcorn. I'm a huge, huge fan on binging on popcorn. It's MUCH better than other things I could binge on:) EDIT: Oh man, the guy above me, chips and salsa! Perfect too! EDIT AGAIN: Why thank you:) Anyways people, "binging" is a different disorder than bulimia. Bulimics typically throw up after they eat or take laxatives. Bingers just go through periods of eating a boatload of food, no puking involved. Not claiming it's healthy, but it's not bulimia.

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