What disease is interesting for science?

What disease is interesting for science? Topic: What disease is interesting for science?
June 16, 2019 / By Carlisa
Question: For my project, I need to pick an interesting disease or disorders. I want something rare but exotic... and something that is easy.. any suggestions? And no 'phobias' thanks!
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Andy Andy | 2 days ago
I think if you're doing a project, and with something that broad, a disease that has lots or research in the area would probably be ideal. Also one that is 'sexy' in an academic sense. Viruses: Influenza HIV Smallpox (now extinct but very deadly) Diseases: Diabetes Heart Disease Liver Disease Cancer (pick one, breast has massive research behind it) Bacterias: Meningitis Staph Colera Micro Organisms: Malaria
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Andy Originally Answered: Whats an interesting disease to research for science project?
try FAS - fetal alcohol syndrome that's something that everyone should know about Rubella is a scary one Diphtheria is scarier

Wilber Wilber
1) Moebius Syndrome 2) Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva 3) Necrotizing fasciitis - is always a fun one. 4) Ichthyosis 5) Pachydermoperiostosis 6) Argyria .... to name a few.
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Sandy Sandy
AIDS will be really elementary and would have distinctive information Leprosy will be fairly thrilling and would have a large number of images. Bulimia and Anorexia are considered ailments too sturdy success!
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Nash Nash
dissociative identity disorder? basically a psychiatric disease that causes multiple personalities
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Nash Originally Answered: What's another interesting and slightly obscure disease?
Crohn's disease is interesting and not super well known. A lot of doctors don't recognize it at first and it affects each person a little differently sometimes. For example, my sister has it and she's been able to control it mostly with diet but I went to school with another girl who had it and she had horrible flare ups all the time and had to have a really restricted diet and took lots of meds for it and everything. I would think it would be interesting to do a report on it. Turner's Syndrome isn't a disease really, but it's interesting and rare. You should look into that, too.

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