How to get clever puppy from pooping inside?

How to get clever puppy from pooping inside? Topic: How to get clever puppy from pooping inside?
June 18, 2019 / By Carlene
Question: My husband and I got our Border Collie mix puppy about 4 weeks ago, and she is now about 15-16 weeks old. In that month, she learned not to pee in the house, or her kennel, but she still poops in the house, right by the back door. Often, her inside poops occur right after we have taken her outside and she has peed. We can be outside with her for 10 minutes or more and then boom! poopie in the house as soon as she's back in. Our puppy is smart-I caught her using 2 different chairs as steps to get to the cat food bowl yesterday- so I think that the issue is with something my husband and I are doing, rather than it being her issue. When she poops in the house, we just clean it up and don't yell at her or kennel her, since that can turn kenneling into a punishment, and we don't want that. She usually waits until we are not watching her as closely (and after a successful potty outside, we ease up for a while) to poo in the house. Any tips from anyone who may have dealt with this? I have had dogs all my life, but this is the youngest dog we've ever gotten. Thanks! We have a bell system in place, which our other dog uses perfectly. The puppy is sort of figuring it out, but she hits the bell so softly that it barely makes a sound. She also knows sit and come, so I know she can wrap her head around pottying outside, it's just a matter of getting her outside. We feed her 4 smaller meals a day in her crate, and she stays in there for about 30-60 minutes after that before we take her out. She pees fast, but she can be outside for 30 min and still not go.
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Andreana Andreana | 8 days ago
If she's pooping by the back door that's a sign that she knows she should be going outside. So, if you're keeping her outside for 10 minutes only to bring her back in and have her immediately poop at the back door, then you're not keeping her out long enough. You HAVE to wait her out. Eventually, she will go and then you can lavish her with praise. Another idea is to take the poo that she left and the back door and place it outside in an are where you would like her to go. Then take her out on a leash to that spot so that she can smell the area with the poo in it. If you bring her outside to poo and she doesn't after a very long time, bring her in and either watch her like a hawk or put the leash on her and keep her with you. Catching a dog in the act is the best way to get them to connect going outside when they have to poo. She will get it - but it takes time and consistency. And NO shortcuts or easing up until she is consistently pooping outside. The only thing that you might be doing wrong is not waiting long enough for her to go outside and the first time may come to a stand off. Maybe you and your husband could go outside and sit on the patio and play a little Frisbee or fetch with her (if she plays fetch) since exercise can be a great laxative. Just remember when she does go, be sure you really praise her.
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Weston Weston
Border Collies are beautiful! What a lucky couple you two are! I'd start by placing puppy pads down where she is pooping, more for your sake, it will make cleaning up that much easier. I think you just need to be a little more persistent with toilet time, take her out after food, after play, after sleep, constantly be taking her out. And add a command for it if you haven't already. Something like "go toilet" or "do your business". And DO NOT reward that with food, pets, voice praise & maybe some toy play is the way to go with that, lots of reward, but no food, smart puppies (my Australian Kelpie b*tch did this) will fake toileting to get more treats. While she is getting used to the command she may start to poop only in one section of the puppy pads, remove the extras so that she only has that one area left. You said she was a smart puppy, by fourteen weeks you want to be working on things like sit & drop, maybe even a quick stay depending on the pups attitude, you should also try to get puppy to give you a sign she wants to go toilet, you can tie a bell to a string at the perfect height for pup to nose before you take her out. If adding the command/reward hasn't helped getting her to poop outside, but she is pooping perfectly on the puppy pads try placing a puppy pad outside where you want her to go toilet, place her down, wait when she does a poo, give your command. Continue this until you think she has got it, remove the puppy pad & give the command. She will eventually understand what you are asking and poop perfectly for you! And if you've added the bell system she'll eventually start telling you when she wants to go! Puppies will make mistakes, even well trained grown dogs will make mistakes now and then, don't stress too much if she doesn't toilet well for a while longer! And once you know she knows what she is supposed to be doing yet still poos inside (and you've caught her finishing up or sniffing it) telling her off can be useful, you really shouldn't need to do it more than once or twice. If this fails you can always try crate training, although I've never personally used a crate for anything other than transport. Good luck! I'm sure she'll grow into a well mannered lady!
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Samson Samson
Dog will typically poop after eating. After she eats, take her for a walk. Doesn't have to be a long walk, my dog would usually go before walking a quarter mile. When she does poop outside make a big deal out of it, like she just won the Westminster dog show, she needs to know that she made you happy. If she doesn't poop when you take her out, when you bring her in she goes straight back into the crate. When you take her out, go straight outside. Dogs will usually sniff around for the perfect spot before pooping. Until they find that perfect spot they won't go. If she's sniffing around when your outside with her, just wait longer - it's coming.
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