Best cat food for a healthy coat?

Best cat food for a healthy coat? Topic: Best cat food for a healthy coat?
November 23, 2019 / By Tami
Question: My cats coat looks kind of greasy and unhealthy. What kind of food is beast for healthy coats? She is currently eating Royal Canin kitten food because she is nursing, but her coat doesn't look very good. The pet store has so many to choose from. Thanks.
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Rheta Rheta | 9 days ago
A nursing mother uses up a LOT of resources. Coats are generally the first to show this. Give her B-12 shots. If you can't give the shots, grind up a B-12 tab and liquify it in water. Syringe into mouth. B-12 helps promote strength and eating. Also cod liver oil is beneficial. Mother cats tend to ignore their diets when nursing. Liver is another good source of nourishment. He coat is lacking because her nutrition is being drained by nursing so you have to find ways to buck up HER nourishment. Baby food is another way to coax extra food into her. When all else fails in my house, I give my cats baby food meats...mostly veal and chicken as well as carrots. This is in addition to their regular diet. I have tried virtually every food on the market. I eventually settled on IAMS and Whiskas for dry food. My cats have done remarkably well on the combination. These over-priced "special" brands are just that...over priced. For wet food I bake chicken breasts in olive oil and water as a rule. Tuna and canned chicken breast in juices are also a fav of my kids. Salmon is an excellent treat, but you MUST look for bone slivers. Cats love salmon and it is quite healthy for them. Not to worry though, her coat will return to normal once nursing ceases.
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Mildreth Mildreth
There is absolutely no fat in Royal Canin food so in some kittens/cats they do need a different food for the "fat" to make their fur shine. I would not recommend any oils over the counter or cooking oils as that may cause diarrhea. I switched my five cats to IAMS hairball control (my vet does not recommend the fish IAMS) and even if your kitten has short hair as 3 of mine do they still shed a lot and need the hairball control to help pass through their digestive tract and fixed the problem right up!! Their fur could not be shinier or healthier!! Good luck!
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Libby Libby
Try to find one that is the most natural with the least amount of fillers, dyes, etc. You can get a great selection at http://www.onlynaturalpet.com or you may be able to use the information on their site to better chose from what you have available. The better the food, the better the health of your cat. A canned food is best. If you have time, here is an article on pet food that may be helpful. http://www.belfield.com/article3.html You should also be giving your cat a feline vitamin. This will be of great help to her. They make special vitamins for skin and coat issues but I don't know if they are worth the extra money. Your pet food store should have several brands to chose from.
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Juliette Juliette
I have found the pet cat food to be Flint River Ranch. You cannot buy it at stores, you have to buy it online. Their web address is www.frrco.com. One bag that is 6lbs costs $16.49 plus tax and shipping. I have a himalayan and since switching her to the flint river food she has a more healthy coat and less bowel movements. As taken from their website "Flint River Ranch's Cat & Kitten food is a chicken and lamb meal formula that is manufactured under carefully controlled conditions and temperatures, resulting in better nutrition, palatability and digestibility for your kitty. Protein is the most important ingredient in a cat's diet, and the amino acids provided by the Chicken and Lamb Meal are the basic building blocks of your cat's muscle, skin, coat, bone, blood and immune system. The high quality Chicken Meal provides Taurine, an essential amino acid for cats, in much higher levels than poultry by-products, which are often found in most other cat foods. Taurine is an important element for eye, heart, nervous and reproductive system health. Flint River Ranch's fat source contains no Ethoxyquin and is naturally preserved by Vitamin E. Further, low ash and magnesium are important in the prevention of FUS (Feline Urinary Syndrome). Flint River Ranch's Feline Formulas have less than 4.5% ash content and 0.08% of Magnesium. These promote low urinary PH and help prevent FUS."
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Glory Glory
1. Whole prey. 2. Ground or chunked raw meat with supplements. 3. Good quality canned food. Here's a link to some of the best canned foods. I personally use Natural Balance Venison & Green Pea.
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Destiny Destiny
i have 3 cats and i feel them science diet. it's all around good for their teeth, coat, and more. My one cat had fur that felt like straw. I started feeding them science diet and he is so nice and soft and shiny. Give it a try. It also helps maintain their weight.
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