My 4 month old daughter is VERY constipated.?

My 4 month old daughter is VERY constipated.? Topic: My 4 month old daughter is VERY constipated.?
May 22, 2019 / By Xzavier
Question: She has been on similac isomil for 2 months now because of acid reflux, and this whole time she has had harder poop. But the past like 3 weeks, she has reaaly had a hard time, screaming and crying and it could take her 15 min to get like nothing out. Its very hard and thick. I called the dec and she said kyro syrup and thermometer in butt and nothing has worked? I called the doc a few days later and asked about juices and teas and like everything i have ever read or heard about, and she said juice n water...nothing worked. she is going in to the doc in a few days and just curious if this has happened to people...what formula worked for your baby with acid refux and constpation? I feel soy is better and would like her to be on soy...
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Shelah Shelah | 3 days ago
My son had acid reflux. The only formula he could take was Enfamil AR. It does not come is soy I am sorry to say, but, it helped his reflux greatly. As for the constipation, my pediatrician told me to put a 1/4 teaspoon of Milk of Magnesia in with his formula once a day. It really helped the constipation. Be sure to ask your pediatrician about it though before giving it to her. Have you tried prune juice with water? Prunes are a natural diuretic and it really helped my son as well.
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Shelah Originally Answered: Daughter losing weight: Any creative ideas and/or recipes on what to feed my VERY fussy 19 month old daughter?
What about stuffing pasta (which you said she likes) with other stuff? Make ravioli and stuff it with stuff you'd like for her to eat but she won't. Also, for the mac and cheese, I wouldn't worry about finding something you can make in 15 minutes, find a good recipe, it'll probably take a while because really good mac and cheese is baked, make a whole bunch of it and freeze it, then you can warm it up in less than 15 minutes whenever you need to. My daughter loves cheese too, so if there's something she won't eat, we'll try melting a little cheese on it, this works for me maybe 60% of the time. I've also find that it's easier to get her to eat if we are eating whatever it is she is eating. She loves rice as well, and we were having pork ribs the other night. She won't usually eat meat either, so I made her some veggie fried rice. She wouldn't touch her rice! And she loved the ribs! I would maybe just freeze a bunch of meals that you know she likes, and let her eat some of whatever you are eating, and use the frozen stuff as a back up. I also find that ketchup helps with things she won't eat. I'd offer some recipes, but I just kinda throw things together as I cook. I hope I helped at least a little.

Noble Noble
same problem as you with all the formulas except soy. tried every juice possible. had to go with soy. he had diarrhea and i called the dr who said he would for the first week on soy, as long as he was drinking the bottles and wetting diapers that would be ok for a week.
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Kory Kory
If this has been going on for a while, try the micro-enema recommended by Marilyn. It's safer than miralax (see the Yahoo Group on miralax for details) and faster-acting.
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Innocent Innocent
My son had acid reflux as well, and I used the Enfamil AR, it really helped with my son...u can try using the enfamil prosobe and adding in some rice cereal (if switching the formula just by itself doesn't work) to combat the reflux if you want to keep using soy milk...i have found with all 3 of my kids that the similac brand has always caused some form of constipation, also try giving her some prune juice, it has a natural laxative affect because of the fiber content... good luck
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Ewane Ewane
My 4 month old had lots of gas and reflux problems from the beginning. I tried EVERY formula. We started with similac and that was what was giving her the gas. Not knowing that, I put her on similac sensitive, didn't help. Tried Nestle good start, made her constipated. Put her on soy (tried 'em all) and she would throw up as soon as she started eating. My last resort was Enfamil A.R. It is thickened a little with rice starch. Solved all my problems. She didn't tolerate the powder too well so I stuck with ready to feed. What kind of juice did you try? Apple is a natural laxative.
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Ewane Originally Answered: Constipated for a Month!?
Yes, you are blowing this out of proportion :) You are doing the right thing to be trying to adjust your diet to help your bowel movements. The high fiber diet is key! Good call on that. Really, there are a LOT of reasons a person can be constipated. It can range from stress on one end to things that are much more serious on the other end (puns intended). One bowel movement a day is pretty healthy. If you are seeing blood, different color stools, or gradient color stools (darker to lighter), then you definitely want to take that information to the doctor. Don't worry that you have cancer...there are so many other things that must be ruled out before you even begin to consider cancer. Good luck at your doctor's appointments, and be sure to voice your questions, concerns and opinions! Write down a list of questions too if you want...and ask any at the end of the interview that haven't been answered. Good luck and stay healthy!

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