Is this a healthy diet for a teenager?

Is this a healthy diet for a teenager? Topic: Is this a healthy diet for a teenager?
September 20, 2019 / By Roxana
Question: I want to lose 1 stone by summer. Is this a healthy diet to help me do that? Breakfast Cereal Apple Orange juice Snack Orange Lunch Soup Low fat yoghurt Water Dinner Fish & vegetables Bananas I have heard that if you don't have enough calories then you can put on weight. Is this true? And if it is then is that enough? What exercise should I do to burn it off? Please help me I am already overweight and I don't want to put anymore on.
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Nanna Nanna | 1 day ago
no, it is way to low in calories & a healthy diet is a diet in moderation. You need more of pretty much every food group except fruit. Put if you add some whole grains, maybe some natural cheese, etc. you can loose still a good amount of weight by summer. you dont want to loose more than 2 pounds each week. you are only consuming around 830 calories. Even to be dieting you should be getting probally double that, especially if your young or active. Never go below 1200 calories or it can damage your whole bodies functioning. breakfast: cereal: 110 (depending on brand, sounds like you'd be eating special k or something low in calories like that) Orange juice: 110 medium apple? 80. snack: medium orange? about 60. lunch: soup: 120 Yogurt:100 dinner: fish:100 vegetables: 30 bananas: 120 per large banana & for excercise: find something you enjoy: dancing, yoga, jogging, running, bicycling, swimming(find a local ymca) etc. I have hear walking is one of the best excerises out there if you think thats do little do some powerwalking. I lost a very unhealthy amount of weight and my only excercise was walking!. Don't over excercise either. only do intensive excercise 3-5 times a week. I hope I helped(:
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Nanna Originally Answered: I need healthy recipes for a teenager! Please Help!?
Yummly has quick and easy healthy recipes at http://www.yummly.com/recipes?q=quick+easy+healthy Yummly also has healthy breakfast recipes at http://www.yummly.com/recipes?q=healthy+breakfast As well as leafy green vegetable recipes at http://www.yummly.com/recipes?q=leafy+green+vegetable And healthy fruit recipes at http://www.yummly.com/recipes?q=healthy+fruit

Lorie Lorie
I'm an overwiehght teen, and I've lost twenty pounds in a little over a month. It's not just about a diet, you need exercise too (unfortunately). That sounds like a good diet but honestly, it's hard to keep that diet every single day. Heres what I've done to lose my weight and still doing: Breakfast: under 300 calories but over 200 I have a slimming protein shake but a banana and cereal with low fat milk or soy milk is just as good. Lunch: VEGGIESSS! Learn to love those veggies! I just had a salad with chicken breast. But I like having soup or somethin filling. I love salad with chicken because a serving of salad is 15 calories and you can just make it however you want. Have a 500 calorie lunch or dinner, because yess you need to consume atleast 1000 calories, but you still have to burn those calories by exercise. Dinner: Chicken and veggies or fish and veggies or beef with veggies, just don't make it with alot of oils or butter. Have three snacks a day, you will need to speed up your metabolism and that's the way to do it. Eat fruits or your non fat yogurt when you snack. Do cardio as hard as it may be, your the only person who can do this and if I can do it you can too. And don't check your weight everyday. Once every two weeks is good. The first 20 pounds is the easiest, but then you have to work harder. And in an entire day you need to burn 3000 calories for a pound a day. Don't do that, 1000 is fine slowly but surely is better than none at all. Good luck!
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Kath Kath
This is a fairly healthy diet, but where are your starches? Starches are found in breads, potatoes, etc. "If you eat too little calories, and burn a decent amount your going to get a little bit light headed, your body may go into a famine stage where it is starving. so when you do eat, your body will hold on to all the food, thus slowing your metabolism." A slow metabolism means your body is slowly digesting everything.... ---> weight gain, not loss! and anything you eat becomes fat. For exercise, you have to slowly build yourself up to high activity exercises, or you can stress your body. So, start by going on daily walks, or going on an elliptical machine (if you have one, or something like it.) Try to increase by maybe 5 minutes everyday if you can, or every other day. good luck!
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Heleen Heleen
That is a very healthy diet. Athough it depends on your gender and weight. And yes, it's true that if you starve yourself you can put on weight. This is because your body thinks it's starving and reverts food to fat thinking it won't have food for later on. If you want to lose weight keep doing what you're doing and work out occasionally. Nothing extreme, maybe take some walks or jog. And be sure to let yourself eat what you want occasionally.
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Drusilla Drusilla
Hey, I am planning on losing 100 pounds in 6 months my weight right now is 326 pounds,I have a friend that loss a lot of weight and he told me how he did it with this weight loss program this could work for you too. Good Luck
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Drusilla Originally Answered: What are some healthy things to eat for lunch for a teenager?
Here are some healthy lunch ideas :) * Salad - topped with protein like salmon, tuna, tofu, tempeh, sliced hard boiled eggs... For the salad - mixed baby greens, baby romaine or romaine lettuce. Add things like cherry tomatoes or a chopped tomato, cucumber, low-fat salad dressing, red onion, goat cheese or feta cheese crumbles, walnut crumbles or almond slithers, dried cranberries, etc. * Pasta salad - with basil pesto or salad dressing for sauce. You can add things like chopped cherry tomatoes, cucumber, chopped bell peppers, red onion, grated carrot, shredded cheese or goat/feta crumbles, etc. Or pasta, with tomato sauce - you can try goat cheese to make it ''creamy'' in a healthy way, add veggies like spinach. (Using whole grain noodles) * 2 eggs cooked however you'd like with cottage cheese, whole grain toast, salad, etc. * Lentil vegetable soup with whole wheat pita bread and a side of salad or steamed vegetables * Whole wheat pita pizza: add pesto or tomato sauce, shredded cheese, lots of veggies * Omelet with baby spinach & cheese, whole grain toast, salad or veggies You can also try sandwiches on different types of whole grain breads like multigrain, ezekiel, rye, flax, whole wheat pita, whole grain tortilla, whole grain bagel or english muffin, buegette, etc. Here are some sandwich filling ideas: - Smoked salmon & cream cheese - Pesto, tomato, baby spinach & mozzarella or goat cheese melt - Falafel & hummus - Tuna or Egg salad - Almond or Peanut butter & jam - Cheese & tomato melt - Spinach/cheese omelet - Egg & cheese - you could try egg whites with cheese/spinach - Chickpea wrap (with things like grated carrot, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, mixed baby greens, salad dressing, etc.) - Black bean wrap with salsa & some cheese - Veggie burger - Grilled tofu sandwich or wrap - Grilled tempeh sandwich or wrap - Goat cheese, pesto, grilled vegetables I hope this helps =)

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