Best Healthy Dog Food?

Best Healthy Dog Food? Topic: Best Healthy Dog Food?
December 9, 2019 / By Lorinda
Question: I have been giving my dog Beneful until I found out that it is terrible for them. Now I am looking for something that is good for my dog but still affordable. Of course I am willing to spend whatever I need to to give my dog a healthy life, but I would most definitely like to get the cheapest, good dog food.
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Katherine Katherine | 6 days ago
The best diet is a raw food diet..it can be cheap it really depends on how many sources you have. Some raw feeders can get free meat from hunters or they make deals with restaurant suppliers or butchers for scraps. If you want to consider raw you can get more info from this group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rawfeeding The cheapest kibble I know of that is still decent is Kirkland from Costco. Canidea grain free, Wellness, and Taste of the Wild are also on the less expensive end of healthy kibbles. Don't forget to compare how many cups of beneful vs how many cups fed of a higher quality brand per day because cost can even out a little better there...better qualities have higher density of calories and nutrition so you can feed less.
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Katherine Originally Answered: Why do you think God made all the yummy food bad for you and all the gross food healthy?
Hi dear Yummy food, healthy food, junk food......Choice is ours.God never bother about it. Body is our church or temple.so be love on our body.choose only healthy and hygienic foods. yes, man is the slave of his stomach.At the same time must be health conscious also. Man is not only satisfied with foods.he wants more. That is good .Read more about healthy foods.Keep a balance diet.And stay away from the doctors. Then God will also love you.

Helene Helene
Good High Quality Dog Foods Innova Evo Wellness CORE Orijen Canidae All Life Stages Chicken Soup For The Puppy Lovers Soul Taste of The Wild Merrick
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Dulcie Dulcie
Good and cheap can not be used together. You get what you pay for. It's like comparing a greasy hamburger to a lean, healthy steak. It's well worth it though. Dogs fed a good food shed less, smell less, have softer, shinier coats, have more energy and even eat less. Cheap foods you have to feed more of due to the fact they're so poor nutritionally. Good foods, on the other hand... Every bite is nutrition packed. The best, biologically appropriate diet is a raw diet, which you can read more about at preymodelraw.com. But it's only best if you feed it correctly and have good access to a variety of meats, bones and organs. But if you do the proper research and have the resources I recommend it. That being said, a very high quality kibble with added raw meaty bones is nearly just as good. The differences between a dog fed on a kibble like orijen and a dog fed on raw is pretty much unnoticeable. A good kibble is grain free, corn free and byproduct free. It should be meat based. Brands that fit this criteria are orijen, as mentioned above, acana, weruva, ziwipeak, Evangers, nutrisca, taste of the wild, Merricks, instinct, Evo, blue wilderness, and wellness core. There are a few others, but these are the main ones. As also mentioned before, I suggest adding raw meaty bones if you go with a kibble/canned food, for dental hygiene. So many dogs have rotting, brown teeth these days. Poor dental care can even cause death, which is why bones are so important. They work much better than any man made crap like toothbrushes or greenies, are much more entertaining and healthier as well. My favorite are raw beef ribs, but beef knuckles, lamb shanks and virtually any other bone is fine. I also feed my dogs a lightly poached egg once a week as they're packed with nutrients that are easily absorbed. I feed the shell, yolk and egg white. The shell is great calcium.
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Cecilia Cecilia
Honestly, we have tried Eukaneba, Beneful, Bil-Jac, Call of the Wild, Sonaji (or something like that, I cannot recall the spelling of it), Cesar, Wellness, Solid Gold, and Blue. **Try saying that ten times fast. Lol.** Our dogs thrived and tolerated Blue the best by far; their fur was noticeably softer and shinier, they had whiter teeth (not to mention better breath), clearer eyes, better endurance, and they were just happier overall. And, Blue uses REAL meats, unlike all of these other brands (with the exceptions of Sonaji, Call of the Wild, Wellness, & Solid Gold) who use meat-by-products which is bones, intestines... the things that people don't want to eat. So, overall I HIGHLY reccommend Blue, it is well worth the price. Good luck with your dogs! ALSO: My cat eats Blue and he LOVES it, he will not eat anything that's not from the Blue company... he has expensive taste. Lol.
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Anngela Anngela
Here's my recommendations: Available @ PetSmart, Petco and other pet specialty stores: Blue Buffalo (especially Wilderness) Nutro Purina PRO Plan Newman's Own (it's an organic brand thru the same company the late actor Paul Newman started; it has continued after his death the tradition of donating all aftertax profits to charity - it's a little harder to find but may also be available in some grocery stores) Available in grocery stores as well as PetSmart, et al: Purina ONE Another brand to avoid since it's as bad as Beneful is Ol' Roy (Walmart). If it weren't for the fact that vets tend to also sell dog food, I'd suggest you asking your own vet for his/her recommendations. Good luck!
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Anngela Originally Answered: why does healthy food cost more than unhealthy food?
That really depends on where you live & what access to healthy food you have. In my local supermarkets I can find a very large variety of fruits & veggies for a pretty low cost. Going to the local fast food establishment with the same amount of money will feed me for a day. At the supermarket I can get enough fruit/veg. & even some lean meat to last several days. Even if it's not organic, it's still a lot healthier than fast food.

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