what will happen if you are constipated?

what will happen if you are constipated? Topic: what will happen if you are constipated?
June 16, 2019 / By Carey
Question: i am now almost a week constipated... no defecation... i am scared that my body is now poisoned.... i feel a little weak now. can you guys tell me what is your longest record of not defecation? and if you do guys know some bad effects of constipation please share it... thanks a lot......i am now paranoid @[email protected]
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Amity Amity | 9 days ago
you need to drink lots of water, and some prune juice. and lots of salad and fruit...sometimes this happens,..I don't know that it is a record, but it isn't healthy, but it won't poison you..just go ahead and take a laxative, if neccessary, and eat a salad and an apple, everyday, for fiber. You will be fine.
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Amity Originally Answered: Laxative diet, what would happen.?
All laxatives do is get rid of wastage and water. You won't lose any proper weight and your intestines may become sluggish with the frequent use of them. Healthy eating and exercise is the only safe way to lose weight.

Watkin Watkin
Significant diarrhea and long-lasting constipation should be taken seriously. Both can lead to pain, fatigue, and decreased appetite. Diarrhea also can result in weight loss, fluid loss, and chemical imbalances, while constipation can cause nausea, vomiting, blockages, hemorrhoids, and anal tears. If you have a change in bowel habits that lasts for more than two days, you should call your doctor or nurse. To treat constipation, your doctor may recommend laxatives, intravenous fluids, a change in your level of calcium intake, removal of hardened stool, or surgery if an obstruction is present. Things you can do include: Eat raw fruits and vegetables (clean exterior thoroughly). Eat foods high in fiber (such as bran or whole grain cereals). Drink fresh fruit juice (but not apple juice). Drink warm or hot fluids, especially in the morning. Exercise. Avoid over-the-counter remedies unless recommended by your doctor or nurse. If hemorrhoids or anal tears occur, use premoistened wipes and apply a topical antibiotic preparation if recommended by your doctor or nurse.
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Sage Sage
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Murdock Murdock
hey you will live ok..i promise...but i have a good joke for you...What happend to the constipated accountant?Well he couldnt budget so he got a pencil and worked it out!!! lol im sorry...lol
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Kendrick Kendrick
its pretty normal, you might be dinking too much water, or not enough idk. try not drinking as much water/fluids. you wont die, i doubt it that your poisoned and i know how it feels when you think something could be wrong but u just feel it, its not happening. hope i helped!
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Kendrick Originally Answered: What can happen if you take too much stool softeners?
Many, if not most stool softeners remain in the intestine and are not absorbed into the blood stream, so the side effects should be limited. Certain softeners such as mineral oil can interfere with vitamin A and D absorption, a potential problem with long-term use. There are multiple causes for constipation. If you have followed your doctor's advice to no effect, ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist. But I have to caution you that most of the success depends on patient cooperation.

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