Whats the quickest way to burn fat?

Whats the quickest way to burn fat? Topic: Whats the quickest way to burn fat?
December 9, 2019 / By Kelan
Question: I have tried everything and I am so done like seriously. Im about to just start starving myself. Please help me out??
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Best Answers: Whats the quickest way to burn fat?

Innogen Innogen | 10 days ago
You should combine diet and exercise for best and fast results. Choose healthy foods you like and replace unhealthy ones you eat in a day with them. Drink lots of water. Stay away from fat and sugar. Dont eat after 7pm. Eat 5 small meals in day, including snacks, not 3 big ones. Eat grilled and boiled foods, not fried and fastfoods. Here is a sample diet plan; Breakfast: Slices of tomatoes, a piece of cheese, 4 5 olives, 2 egg whites and green tea Snack: nuts or fruits Lunch: Salad Snack again Dinner: Grilled chicken, turkey or fish and boiled vegetables or salad You should exercise for best, fast and permanent results. You can exercise at home easily with a good program. And support it with walkings or runnings. There is a good program which includes exercises and eating plan. It is most recommended one. Me and my friends use it. Take a look at it and more helpful articles about weight loss, nutrition and exercise from http://www.diettipsandfitness.com/ Good luck:)
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Innogen Originally Answered: what i e quickest way to burn belly fat?
Aerobic exercise like walking, or hopefully something a bit more intense like jogging, biking, swimming. You can't spot reduce. You have to improve your body composition by doing aerobic workouts.
Innogen Originally Answered: what i e quickest way to burn belly fat?
Im not sure if this is the answer your looking for, but the quickest way to get rid of belly fat is to cut out ALL carbs from your diet for 2 weeks im 22 ive lost 40 lbs in 2 months this way

Eleanor Eleanor
The best way to lose weight is to use proacto.It is a unique product because it stops all the fats in your food entering you body so u can eat as much as you like without worrying for your fitness.Good luck! http://practolreview.megabyet.net/
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Cherish Cherish
There's way to reduce so give me ur name and number...u r very serious in reduceing ur fat right...then give it
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Cherish Originally Answered: What is the easiest/quickest way to burn fat?
you must do cardio work and eat a clean diet to see real results in the abdominals. Cut out sugar and white carbs. Drink more water. And changing up you ab routine wont hurt. Do some pilates, hang upside down, utilize weigh resistance.

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