HELP my bunny is constipated?

HELP my bunny is constipated? Topic: HELP my bunny is constipated?
May 22, 2019 / By Katryna
Question: My bunny/rabbit is about. To turn four on February. I already took him to the vet, and they gave him medication. I want to know if here is something I can do even if he is taking is medication. The name of the medication is cisapride. He is constipated, and has started pooping, but he is not pooping as much as before. Saturday 14 in the morning is his last time he will take the medication, so I would think he would be pooping normal now. Can you please help me give him something that will help him and not affect the medication. Yes he is actually eating fewer pellets because the vet said to give him fewer pellets and fewer veggies. But how does that help Him poop. I was wondering if giving him a little bit of fresh pineapple, letting him run more, and rubbing his tummy will help him get loose but not give him diarrhea.
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Hollie Hollie | 10 days ago
Hi Maria First let me address something another poster that said to give your bunny avocados. Avocados contain a toxic compound called 'persin'. It is toxic to many animals including rabbits. The flesh of the avocado, pit, and even the leaves and branches of the avocado tree all contain this deadly toxin and should not be given to any pet. Is your bunny eating a good amount of a hay such as Timothy hay? Bunnies need a high amount of fiber in their diet that is best got from the hay and good leafy greens, certain herbs and veggies. Fruits and even carrots are high in sugar and should be given as treats. You mention giving him pineapple. That is very good. There are mixed reports on the effectiveness of helping dissolve hair balls, but that is a remedy that has worked well for us and some other Bunny Parents. There is a link below about bunnies and their diet. I think you will find it quite informative. I'm wondering why the vet told you to cut down on the veggies. Have you asked his office how many rabbits he sees a week? Most vets don't look at companion rabbits. Meat rabbit, possibly. They need special training. I've left a couple of other web sites that are a cut above the rest. The last one is a bunny forum in the UK called Happy Hoppers. The people there are super nice and are up to the minute on all things rabbit. You don't have to live in the UK to belong. It's the best place to get your questions answered. They have at least a dozen informational how toos on YouTube. Hop on by!
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Hollie Originally Answered: Naughty Bunny?
Pull on the reigns, slow down, and back up. You're letting your rabbit do too much, too soon. I know your excited to play with him but DO leave him in his cage with his litter box most of the time for the first week so that he can get used to that space, his new surroundings, and solidify his litter box skills. I stress this because one quickly grows tired of a rabbit that is messy and untrained. You want to be able to enjoy your rabbit so back up and go slow. When you get him out everyday, hold him in your lap and don't let him explore....yet. Use this time to practice your bunny handling skills and bond with each other. Also, don't hold him forever and look for signs that he needs to go potty. If he seems fidgety put him in his litter box for a chance to "go". Do this for at least a week or until you think he is consistently hitting the mark in the poop/pee department. Let him out, supervised, and watch him closely for signs that he is going to pee (he hunkers down slightly and has a relaxed look about him) and pick him up immediately and put him in his litter box. BTW, it's normal for him/her to leave territorial droppings. Those will be scattered (a few here, a few there) and not in a pile. Just pick those up and put them in his litter box. As far a the bowl tipping thing. To a bunny, EVERYTHING is a toy. Get heavy ceramic crocks. They can't tip those. There are also bowls that clamp to the side of the cage. My rabbits do the same thing if I have not fastened their bowls, especially after I clean their cages. If I don't put things back exactly the way they had them, they throw a fit and have to rearrange their "furniture". LOL Enjoy your normal, not naughty, bunny.

Eda Eda
I don't know why the vet gave him meds. I'm not familiar with that. When my rabbits stopped eating and pooping, my vet told me to give her one or two small (about the size of your pinky or ring finger) syringe fulls of concentrated orange or grapefruit or pineapple juice. Don't give too much but do it ever 6 or so hours til you see results. He probably has a stomach blockage and the natural acid in the juice will eat through it. If this doesnt work the blockage will have to be surgically removed. Has your vet ruled out a blockage? I'm not sure what your vet thinks is wrong. But this works for my bunny. I use frozen concentrated juice and put a little in a cup and warm it to lukewarm before drawing it into the syringe. Test it like you would baby milk before you draw it into the syringe to make sure it's not hot. Hot is bad. Make sure he has high fiber pellet food and greens everyday. My bunny is crazy about kale. Most of the time I can give her a big leaf of kale and she'll start pooping again without using the juice. But if she's so sick she won't eat I have to do the juice.
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Chantale Chantale
Oh my there is alot of poor information here. The most common cause of death in a rabbit is stasis, or ileus, where its digestive systems first slows down and then stops. It's hard to get it started again, and the sooner you start, the easier it will be. Make no mistake, if you leave this untreated, your rabbit will die. Get it to the vet. Okay, the best food for the rabbit is hay. Use different varieties. Next, greens & veggies but not alot of lettuce and don't feed them Spinach, Kale, Avocado, or Collard Greens. They all have chemicals that rabbits can not break down. A little pellets are okay but look up how much you should feed your bunny. My rabbit is about 4 pounds and I give him 2 tablespoons in the A.M. and 2 in the P.M. My rabbit has "Mega Colon" so I have to be very careful. I keep Cisapride in my fridge and if he doesn't poop during the day I give him a drop but because I've been able to fine tune his diet we rarely need it. I read an article on the internet from a vet and she wrote how tired she was of people bringing in their rabbits with Stasis and advised lots of greens. Since then, I give my bunny a bowl full of greens & veggies (organic) in the morning and at night and lots of hay. I wash it and don't dry it so the water on the greens adds to his water intake for the day. Since then it's been smooth sailing! Greens, greens, greens. good luck and thank you to all of you who take good care of your bunnies!
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Ansonia Ansonia
are you allowing your rabbit to eat his pellets? this is kind of weird but rabbits need to eat there poop to keep a healthy digestive system. they have 2 types of poop, the pellet poop that they eat and regular poop. also, you should feed him veggies along with his regular food. hope this helps ---------------------------------------... edit: if your rabbit is still having trouble with constipation even after medication then i would recommend you take your rabbit to a different vet. you should also do some research online about healthy rabbit digestive systems and ways to help constipation. never do some home remedy you read online, you should always ask a vet before doing things like this. best of luck to you and your bunny!
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Ansonia Originally Answered: How can I catch a baby bunny in my basement?
a little piece of fruit would be the most effective bait to use, since it has a strong smell and bunnies LOVE fruit! if a homemade trap doesn't work, you might be able to borrow one of the humane traps from animal control or a local shelter, that way it doesn't cost you anything - it's worth asking if you're really having trouble catching the bunny edit: I'm so glad you were able to catch the bunny and get him back outside where he belongs :D oh, and way to reincarnate a decade-plus-old TV theme song and get it stuck in my head, lol

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