i need help on 2 beachbody products! best answer!?

i need help on 2 beachbody products! best answer!? Topic: i need help on 2 beachbody products! best answer!?
September 23, 2019 / By Caramia
Question: i have been thinking about getting in shape and i WAS going to to buy slim in 6 but then the the 10 minute trainer caught my attention too. has anyone ever tried any of these? which one is better? thanks. slim in 6 http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness... 10 minute trainer http://www.beachbody.com/product/fitness...
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Best Answers: i need help on 2 beachbody products! best answer!?

Amice Amice | 6 days ago
All Beachbody programs are effective. Slim in 6 is tried and true. It is simply cardio combined with light resistence, and many people have had success with the program. I tried Slim in 6 and it was ok, but it was a little monotonous for my tastes, so I moved on to something that was exciting enough to hold my attention. 10-Minute Trainer is pretty new. I just ordered mine yesterday, because I have friends who are using it, and they are having incredible results! It is body sculpting and cardio. The idea is that you start out with one 10-minute workout a day, and then try to work your way up to doing 2 or 3 per day for fastest results. Don't be fooled....these are extremely intense workouts. It WILL give you results if you do the program. It all comes down to your own personal preference. If you want to do basic aerobics and are trying to lose weight, then order Slim in 6. If you're looking for more intense sculpting as well, then go with 10-Minute Trainer. I'm an independent coach for Beachbody, so feel free to contact me through my profile if you have any questions.
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Warwick Warwick
Squishy, I have completed one round of P90X and I am currently about to finish my 3rd week of Slim in 6. So I can only answer about what I know of those programs. I agree that Slim in 6 can be a bit boring, but it works. To date I have lost over 10 lbs. 8.5 inches and 3% body fat in not even 3 full weeks. You just have to follow a healthy eating plan, and push play 6 days a week. P90X is extreme and I would not recommend it for someone just starting out. I made that mistake and could not finish it as strong as I would have liked. I plan on doing a 2nd round starting in the fall. Hope this helps, Stu
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Rylan Rylan
The first one sounds better since it focuses on 6 weeks. That is at least a start for a lifestyle change. The 10 minute trainer seems like BS. To burn fat you would need a consistent heart rate at a duration of 20-30 minutes minimum before the body starts burning fat for fuel. Your body would not even reach a fat burning stage in 10 minutes. If you ever see products offering fast results, it is most likely harmful or unsuccessful.
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