What types of "healthy food" should I eat ?

What types of "healthy food" should I eat ? Topic: What types of "healthy food" should I eat ?
October 15, 2019 / By Karon
Question: I am currently on a quest to weight loss..I ate the right amount of calories to lose weight, but I was told that if I don't eat healthy food I wouldn't see results is that true ?
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Hatty Hatty | 8 days ago
Definitely true! You can eat the right amount of calories, but if those calories are all coming courtesy of junk foods you won't see much in the way of results. Limiting white sugars and starches will help. Try to eat lean protein at each meal (fish, chicken, turkey, certain cuts of beef). Make sure that you don't cut out fat entirely - you'll want to eat healthy fats such as olive oil and avocados. Getting enough fiber is also really important. Eggs are a great food to eat when you are dieting/trying to eat healthy. They're cheap, filling, and one of the most nutrient-rich foods around (the bulk of the egg's nutrients, as well as it's fat, are found in the yolk, while just the white alone, is a great source of protein). Good luck!
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Hatty Originally Answered: is there a cookbook that contains all 3 types of veg - vegetarian, vegan, and raw - food recipes?
Most vegetarian cookbooks will tell you how to adapt recopies to make them vegan, but your better off buying a vegan cookbook. The same thing goes for raw food diets. I'm an ovo-vegetarian, so most my meals are vegan, except the few that include eggs but not dairy. -- Vegetarian and Vegan Recopies http://www.vegan-food.net/ -- Simple Vegan Recopies http://www.simpleveganrecipes.co.uk/ -- Vegan Recopies http://vegweb.com/index.php?action=recipes
Hatty Originally Answered: is there a cookbook that contains all 3 types of veg - vegetarian, vegan, and raw - food recipes?
I don't know of any offhand. As an aside (which I know doesn't really answer your questions), most vegetarian recipes can easily be adapted to vegan, once you get the hang of certain substitutions. I imagine that the same may be done to go from vegan to raw, but I'm not familliar enough with the raw diet to say. As far as excellent vegetarian cookbooks, I like "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" by Mark Bittman and "Word Vegetarian" by Madhur Jaffrey. Both contain a wide range of easily adaptable recipes, as well as a HUGE amount of information on ingredients, techniques, etc. I'm a vegetarian that doesn't eat dairy or eggs, and have had no problem adapting the recipes to accomodate for that when necessary. Any of Isa Chandra Moskowitz's vegan books are excellent (eg. Vegan with a Vengeance). I'm sure if you wanted to, you could easily adapt these "the other way" in order to be vegetarian, not vegan. Some I could easily see working as raw.

Dorean Dorean
First of all you need to find out how many calories you need. (Do you workout, are you active, do you have a slow metabolism, etc) Then in order to really eat "healthy" you need to have a well rounded meal plan, that includes; Protein, Fat, Vitamins, Carbohydrates, Minerals, and Water. A healthy diet should look something like this... 45% to 65% carbohydrates. 10% to 35% protein. 20% to 35% fat, with no more than 10% saturated fat and very little (or no) trans fat.(Watch out for trans fats and saturated fats as they are unhealthiest fats to eat though) Water-at least 64ounces a day! In the end its about portion control and mind of matter. Good luck to you on your weight loss journey!
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Cassia Cassia
that is true, without proper nutrition, your body metabolism will get confused. and as a safety measure, it will naturally store fat, to obtain a proper nutrition plan, visit my website www.sdevkumar.qhealthzone.com for a diet and nutrition plan.
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Cassia Originally Answered: When healthy food is cheaper than junk food, why don't people choose to eat healthy? Healthy food is cheaper--
As a mother of 4 children, I may have to disagree with you to a certain extent. If you eliminate junk food from your diet, you save tons of money, leaving money to buy healthier food. BUT the fact is boneless, skinless chicken breast is almost $5 dollars per lb, and chicken thighs are $1.59 per pound. Ground sirloin is 2x the price of ground chuck, fresh fish is very costly, 7 grain bread is almost 3x the price as a loaf of plain white, get a salad at McD's with grilled chicken..almost 5 bucks, where are a double cheese burger is 1. Those damn baked potato chips are so expensive compared to the traditional fried. The fact is if we stop buying cookies, cake, icecream, soda, chips, and candy, we can afford to buy plenty of fruit, veggies, and lean meats. But most American families eat that junk, making them unable to afford good quality, nutritious food.

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