Overdose on laxatives? HELP!?

Overdose on laxatives? HELP!? Topic: Overdose on laxatives? HELP!?
December 9, 2019 / By Jenae
Question: I had a soup which had potatos and I felt so bad I tried puking. Since I couldn't really puke that much I took laxatives. It said between 10-15 ml for adults and I took 16.5 ml. I'm 15, 5'3 and 108-110 pounds. What should I do? I'm taking a lot of water! Can I die? HELP! :(
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Felisha Felisha | 5 days ago
Dont worry. You wont die. Just dont do that again. You can cause some serious GI complications and electrolyte imbalances if you constantly take too much
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Felisha Originally Answered: Bisacodyl overdose. Urgent, help!?
So, good and bad news. Celiac Disease has been known to cause severe constipation. Eating gluten free is what puts celiac disease into remission and stops this problem, so that puts a little tic in the 'could be celiac disease' column. Celiac Disease damages the intestines and the damage is in the area where lactase is made, so a large number of celiacs are also lactose intolerant - another tic for you. However, severe constipation for a long time can caused something called a stretched colon, where the colon has lost its elasticity in certain areas and the feces builds up and a person can't go without the help of laxatives or other things, even after the constipation is taken care of. A regimen of certain diet and/or certain laxatives/stool softeners, under the care of a doctor, can often help this resolve, but it can take 1-5 years to do, so it may be a while. The bad news is...you can't be tested for celiac disease when you are gluten free. The test looks for damage from gluten, and it's not that sensitive, so you need to eat gluten daily for 4-6 WEEKS for the test to even register. It's truly messed up, because if you have the disease and have gone gluten free, you're healing. But eating gluten will be damaging the body again, so...it's a decision you'll want to think about carefully. Even more sadly, a lot of doctors don't even know this. There was an international survey sent to experts in this disease, and over half of them got the answer to this question - how to diagnose someone whose been gluten free - WRONG. Pretty pathetic, really. Miralax is often considered safer for long term use, if you want to take a look at it. Magnesium citrate is a gluten free big time 'clear me out' thing, too, that you could look into.
Felisha Originally Answered: Bisacodyl overdose. Urgent, help!?
Well it was really good she was taken to hospital. She wont die because she was rushed to hospital in under 12 hours after taking the pills , I don't believe she would of had her stomach pumped normally what they do is normally make you drink charcoal or if you're vomiting to much they put a tube through your nose down to your stomach and put charcoal through that way. She shouldn't suffer liver problems as she wouldn't have consumed the pills as she was rushed to hospital & the signs of vomiting was the body releasing the pills. Talk to your friend & Make sure she doesn't do something like this again. Overdosing is a sign of 'cry for help' in some cases , When she's back to normal health try and have a chat with her to re-assure everything is okay .. She might not be so lucky next time.

Cristen Cristen
To start with, you won't die but you will probably get diarrhea or very loose stool along with intestinal pain or cramps.
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Bettie Bettie
You won't die, but you won't be able to sit comfortably for a day or two. I'd recommend saturating the toilet paper before you wipe.
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Bettie Originally Answered: Is it possible to cure a disease by an overdose?
No, I can't think of any diseases that can be cured by medications alone, directly. Most medications enhance the body's ability to heal (with the exception of topical antiseptics, which might be the one instance where a medicine actually cures on its own). I'm not sure what medication your mom's on, but most of the medications listed as treatments seem to be interferons, which are molecules the immune system makes naturally, so it's basically enhancing the immune response. Overdosing on those would be deadly. Alternative treatments that are recommended in overdoses (Vitamin D and Vitamin C overdoses) do the same thing--enhance the immune response. It's not a cure. The cause of MS isn't known yet, unfortunately. It's an immune problem, so the immune system is a little screwy, but it's not know WHY. Drugs alter that response, but it's temporary. Until we figure that out, through research, we can't find a cure. Likely there are many different causes.

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