what can i do to my 93 del sol.?

what can i do to my 93 del sol.? Topic: what can i do to my 93 del sol.?
June 16, 2019 / By Caprina
Question: i have a 93 del sol s. manual. i want to do somework on it to add lot of hp. what can i do to it and not make it ovious that i have altered it?
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Amethyst Amethyst | 3 days ago
DO NOT put a glass pack muffler on it. How much power are you looking to add too it and what is the budget that you are working with? There is a lot that you can do motor wise to hype it up a bit but you have to remember that it will cost money. Change the cam, have the head port and polished. get a better intake and some larger injectors or go with a longer pulse on the injectors (they rate them in Lb's.) look at changing to a cold air intake or getting a ram air system for the car the will scoop from the bottom of the car (you have less turbulent air and a better feed.) you may also want to drop some weight off the car as well you can get fiber fenders and hood that look factory and have them painted to match the car. But again it comes down to your budget.
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Ward Ward
there are so many things you could do to put some surprise under the hood -cold air intake (or new intake of any sort, AEM makes intakes of all sorts) -a new port job on your cylinder heads for better flow -new fuel rail -fuel injectors? -retune ECU (typically have a shop do it for you) -nitrous oxide -remove some weight (so carbon fiber parts, but they're kinda expensive) -exhaust is typically a good choice, but a lot of hi-flow performance exhausts like to have that fatty roar so I'm not sure if that would kill the obvious factor -an intercooler -a turbo or supercharger (a supercharger is more stealthy because turbos need their blow-off valve, which goes *metallic whoooosh) yeah but it also really depends on your budget if low budget, the cold air intake, fuel rail, ecu are good options
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Russell Russell
there is not any 6 speed or 7 speed which will bolt on that automobile. you may get a dx tranny from a ninety two - ninety 5 civic that has an prolonged 5 kit. feels like the tranny on your automobile precise now is from a civic ex or a del sol si that's the comparable transmission.
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Moses Moses
skys the limit. what motor you have in it? put a b16 in it and just build from there. goto hmotorsonline.com to check prices and availablity. you can do a yahoo search on 93 del sol performance parts and it should pull up everything you are looking for.
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