Hi, Quick question about low carb diet well pregnant?

Hi, Quick question about low carb diet well pregnant? Topic: Hi, Quick question about low carb diet well pregnant?
October 18, 2019 / By Frederica
Question: My doctor put me on a low carb diet due to gaining alot of weight already. I am only 22 weeks and have gained a HUGE 55 pounds. I mean i dont think she would do this if it werent safe. I can only drink water or crystal light. Does this sound normal? Well NO not just a fluid diet LOL I can up to 40 carbs aday.
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Darlene Darlene | 4 days ago
40 grams of carbs sounds right... in general, it is usually less... Your doctor's goal might be to keep you from eating the highly refined foods that cause you to gain so much weight... those high in carbs (sugar) and don't provide enough nutrients that you need during your pregnancy... Avoid anything white... lots of veggies... nice protein... good fats (like real butter, olive oil, etc...) Good luck and congratulations...
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Darlene Originally Answered: is the low carb diet quick and effective ?
yes.... bodybuilders have been using low carb diets for years to get there body fat down to about 4% in as little as 8 weeks...

Breanne Breanne
I had also been put on a low carb diet at about 6 months. I was told crystal light or water also but more water. No juice due to the sugar content. I'm now 36 weeks and my weight gain has been a total of 30 lbs.
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Alethea Alethea
The doctor is probably asking you to eat a lot of veggies, lean meats, whole grains and no white, refined carbs? That's a healthy diet. If you aren't meeting your nutritional guidelines (including dairy!) under the doctor's plan, you need to talk to a dietitian or another doctor. You might want to get a second opinion anyway from either, just to make sure you're getting a nutritious and balanced diet. You don't need to lose weight, the doctor is most likely trying to help you maintain the weight and eat healthier you have so that you don't gain much more. Edit: and I seriously doubt her doctor has recommended a low-carb diet as extreme as most "dieters" do to lose weight.
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Tucker Tucker
I agree change your doctor low carb dieting is dangerous while your pregnant if this continues your baby won;'t be as healthy and god knows what might happened. A sad story-my wifes friend was on that diet and unfortunately her pregnancy ended up a miscarriage real sad please do something about your diet.
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Rhett Rhett
My midwife tried in the nicest way possible to tell me to lay off the carbs but she never banned me from them. She just would remind me that the more I gain then the more I will have to lose. However she made it clear that I would have been banned from carbs if I had not passed my gestational diabetes glucola test.
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Rhett Originally Answered: Low carb diet question?
Try visiting http://www.lowcarbfriends.com It is for all low-carb lifestyles (Atkins, South Beach and many others), so you should be able to find something that works for you. It's also definitely the best place I've found to get new recipes & support. There are recipes in the "Recipe Room" as well as throughout the threads. A lot of the folks there have been low-carbing for years and have lots of great ideas. Also, be sure to SCOUR the website for whichever plan you pick--you can pick up a lot of good info. http://www.genaw.com/lowcarb/recipes.htm... is also a WONDERFUL collection of recipes. This website has stars by recipes that are suitable for the Induction phase of Atkins, specifially, but could probably be used for most of the plans. I agree with a previous poster about the loss--it's truly different for everyone. You WILL feel better (after the inital flu-like symptoms)--SO much better, in fact, you'll be amazed that you ever doubted! Good luck!!

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