My kitten is constipated?

My kitten is constipated? Topic: My kitten is constipated?
July 20, 2019 / By Dorris
Question: So I have been caring for my 4 week old kitten for about 2 weeks now, and he just today pooped. But it was long dark brown and hard at some parts. His butthole seems puckered all the time and when he poops it pops out a lot and is bright pinky/red. He let just a little bit out before. I think he might be constipated. What should I do. His butthole is pinky red, not his poop. His poop is brown. And i did stimulate him to poop and pee, I still do.
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Catherine Catherine | 8 days ago
I suggest taking the kitten to the vet. He may need an enema if he isn't pooping on his own. Constipation can be a serious problem!
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Catherine Originally Answered: My kitten is Constipated, help.?
Whiskas is TERRIBLE cat food. Changing the food might help with the constipation and will certainly be better for your cat. I recommend Felidae brand cat food. My kitty won't eat wet food (which is typically more nutritious) so we feed her Felidae dry food. It is a little more expensive, but if you cannot afford to feed your cat healthy food, perhaps you shouldn't have a cat. Does your dad also feed you T.V. dinners every night?

Annalee Annalee
My one and a half year old cat was constipated and I had to take her to the Vets. She was put on a liquid call Lactulose and put on a special food. My sister suggested pumpkin from the pet food store as that helps the bowels. If the poop is pinky red, then that's a sign of blood and he needs to go to the Vets as something is definitely wrong.
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Wolf Wolf
Give him some milk not a lot of milk okay just about a cup full he might throw up but most likley have diarriah and I hope you don't mind but hey least he's pooping maybe it will help
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Shannen Shannen
well, from 2 to at least 3 weeks old, you were supposed to help him poop. now, you can give him some canned pumpkin puree or some laxatone
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Shannen Originally Answered: Help! My kitten is constipated!?
yeah. stimulate/massage him. his mother would do the same if he were with her. once constipation is relieved, make sure you massage the belly after each feeding to prevent this again and to promote proper digestion. heres a good link: http://www.petpeoplesplace.com/resources/articles/cats/042-01.htm

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