What to do with a family on new years eve day?

What to do with a family on new years eve day? Topic: What to do with a family on new years eve day?
September 20, 2019 / By Dixie
Question: my mom wants to do something during the day with the family , we live in long island any suggestions?
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Carley Carley | 8 days ago
We sometimes go to a movie, go bowling, go skiing or ice skating, go shopping, just watch movies or play games at home, and my favorite...write Thank You notes for Christmas gifts!
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Andri Andri
Play board games (eg. Monopoly) and then count down to 12am. When it turns 12, scream and make a hell of a noise, then eat a cake or watch a movie.
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Whitaker Whitaker
Well you could all go out and eat then go back to someones house and party. Thats what I'm doing this year.
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Samuel Samuel
well just hang out with your family. make dinner, drive around, walk outside, play games, hang out with other family
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