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Menu Foods Don't List.? Topic: Menu Foods Don't List.?
September 23, 2019 / By Candida
Question: Ok Menu Foods Don't list Dry food Recall ONly wet food. So where can I find a Site that has the Dry recall. I need to know cause my parents can't afford much on pet food right now cause of a motercycle accident that happend years ago that is also in progress as a case. So they are behind on bills and can;t afford the more pricy brands. They have 4 Chiuhuahua's. 2 femals that are pregnant. My big baby pit mix(too wild for me to control im pregnant and have a baby and cant handle his hyper attitude) and anouther dog. They were feeding them Ol Roy and the wal mart brand Maxxium. I switched the cat to Purina dry cause it had digestive problem with that brand. SO What is theDRY Food Recall I herd Alpo dry was one and Ol Roy Wil be soon since my brothers 2 dogs are at the vet for sydtem failur(they been fed that brand for a long time adn so have my others and no it never affected them in a wronge way so dont lecture me on food brands) Taen from Menu Food Site 8. I feed my pet dry food. Is dry pet food safe? Menu Foods only manufactures wet pet food in cans and foil pouches. Dry pet food is not part of the Menu Foods recall. Janice For one they had these dogs for years. There money issue is from a Motercycle accident they had from poor road construction and lack of warning signs that almost cost them their lives. Don't judge people please, they had a hard time and still battling a case thats over a year old. I Just moved from Kansas for the time my husband is deployed and im getting her male Chi and her female cat fixed for them so they wont have to worry about anything. If you want to grip at people for pets do to those who collect them and give poor care, cause i have met and rescued pets from homes like that
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Amber Amber | 9 days ago
The recall now includes some foods not made by Menu Foods. Use the FDA list instead. Most of the recalled food is wet, but there are a few exceptions. To be completely safe, use a dry food that contains no wheat or wheat gluten.
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Wally Wally
This is from the recall Alpo prime cuts in gravey wet dog food with specific date codes Jerky treats beef sticks pounce meaty morsels that list is for dogs and here is the one for cats Pet nutrition Hills Prescription diet M/D feline dry cat food Science Diet Chicken those are the ones that I could find or Hubpages emailed me with the recall list. Hubpages.com has good information right now about the recall.
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Rudy Rudy
For starters, why do your parents have all these extra mouths to feed if they can't even afford to pay their bills...there's a need for some priority shifting here! You can go to the Purina.com site for some info. You can also contact your local news stations, they have sites you can go to for up-dates.
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