I want to lose 20 lbs. How do I do it?

I want to lose 20 lbs. How do I do it? Topic: I want to lose 20 lbs. How do I do it?
September 20, 2019 / By Candice
Question: Im a 15 year old girl and I want to lose 20 lbs. I weigh about 120 lbs. and am 5'4" if that counts for anything. I am mostly muscle mass too. How do I lose that 20 lbs fast? I want to be a flyer in cheerleading so I have a limited amount of time. Please help.
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Amaryllis Amaryllis | 8 days ago
Here's some information on foods which you should consume if you have a bloated belly. 1. Eggs: They provide good quality protein which in turn helps overcome hunger pangs. 2. Beans: Beans like black gram (chana), green gram (chana), chick peas and green moong bustle with fibre and proteins. They help you shed pounds and improve muscle tone. 3. Oat Meal: Befriend the good ol' oats if you're battling belly fat. Start your day with oats cooked in water or consume them with milk. They're high in soluble fibre and low in fat. 4. Vegetables: Green vegetables are rich source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre. Consuming vegetables for dinner without chapatis and/or rice is helpful in shrinking the waist size. What's more, most green veggies have only 30-60 calories per 100 grams. 5. Barley: Barley has a considerably low glycemic index and contains lots of soluble fibre. This helps in diminishing the circumference of the waist. Regular consumption cuts down the risk of cardiac diseases and type II diabetes. 6. Green Tea: Polyphenols present in the tea help boost metabolism. Green tea is less processed and contains higher levels of anti-oxidants. It greatly suppresses the appetite. 7. Milk: When we say milk, we're not recommending full-cream milk. In fact, make sure you stay away from that. Go for non-fat milk which has the same amount of calcium and protein as full-cream milk but contains less sodium and helps prevent water retention. This reduces bloating. 8. Yogurt: It's oozing with calcium and protein and has very less calories (80 calories in a cup of low-fat yogurt).The beneficial bacteria present in yogurt boost immunity and aid bowel movement. 9. Tomatoes: The luscious red tomatoes contain only 20 caloriesper hundred gram. They are rich in fibres, lycopene and potassium. They avert water retention, thereby also preventing bloating of the belly. 10. Olive Oil: People realise that veggies are good for health but many find their taste boring. Add a small quantity of olive oil. This will improve the flavour of vegetables and make them tastier. But its real benefit is that it can help you lose the hateful flab around your belly. (MensXP.com)
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Amaryllis Originally Answered: not feeling good about my body. how to lose lose about 11 pounds or so and get in shape in 2 weeks?
How do you know how much you need to lose. Maybe you only need to lose 5 pounds. You can't lose 11 pounds in 2 weeks in a healthy manner. Aim for 5 pounds. Cut out all fats and junk food immediately. And start exercising like for an hour a few times per week.

Wallis Wallis
thats not really healthy if you're trying to lose 20 lbs within such a short amount of time. thats a good weight for someone your age at your height. look at it this way, even if you lose a lot of weight that doesn't guarantee you will be a flyer either.
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Rudolph Rudolph
don't worry about it, muscle weighs more than fat, and ur fifteen. do not let anyone try to make you change, ur only 120, thats about average for a 15 year old your height.
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Mortimer Mortimer
Hack off a limb. I have no idea approximately you, however my leg weighs round 100lbs by myself. Arms are on the whole forty - 50 lbs a work. But in the event you desire to stick intact. Drink lots of water(no less than a million gallon an afternoon) Find what number of energy you have got to consume on a daily basis (BMR, RMR, BMI) and reduce out 15-20% of the ones. Eat 6 instances an afternoon. 8am, 10am, 12pm, 2pm, dinner, and 9pm. Lift weights to expand muscle (More muscle burns extra energy) And do 20 mins of High depth period coaching aerobic four instances per week. Your vitamin might seem some thing like this: Drink a few water 8am: a million/two cup oatmeal, a million/two cup cottage cheese, multivitamin Drink a few water 10am MRP (meal substitute protein shake) Drink a few water 12pm a million sandwich & piece of fruit & veggie Drink a few water 2pm MRP Drink a few water four-6pm Dinner: Steak, hen, red meat, Fish.. a few form of meat and salad Drink extra water 9pm or earlier than mattress : MRP Protein shake & extra water if you have not completed no less than one gallon. Your undertaking might seem some thing like this: Monday: Chest & Triceps (30 seconds among units) Incline press three units of 15 reps Bench press three units of 15 reps Dumbbell Flys three units of 15 reps Dumbbell Pull overs three units of 15 reps Dips three units of 15 or as many as feasible in the event you can not do 15 Tricep pushdowns three units of 15 reps Tricep extentions three units of 15 reps Abs: five units of 25 crunches Hit the treadmill, Ellipical desktop or Stationary motorbike and do 20 mins of H.I.I.T. (High depth period coaching) begin out with one minute of going sluggish..adopted via a million minute going all out as speedy as feasible and repeat for 20 mins. You maybe pondering hacking the arm off is a greater alternative after that. Just joking.. do not reduce off whatever! Tuesday: Back & Bis 30 seconds among units, Always three units. continually 15 reps Lat pulldowns One arm rows cable pulls Chin usaEz curl bar curls Alternating curls Preacher curls Concentration curls Bungee curls (50 of them) Wednesday Shoulders & Forearms 30 seconds among units, Always three units. continually 15 reps Lateral increases, awesome set with entrance increases Dumbbell Press Shoulder shrugs Thursday Legs 30 seconds among units, Always three units. continually 15 reps Squats Leg curls Leg extentions Seated one leg calve increases Calve increases
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Mortimer Originally Answered: whats the fastest way to lose weight but not lose muscle in the teenager years?
To lose weight lessen the calorie intake but make sure you eat heaps of protein. High protein foods include; chicken, lentils, tofu, nuts (but these are also high in fats).its impossible to just work fat off 1 body region but if you get on the treadmill and increase distance and speed every day then you will build fitness levels and endurance but to have high endurance levels your body cant be depleted of energy so make sure you are eating well. Bottom line is to lose weight you need to expend more calories than you consume. Have a healthy attitude and try to eat mostly foods that are clean and unprocessed. You are pretty safe consuming foods that have come from the ground and plant based. If you want muscle tone you will need to lift weights also and have a protein shake etc within an hour of training to help with recovery and muscle growth.. Bodybuilding.com is one of the best bodybuilding sites there is. Good luck!

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