Help 11 month old constipated?

Help 11 month old constipated? Topic: Help 11 month old constipated?
July 18, 2019 / By Chrissy
Question: Ok my daughter is 11 months and two weeks.. She has been drinking reg milk for about a month now and since then she got constipated.. People told me not to worry that her stomach has to getbsuedtomit but since it has been a while now and she still poops like that should I be worried? And today she pooped and she has some blood in her poop.. What do u all think I should do.. Have u all been in this situation? Please help me and not smart *** comments or take ur smart *** else where.. Thank u to all wo do answer me right.. Yes I just went from formula to whole milk that's what is as told to do.. Omg that sounds so scary hemeroids I hope nothing is wrong with my baby girl.. I feel so bad now.. And I will for sure get her 2% right away now and I sure hope that helps her.. I should of done it right away instead of listening to people telling me to wait that her stomach needs to get used to it..
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Audrea Audrea | 7 days ago
I would say you should definitely consult your daughter's doctor, especially when blood is involved. There's a chance she might have an allergy to milk. My friend's one year old has to drink almond milk because she is allergic to a protein in regular milk. Your daughter may need to drink Almond or Soy milk. My son is 10 months old and hasn't switched to regular milk yet, but he has dealt with constipation since he was about 4 months old. His pediatrician's office has been a big help. I call and ask questions when I don't know what to do. If you think something is wrong trust your mother's intuition and call the doctor. They're used to answering lots of questions.
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Audrea Originally Answered: 4 1/2 Month old keep getting constipated?
Ya i would wait, sounds like his digestive tract isn't ready for it yet, that's why most people start at 6 months so it doesn't do any damage. Just try again when he is 6 months. Better to be safe then sorry.

Abbi Abbi
My son had that problem too. Did you wean her onto the milk or did you just cut out the formula/breast milk and introduce milk all at once? The blood is probably due to hemorrhoids or tearing because her poop is so hard and difficult to pass. Juice might help, or you could go to the drug store and get an enema. Is she drinking enough water to balance out all the calcium she's getting from the milk every day?
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Stacey Stacey
If she's on whole milk, stop that... Many toddlers cannot digest whole milk and it causes them all kinda of discomforts amd bowel problems.. With my son he had severe stomach cramps and diarrhea but in most cases it's constipation... Try giving her 2% instead... I know whole milk is recommended as it has a higher fat content but it does them no good or benefit if it hurts them... I started 2% and all his bowel issues corrected themselves in a few days... You won't see immediate relief as it takes time to get rid of all the whole milk leftovers, but you should notice a difference on day 4 or 5... If not a little sooner...
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Othello Othello
If you haven't already,you definitely need to consult her doctor about this. You could have a serious situation at hand and you want to be sure you are getting the most accurate information. If she has hemorrhoids you don't want them to get any worse.
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Les Les
take her docs for blood, cows milk makes most children constipated try giving her diluted prune or pure orange juice or more fruit like oranges in her diet prune and pure orange worked for my 2 though :)
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Les Originally Answered: My 2 month old is Constipated?
You can use a q tip with vaseline and stimulate his rectum, or you can use baby glycerin suppository. Giving him any kind of juice isn't going to work because he has something that is stuck. Once you get him unstuck then he should be able to have regular bowel movements again. Call your doctor and they can give you more information on what to do. K is wrong!! If a baby usually has bowel movements that frequently and then just automatically stops and they get uncomfortable like you described it is because they are constipated. You know your baby and you know when they are not acting right or when their having trouble having a bowel movement. Just like an adult, if you have a bowel movement everyday and then you don't the next 2 or 3 then you get uncomfortable and probably grumpy too. Saying that a baby who doesn't have a bowel movement in 24 hours isn't constipated is nuts. Babies eat a lot and therefore they should have quite a few bowel movements. A healthy BF baby should have a bowel movement after every feeding. A formula fed baby at least once a day. Otherwise just like you described your baby will be constipated and feel horrible. I have dealt with constipation a lot with my kids and have talked to doctors too about this. Call your doctor and I am sure they will tell you to do exactly as I described.

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