What is the most effective diet ?

What is the most effective diet ? Topic: What is the most effective diet ?
September 20, 2019 / By Teige
Question: I have tried many diets and I just dont think I am great at dieting . . .Id like to know the most healthy and effective diet that you think or that you have done?! Could you recommend any good websites for dieting tips?
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Phelim Phelim | 5 days ago
Weight Watchers because they teach you accountability, how to weight food, and exercise. Now free websites, fitness.com, self.com, sparkpeople.com, and change your thinking from what you think, and make it for life. Eat a healthy diet loaded with fruit and vegatables, drink only water, eat meat and carbs based on your fitness level, and exercise. Do all of that you will feel great, but of course you could go to the library and find tons of books on the subject. Start liking working out, that is key, but without eating right, you won't lose the weight.
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Phelim Originally Answered: Most effective diet pill?
I cant reccommend a diet pill.. all the ones I've tried made my heart race to the point I had to stop working out. Alli worked for me.. however, it was th grossest experience of my life. It basically made me not want to eat period, because I was afraid of the consequences.. thats really the only reason why it worked. :(
Phelim Originally Answered: Most effective diet pill?
Have you ever tried Oz Garcinia Cambogia? Start in this website : http://tinyurl.com/needythrill39 . It will positively work for your needs!

Maachah Maachah
Here is a sample diet plan that works perfectly: Breakfast: a piece of cheese,slices of tomatoes, 4 5 olives, 2 egg whites and green tea Snack with nuts Lunch: Salad Snack with fruits or yogurt Dinner: Grilled chicken/fish and boiled vegetables or salad
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Jehezekel Jehezekel
Eating sensibly and in moderation, avoiding junk and rich, creamy sauces and desserts and processes foods and white bread, taking regular exercise and getting enough sleep. And don't forget those veggies - 5 portions a day of fruit or veg, potatoes don't count.
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Jehezekel Originally Answered: what is the easiest but most effective diet ever?
Short term you could lose about 10lbs of total weight (some muscle, fat and water) by using the cabbage diets some surgeons tell their over weight clients to use before surgery. There are a lot of free recipes and guides but use one that incorporates some kind of lean meat in it and this is an short term diet. Also cut out all sweets, cokes, fruit drinks and imitations, noodles and cereals. After the 10 day cabbage diet, eat as primitive as you can for the rest of the month. Stay active with fun activities, even walking or playing ball and try an HIT tabitha exercise program 3 days only a week and it's an very real chance of meeting you goal. Good Luck.

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