what to do for a constipated baby?

what to do for a constipated baby? Topic: what to do for a constipated baby?
July 20, 2019 / By Aleesha
Question: My daughter has acid reflux so the doctor switched her to Enfamil AR and its working great, but switching her from Enfamil Premium to the AR has made her constipated, what can I do to help her go? She is 5 weeks old
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Troy Troy | 3 days ago
My 8 1/2 week old baby was so constipated the other day that I had to take her to the doctor last week. He told me to buy over the counter infant suppositories and break them in half. They sell them at any pharmacy. It worked right away.
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Troy Originally Answered: My Baby seems constipated what can i Do?
My dude sometimes misses a day. His doc said it's totally normal as long as he didn't seem like he was in pain. To help her out, try a warm bath, maybe give her an ounce of warm water. Constipation is due to dehydration. No extreme, but you get what I mean right? If she does seem like she's in pain, call your doc. Everyone is going to give you different ideas on what to do, but your doc would know best, and you should follow their advice before anyone else's.

Reubhen Reubhen
My baby has Acid reflux also. and was switched to AR also. the doctor told me to put Dark karo syrup in his bottle. you put a teaspoon of it in her bottles and after about 3 poops she should be back to normal but make sure and get the Dark kind it works better. and it is not Karo syrup that contains spores it is honey look it up.
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Melbourne Melbourne
My first baby was constipated until he was completely on table food and whole milk. We added 1/2 oz of prune juice to his formula twice/day from 3Wkes-12mo. It worked great
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Jojo Jojo
my almost 13 week old is drinking soy formula with iron and it makes him so constipated the doctor told me to give him one ounce of water and one ounce of baby apple juice or baby prune juice once a day if he is constipated and it helps him go. don't listen to the poster lisa. you never stick anything up a babies bottom without the help of your babies doctor. you could stick it in a little and it could hurt him. don't stick anything without the advice from a doctor.
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Hadley Hadley
i used baby prune juice..mix 1 ounce of baby prune juice and 1 ounce water in her bottle,once a day,it should bring relief the same day though..a few times i even added an ounce of baby prune juice in her formula..it worked for my daughter at that age.best of luck..i dont miss those days haha
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Hadley Originally Answered: Why does my baby keep getting constipated?
Brunette is right. It could just be the formula that needs changing. And lifting their legs up and down really does help. Just keep a lookout for his face, when he grunts and frowns like he is pushing for a poo give him a hand by lifting and lowering his feet. But if changing formula does not resolve your problem, you should take him to a doctor. The stomach pain associatedwith constipation really hurts them and he will keep you up at night with his crying.

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