I've been constipated for four days now?

I've been constipated for four days now? Topic: I've been constipated for four days now?
May 22, 2019 / By Aggi
Question: There's this bug going around recently and i got it on Friday night, the symptoms I had are -feeling nauseous -vomiting -constipation -lower abdominal pain -fever -headache -loss of appetite It was really horrible and I believe it's now gone after 3 days or so But now I'm still struggling from constipation and I don't know how to get rid of it, is it just the bug thing that's caused it because I don't normally get constipation? I've noticed at around 4pm everyday since Saturday my lower abdominal starts to hurt and I get bloated and it's really painful and I lose my appetite and I can't poo at all . It's a bit strange that it's always 4pm ish. The only thing I can think off is that I haven't eaten a lot of fruit or drunk enough water but I've eaten two bowls of Special K a day because it's the only thing I can eat without feeling sick. Is there anyway I can get rid of this pain or constipation I've had it for 4 days and I've had enough please help me
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Tiernan Tiernan | 1 day ago
Usually when you have a GI bug, it comes with diarrhea not constipation. Your best bet to get rid of constipation after 4 days is a suppository or fleets enema. These will help get things moving right away. Stool softeners take a few days to work where a glycerin or Dulcolax suppository will work right away. Not eating or drinking much doesn't get your intestinal tract in action. Your gut depends on bulk, fluid and movement to keep things moving. So you need to eat fruits, vegetables and whole grains and drink water or other fluids and walk to keep your gut in top form. Eating prunes and/or drinking warm prune juice will also help.
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Tiernan Originally Answered: Constipated for 5 days!?
Take a laxative for heaven sakes. Milk of Magnesia works quickly and does not cause cramping. Get the mint flavored variety (the unflavored is horrible) and if you feel like you have to pass gas, go to the bathroom.

Rain Rain
Try a stool softener. Drink lots of water. Lots. If the softener doesn't work, try Miralax-with lots of water. Try drinking 120oz of water-at once. If the Miralax doesn't work, go to your doctor/ER and get some lactulose. If lactulose doesn't work, you'll likely need surgery. Try the water. A large bolus works wonders. Expect some pain when passing- you've got quite the backup. Don't flinch.
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Marlen Marlen
It's most likely because you don't have any food in your stomach. Introduce food into your stomach now, in the form of fruit, vegetables, whole grains. Also Drink Plenty of Water. If you need a jump start, drink 1 mug of HOT Prune Juice.
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Jerome Jerome
Just eat apple early in the morning. Take fresh peach juice as they work really well in constipation.
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Jerome Originally Answered: Constipated for two days?
You can deal with the anal fissure in a few days (hopefully) by using hemorroid ointment (like Anusol) on the spot where it bleeds. Practising anal Kegel-exercises (flexing the anal muscles) is good for strengthening the brown-door against damage. When you know there's a big hard lump of s.h.i.t in there, best thing is to take a glycerine suppository or a soap-sliver suppository - either one will empty your butt in minutes.

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