Has any one had stomach pains?

Has any one had stomach pains? Topic: Has any one had stomach pains?
October 14, 2019 / By Stacy
Question: i'm 2 months pregnant and I wake up in the middle of night and it kills, my stomach has the worst pain. I'm not sure if this is normal or not? I haven't miscarried. but what's causing this? the doctor said that it's just my stomach stretching but could it really hurt that much? can any one relate? or has been through this before because i'm really not sure if it's good or bad,
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Othniel Othniel | 10 days ago
i have terrible stomach pains once in a while when im having constipation. my ob says that its because of my constipation. my stomach pain feels like having a diarrhea where i need to go to the bathroom immediately. but when im in the bathroom, nothing comes out. its annoying. i had to take stool softener pills. if ur stomach is stretching, it feels like cramping.
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Othniel Originally Answered: What is the cause of these stomach pains?
At any time, you can get gas pains in your intestines. The muscle in the intestinal wall cramps up. During your period, you can have cramps in your uterus. The muscle in your uterine wall cramps up. The two can feel similar. Also, many women experience constipation during their period, which can increase the cramping in their intestines.

Lesley Lesley
Acid reflux is also a viable reason. You might take a look at taking antacid capsules to peer if that might aid! Otherwise, I particularly am now not definite what it maybe? Sometimes if there may be plenty of acid for your belly diarrhea occurs...even though it maybe anything one-of-a-kind? Drink tons of beverages and in the event you have got to be someplace with out a rest room take Imodium to aid with the diarrhea.
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Jamie Jamie
i spent 12 hours in the e.r with extreem stomach pains at 15 weeks....they said it must have just been stretching....but it felt more like getting struck by lightning. Its probly the same but you should really get checked out
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France France
Look up online round ligaments. I had these same pains when i sneezed or moved to quick or just stood up from sitting down. This is what my doctor said was wrong with me and its pretty common.
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France Originally Answered: stomach pains?
Sounds very much like constipation. Constipation often causes lower back pain. Try taking some stool softeners and drinking lots of water. If a bowel movement doesn't provide relief in a couple of days, it's time to get checked by the doc. You may need a colonoscopy to look for problems in your lower intestines.

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