Can someone give me some weight loss tips THAT ACTUALLY WORK?

Can someone give me some weight loss tips THAT ACTUALLY WORK? Topic: Can someone give me some weight loss tips THAT ACTUALLY WORK?
November 17, 2019 / By Sonny
Question: Okay this is really starting to bother me I'm a 20 year old male 5ft 9in tall 255lbs. I've been trying everything I know I tried water fasting multiple times but could never really go a whole 24hrs (One time I did but broke it almost immediately after). I lost 8lbs fasting (Used to be 263lbs) on and off BUT THAT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH IN MY BOOK NOT AT ALL. I tried dieting but I don't understand any of it (Calories, Carbs, ETC.) I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT FOODS I SHOULD BE EATING AND NOT EATING they all have Calories and Carbs and what not but apparently there are Good ones and Bad Ones (Ughh my head hurts) I have no idea what they mean by eat lots of PROTEIN, SOY PRODUCTS. I don't mind FRUITS AND VEGGIES but it hard to just eat those everyday but they make it seem like everything else is bad for you I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT DOES NO PACKAGED FOODS MEAN EVERYTHING COMES IN A PACKAGE EVEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. This is really starting to depress me. I hate being considered OBESE it's very irritating and it stresses me out especially when I look at picture or me when I was a young teenager I was really skinny but gradually started gaining weight over time and have become less active (with the help of stupid video games). I am currently on my 2nd week of INSANITY (I barely get through the workouts but have shown improvement over the last week) even they literally said in the "NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO BE DIETING" WTF?! I tried to understand the Nutrition Guide but just can't. Only thing I know is that for weight loss I need 881 calories per day (ughh) I AM REALLY STARTING TO GET OBSESSED WITH THIS WEIGHT LOSS THING but I really do not care this weight is depressing me and being considered OBESE is making it even worst. I CAN'T AFFORD A FITNESS TRAINER can someone please explain the proper way to lose weight. YES I REALIZE WEIGHT WILL NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT SO I NEED THE NEXT BEST THING. P.S. This is a repost to another one of my questions so you may have seen it and also sorry if this is too long this is actually the short version.
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Best Answers: Can someone give me some weight loss tips THAT ACTUALLY WORK?

Oscar Oscar | 3 days ago
I read your whole question.now i ask you to read my answer.I will try to explain as much as i can,as short as i can. Carbs is short for carbohydrates.That's a thing your body takes and turns it into glucose in the liver,to be used as energy.If you consume a lot of carbs and you dont exercise,they are turned into fat and stored for later use.Generally you should consume carbs in the morning to get energy,but not late in the afternoon or at night. Proteins are made from aminoacids.They are used to build and mantain your muscles and keep you strong.You need about 1-2 grams of protein for every kg of body weight.So if you weight 100kg you need at least 100 grams of protein everyday.Especially if you exercise. Calories are used to count energy.The average male needs about 2.000 calories a day.Athletes and bodybuilders need far more,because they need a lot more energy everyday,but they don't get fat because they burn a lot of calories by exercising.If you want to diet,you need to get about 1.500 calories a day.You can check the packages of food to see how many calories they have per 100 gram. Generally you must avoid food too high in carbs,fat or sugar when you're in a diet. Good meals you can try are: Lettuce salad + tuna Lettuce salad + Chicken breast Rice (in small quantity) + chicken breast Water boiled beans milk and oat or cereals (greak as breakfast) And you should avoid food like: Junk food Food with too much oil Soft drinks,alcohol Sweets,ice cream Nuts (very high in calories if consumed in quantity) No sugar in your coffee Exercises that burn fat are called cardio.The most important cardio exercises are walking,jogging,cycling,swimming,and jumping rope. Exercises that give you a lot of muscles are called strength training exercises.These include pushups,pullups,lifting weights and all similar exercises. If you want to lose weight you MUST do cardio.if you want to lose weight faster you can do strength training as well.You will loose fat faster but you might also get a few kg in muscle mass. 30-60 minutes of cardio everyday is very helpful and you should definitely do it. Here's a good plan you can try: Breakfast:milk+cereals snack:an orange Exercise:60 minutes of walking 1.5 hour after your breakfast Lunch:lettuce salad with tuna (can be canned in water,and cheap) Dinner:rice and chicken breast Snack:a yoghurt. Keep the quantity small to avoid getting too many calories. Never skip the exercise part. Wish you the best!
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Leo Leo
I understand that the fact of trying and not seeing results can be frustrating, and is more when we have no idea we are doing wrong. The first thing you should consider is not the amount of calories, but how healthy or not you're eating and what exercise routine you should follow to burn fat properly. Email me to give you a more detailed daily plan to lose weight.
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Jake Jake
Hey bro. This truly works if you stay dedicated to it. Jog everyday for distance, not speed. For 10-20mins, eat a nice sized breakfast. Then through ot\ut the day eat a small snack or meal every 3 hours, it will raise your metabolism...jog again in the after noon, then in evening. Every other jog, add 5 mins...like right now I can jog for 1 hour 45mins. Also, dont eat a big dinner, because usually your not active after dinner. GoodLuck to ya
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Fonzie Fonzie
Have you tried Dr.Oz Garcinia Cambogia? Get here : http://Dr.PureGarciniaGet.com . This would undoubtedly work for you!
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