Dog food, dog constipation?

Dog food, dog constipation? Topic: Dog food, dog constipation?
June 18, 2019 / By Cameron
Question: I recently have been trying a few new dog foods with my two dogs who have allergies. (I've done the switching correctly a little at a time) Now they are currently on Nutro chicken and rice. This food is more for sensitive stomachs. Lately both of them have been having trouble going to the bathroom. Both seem constipated and my 10yr old pitbull is scooting her bum as well. Both of them are wormed and the 10yr old has never had a problem with her anal glands. Could this be because it's a new food or do you think it doesn't have enough fiber or something and that I should get them off of it? Thank you everyone! I went out and bought a bag of White Fish and Sweet Potato Wellness SuperMix 5! So far they love it. Im switching them slowly from the Nutro over to this so hopefully they will be much happier!
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Alyssia Alyssia | 1 day ago
Nutro is crap food. Go to www.consumeraffairs.com Go to the family tab, scroll down to pets and the finally on the last page under dog food hit Nutro. You wont believe how many pets (recently too) are getting sick from Nutro's food. They were bought out by MARS, the same people who make pedigree, 9 lives cat food, basically crap food. For your dogs safety and health I would switch now before your dog dies or gets liver failure like most of the dogs people have reported to consumer affairs.
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Alyssia Originally Answered: What food to eat if you have constipation?
The best long term cure I've found is a primarily vegetarian diet, plenty of water, some probiotics, proper weight management, and lots of daily exercise. This is kind of my "cures what ails ya" strategy. Works for just about everything. Things have been working smoothly ever since. What causes constipation is a bit complicated. Has to do with diet and flora (bacteria) balance in the intestine.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constipatio...

Vincent Vincent
Switch dog foods. These are all foods that are low quality, that you should never get. All grocery store brands will be low quality. Ol' Roy Almo Mighty Dog Eukanuba Iams Royal Canin Science Diet Purina Pedigree Beneful Bill Jac Diamond Black Gold Goodlife Recipe Pro Plan Western Family Brands Kibble N' Bits Nutro Max Nature's Recipe Kasco Natural Life Nutro Pet Promise These are all very low quality foods. Here are some ok foods. They are better than grocery store brands but not as good as really high quality ones. Canidae All Life Stages Blue Buffalo Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul Fromm Four Star Avoderm California Natural Blue Organics Here are some Great quality foods. Wellness Wellness CORE Innova/EVO Timberwolf Organics Orijen GO Natural Artemis Maximal Dog Blue Wilderness Horizon Legacy Instinct Solid Gold Barking at the Moon Taste of the Wild Merrick When looking for a new dog food, look at the ingredient list. Avoid any food with Grain, Wheat, Soy, Corn, By-Products, Corn Glueton And make sure that at least the first 2 ingredients are Meat. Here is a website that can help 4 stars is a good dog food, 5 stars is a great dog food, 6 stars is an excellent dog food and stars 3, 2, and 1 are low quality dog foods. http://www.dogfoodanalysis.com If you are switching to a high quality brand, switch slowy, as it is rich. Over at least a 10 day period. Make sure you feed Dry Dog Food it helps clean their teeth. Wet on occasions is fine though. Before following your Vets recomendation on food. Keep this in mind. Vets get very little to no nutrinal training in Vet School. And what they do get is sponsored by Pet Food Compaines. Like Hill's Science Diet. And they get paid to sell their food. And before you think that the food is too expensive to buy think of this. Your saving money in Vet Bills later on. And some dogs can have allergies to corn, and that will cost money to go to your Vet and stuff. You normally have to feed less higher quality food then you would of low quality food. Because High Quality Food fills them up faster. Also stools are more firm, less smelly and they usually go less often. Their coats are more pretty and they have more energy on a high quality food. Raw Diets and Home Made Diets are also another choice. Each one should be througly researched though before trying. So you do it right and have the right nutrional value for your dog. If even after a switch they are still having a problem, then Call a Vet Hope I helped! And Good Luck finding a great dog food!
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Royal Royal
Nutro is an excellent food, You say your dogs have allergies but to what? Actually from experience the whitefish is better for dogs with allergies. I'm also thinking you have them on dry dog food, maybe a mix of both wet and dry would help a bit. I'd let them stay with what their on for at least a week or two before I really did anything. You do need to know EXACTLY what their allergies are to and make sure there's nothing in anything that you give them that could make them worse. Nutro is a great food, Mine were on it for years until I switched to Wellness, (For exactly the same reason, My dog has regular spring allergies, The Wellness did seem to make them better) Also make sure they have more then enough water available to them. I would get a few cans of wet food. Keeping it the same chicken and rice formula and just mix maybe a half of a can in with the dry. Switching foods can cause constipation even if you do it right so just give it a little more time.
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Morgan Morgan
If the constipation is so bad that he is crying when he tries to go then you need to get him back to the vet... especially if he has had surgery from tearing muscles, it may happen again if you don't get it fixed soon. If you are feeding dry food stop and switch to canned. If you are already feeding canned try adding some vegetable oil to his diet... just a table spoon mixed through the canned is usually enough to loosen things up and give a bit of lubrication.
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Keelan Keelan
Nutro is a crappy food! Try: Wellness Simple Solutions http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/dog_welln... Merrick Before Grain (canned though. don't feed only canned; no more than 25% of the diet should be canned) http://www.merrickpetcare.com/store/bg_c... California Natural http://naturapet.com/brands/california-n... Now if these don't clear up the constipation, try giving your dogs some canned pumpkin for a while. That don't work, have their anal glands expressed. If none of that will work, they must see a vet. :) Good luck!
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Keelan Originally Answered: Baby food and constipation?
keep some prunes or prune juice on hand for these occasions of diet change, a bit of prune will loosen up the bowels faster than most things.

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