Should I eat fruits even if I drink a nutrition drink?!?

Should I eat fruits even if I drink a nutrition drink?!? Topic: Should I eat fruits even if I drink a nutrition drink?!?
September 20, 2019 / By Noel
Question: So I started drinking Emerald Balance nutrition drink and it says that it gives me my daily serving of fruits and vegetables. And I know I am only suppose to have 2-3 servings of each a day, can I still eat my serving of fruits and vegetables even though my drink does it for me? Tried googling it... couldn't find anything. please help:)
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Kourtney Kourtney | 5 days ago
It totally depends on what food u taking. although you are having nutritional drink it won't overdosed your body if you eat food. i think you like to it fruits and vegetables , if it is so then why not only fruits and vegetables ? they are pure and natural source of complete nutrition unlike chemicals they don't have any side effects on body . hope this helps :)
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Kourtney Originally Answered: Is this healthy to drink?
Substitute non-fat powdered milk for the 1 cup of ice cream and 2 cups of milk to avoid the sugar and animal fat. Now you have a healthy drink. If you want it sweeter, add more bananas. The more powdered milk you add, the richer it becomes. If you want it even healthier, start adding more fruit or other things like raw flax seeds and/or seeds and nuts like raw unsalted almonds or raw unsalted sunflower seeds. This will give you more protein, healthy fiber, and healthier fat. If you get really brave and want it really healthy, add some raw spinach. It might take you a few years to work up to that though...LOL. **********
Kourtney Originally Answered: Is this healthy to drink?
Yes, make sure you wash the strawberries first (sounds gross but field workers do urinate in the field), and the ice cream is healthy also it has calcium like the milk and other nutritional values, you can get a non fat ice cream or regular and if it has strawberries in it you don't have to wash it...LOL...Just kidding.: P

Ira Ira
No. no longer even close. the main well being useful component of the fruit, the antioxidants and phytonutrients in end result smash down interior 4 hours upon exposure to oxygen and gentle-weight. this is not all, we lose 50% interior those 4 hours. consume sparkling fruit... this is what nature meant. you may to boot drink sugar water than fruit juices... the two have the comparable well being income -- none.
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Ewen Ewen
dont ever trust product labels 100% . they hide lot of things . and they are full of s**t !!! i think eating the fruits instead is better idea .
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make sure to get enough protein. that could be oatmeal with raisins and peanut butter on whole grain toast or boiled eggs with whole grain toast and peanut butter and snack on some nuts mid morning and a banana for potassium. Drink water. Have either chicken broiled or tuna and a salad , or pasta with salad and some cheese or bread at lunch. You could have a nice burger but it needs to be real hamburger not from Mc Donalds....and not white bread. Even a Subway sandwich with chicken and whole wheat bread with oil and vinegar would be healthy. Then make sure to get some more protein in before the game and don't forget the water. You can buy Whey protein drink mix at Wal Mart now. Use that in a pinch when you are in a hurry. Just don't use anything with aspartame to sweeten it, it's been proven to cause brain damage, migraines and other things that you or no one else needs. That's how the FDA looks after us now. Can't trust them. Just eat well and have protien for long lasting energy. Sweets and snacks are short lived and your blood sugar drops after just a short time. keep some nuts and raisins mixed around for a quick pick me up snack. Peanuts aren't the best but they are ok. Use walnuts, pecans or a few cashews. Good luck. Beat the socks off them.

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