glucosamine tablets for dogs?

glucosamine tablets for dogs? Topic: glucosamine tablets for dogs?
September 23, 2019 / By Camellia
Question: My mum always gives her springer spaniel Yumove tablets as she is a working dog. These have Green Lipped Mussel and Pure Glucosamine in them, she said i should give them to my Chihuahua as they stop dogs from getting arthritis and other join problems. Is this true and is there any point in me getting these for my dog? I have the dosage and everything from a vet i know so thats not a problem. will it be ok as he is only a young dog?
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Alyson Alyson | 9 days ago
I have never given these supplements to a young dog, however in hindsight I wish that I had. Go for it.
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Alyson Originally Answered: Glucosamine tablets made for humans, is it okay to feed them to dogs?
I feed my dog vegetarian glucosamine tabs, rather then the "regular" glucosamine which is from shellfish. Why?..because I also take glucosamine and I am a herbivore! My dog got really itchy when I had fed her glucosamine dog treats they had the shellfish in it. Her coat is beautiful and she seems less stiff (I know my knee is feeling less stiff) from the vegetarian glucosamine tabs. She usually get 750mgs/daily..seems to be working! My friend who is a DVM, gives both her dogs human glucosamine tabs about 1000mg/daily (I take care of her dogs when she leaves town). You would be surprised at the amount of drugs DVM prescribe that are human quality. Again, its best to ask the advise of your dogs veterinarian, my dog doesn't need daily pain meds for any joint pain problems and has been ok'd to take vegetarian glucosamine (derived from corn) so if your dog is allergic to corn then vegetarian glucosamine isn't for her. Its best to do some research on glucosamine, there is tons of stuff to know. Like for a fact glucosamine in dog food is a joke (like large breed dog foods) you would have to feed like 20-30cups of food a day to have any effect on your dog, its better to get the tabs. Sometimes traditional DVMs don't have enough knowledge on natural ways to heal the dog body and having a holistic DVMs second opinion can make a huge difference on the way health problems are handled. Holistic medicine often benefits the over all well being of animals, and is something to consider. I am sure most larger city's have a holistic veterinarian (yes they have their DVM licenses).

Vin Vin
Of the two, I'd go with the second one as being the better out of those two. But, I wouldn't give either one to my dogs because what dogs with joint issues need is glucosamine chondroitin with MSM - they don't need all those other ingredients. And I couldn't find anywhere in the ingredients exactly how much glucosamine is in there. I buy tablets made for people (there's lots of brands) and you know exactly how much glucosamine is in them. If you're talking about a puppy, did the vet recommend glucosamine because it's not usually given to puppies, only older dogs either as a preventative or to help with mild arthritis.
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Rowley Rowley
I wouldn't bother with a very young dog to be honest. They should get some glucosamine through their foods. The green lipped mussel is a natural anti-inflammatory and your little dog doesn't need that unless he does have a problem. So my answer would be, not to worry about it yet, but most definitely keep them both in mind for later on. Glucosamine won't actually hurt to give now, but I don't think it is necessary for a young dog.
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Mordechai Mordechai
We had a dog that was getting old and was getting arthritis so we would give her glucosamine pills and it really helped make the last few years of her life better. I'd consult a vet for dosage on such a small dog. We just got the regular ones that people take when they were on sale buy one get one free. I think it was Osteo Bi-flex triple strength but our dog was about 30 lbs.
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Keefe Keefe
I have had very good results giving arthritic dogs glucosamine and my Vet suggests that it can be good as a preventative. Give a small dose every day especially if your dog has any possible joint issues.
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Hebron Hebron
She is completely correct. gloucosomine is naturally produced in the body to help keep joints lubricated and healthy. Since you have Chihuahua's, I would be careful of the dosage. But in general, it's not a bad thing, can't hurt, and is helpful. For you too!
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Hebron Originally Answered: Is it OK to give dogs vitamin D as well as MSM and Glucosamine?
Why is it that you want to give vitamin D? I wouldnt. Vitamin D assists with the absorbtion of calcium. Your dog can get vitamin D from sunlight, eggs and fish. Glucosamine, MSM and chondrointon are great supplements if your dog has arthritis. I was giving it to a 15 y/o dog and noticed a huge difference. I sell as much glucosamine for dogs as I do for humans in the health shop that I run. If the vitamin D is in the supplement you have and it is for dogs then that's O.K but you dont really need it with glucosamine. I wouldnt give it as a seperate supplement. Good Luck. It is unnecessary. I would combine a magnesium supplement with the glucosamine/chondrointon/MSM. You can get a tissue salt called Mag Phos. Give one or two a day with the glucosamine. Magnesium helps with muscular aches and pains, and loosens and relaxes the muscles. It is a valuable addition to the glucosamine which works on the bone/joint/tendon. Tissue salts available at Health shops. Feeding real food helps also. And a raw meaty bone. Raw bones are packed full of calcium and other minerals and great for bone developement and preservation. Avoid grains. They are one of the contributors to arthritis in dogs. Fish oils are great too. 2 a day. Adding sardines to the diet 3 or 4 times a week will do wonders. Good Luck!

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