Anyone on a Low-Fat & Low-Carb Diet?

Anyone on a Low-Fat & Low-Carb Diet? Topic: Anyone on a Low-Fat & Low-Carb Diet?
December 15, 2019 / By Mahalah
Question: I I am having trouble eating what they recommend, egg whites, tuna , fish(not a fish eater) would you also like to know of a great cook book for some easy prepared but GOOD food recipes as there are SO many books to choose from but would hope to find someone that actually is on this type of diet regularly that knows how hard it is to switch eating habits and how boring this diet can become when all you want is a taco bell crunch wrap and a coke or a roadhouse prime rib and sweet potato.
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Jehoshua Jehoshua | 8 days ago
Who on earth told you to be on a low carb AND low fat diet? You need calories to survive otherwise you starve. You only have three choices for sources of carbs - carbs, protein and fat. If you cut out carbs and fat you only have protein. That's not good. I personally am on a low carb diet. You can eat loads of non-starchy vegetables, moderate protein and good fats. Go for this diet. Low carb, moderate protein, high fat. Without the carbs your body will tell you when to stop eating. And as soon as you add fats to your diet there are millions of wonderful recipes out there. Good luck.
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Jehoshua Originally Answered: I'm on a low carb diet but i crave cholcolate, badly! anyone know of a low carb chocolate recipe?
get off the low carb diet. it is not healthy for you. Atkins is a fraud. Especially if you crave chocolate. You will eventually go off this diet. Diets don't work because people look at them as short term and say "i'm going on this till I lose 10, 20, 30lbs, etc." When they go off, they eat like crap and put the weight back on, and usually put on MORE weight because they used a nutritionally and physically unhealthy diet, like atkins or low-carb. which plays havoc with your body as it does not preserve muscle and encourages you to take in large amounts of fat- sugar is only one part of it. The reason you will gain back MORE weight when you go off it- (and eventually you will, your body craves sugar in fruits because it needs it and those things are healthy for you- while chocolate is not) because you will have lost muscle as your body will have not been getting what it needs to help preserve it and support muscle maintenance and growth. Muscle increases your metabolism. less muscle = more fat (loosely). I suggest instead to you to read some nutrition books and understand the effect of what you eat on you from a scientific standpoint, not a standpoint of someone giving you false diet information in order to sell thier diet plan. Develop your own eating plan (I say eating plan because it needs to be a LIFELONG CHANGE, but you develop one you can live with) based on healthy choices, you can even work in a "cheat" day where you can eat your chocolate. Something your current "diet" doesn't have. A healthier version of chocolate (although it still has high calories and high sugar) than regular chocolate is dark chocolate. Not just "hershey's" crap you see in the commercial- which is actually only 45% or so pure, try lindts 85% pure dark chocolate- it is more bitter than you are used to, but for a better choice than milk chocolate it is not a bad treat so long as you limit yourself.

Gedalia Gedalia
Maria Mercedes is my health and fitness instructor. She has a couple of books out in English and Spanish. "!0 Proven Principles for a Diet-Free Life" combines simple fitness exercises with simple healthy diet recipes. She also has a website called Natural Food Coach at natfoodcoach.com. She recently had a baby and is documenting the experience on her blog. What I love about her is that she's not a nutcase about fitness and nutrition but approaches it in a balanced and sane way.
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Dick Dick
I totally know what you mean, buddy. I've been there and done that but the great thing is I'M OUT OF IT. I'm starting to healthy now and I know what you're thinking, but I'm not eating just salads and to use your own words "boring diet". There really are some great cookbooks out there that you can try and still keep your love for food intact(I have). It's all about finding the right kind of food for you and the diet that works. http://cooklikeacaveman.com/paleo-cookbook-review/
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Bill Bill
Shellfish, sweet and spicy tuna. Beansbrown rice. It matters a lot what you eat. Sodium,fat,carbs,sugar =easy weight gain.
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Bill Originally Answered: foods to eat while on a low carb/no carb diet?
Your body NEEDS carbs and complex carbs (think brown) are what you should go for...whole wheat and whole grain products, brown rice, sweet pototoes, etc. Avoid "white" food (anything with white flour, white sugar for example). Carbs aren't the enemy, but refined ones have little to no nutritional value. The issue with low carb dieting is that frequently people regain much (or all) of the weight they lost when they get off that unhealthy diet (see source link for some issues with low carbing). I've done Atkins more than once...the diet from Hell. Terribly unhealthy but you'll lose weight on it if you watch your calorie intake. However, you'll lose weight on any eating plan if you watch your calorie intake. Why choose an eating plan that is actually UNhealthy? I lost 35 lbs low carbing and gained 20 of them back the following year. Eat right...don't try to eliminate any particular thing (carbs, protein, fats, etc). Exercise...get your metabolism burning some calories. THAT is how you lose weight and keep it off long term. I speak from experience and research. I knew low carbing wasn't healthy but I did it anyway...it was a waste of time since I had to re-lose most of the weight I lost when low-carbing. Yo-yo dieting isn't healthy either. former obese person

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