Constipated for a week & a half?

Constipated for a week & a half? Topic: Constipated for a week & a half?
September 23, 2019 / By Junior
Question: I took a laxative 8 hours ago and nothing happened, should I drink a bottle of prune juice this morning, orrrr?
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Harrison Harrison | 3 days ago
I'd hold off a little longer before chugging prune juice. See if the laxative takes effect. But seriously, to go that long without a consitutional is need for concern. You could have an obstruction in your bowels and for that to be cleared requires medical attention.
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Harrison Originally Answered: Constipated for almost a week now.?
Constipation is often due to an unhealthy diet with insufficient fiber. Most people don't eat enough fiber. Wheat germ, wheat bran, Chia seeds and Psyllium husks are very high fiber foods and there is also a lot of fiber in fruit and vegetables. Both constipation and IBS as well as diarrhea can be cured with liquid chlorophyll as in a web search for "liquid chlorophyll" + constipation + ibs. Other natural ways to relieve constipation are covered in a web search for "natural ways to relieve constipation".

Eldridge Eldridge
GO TO THE DOCTOR ASAP!!! i know someone who had constipation for 10 days and died. SEEK MEDICAL HELP!
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Casey Casey
You should definetely consider seeing a physician first. Then you can work on the root of the problem. Fiber and more fiber is not good advice at all for constipation, since this indigestible stuff is possibly what caused the problem in the first place. Other important considerations are the fat content of your diet and the amount of liquids you consume (you may need more of both). Something else to consider is that your intestinal flora (bacteria) may not be sufficient to properly aid in digestion. You should consume more cultured or fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, cultured butter, saurkraut, kimchee, pickles, etc. Unfortunately, many of these products, pickled vegetables particularly, are not traditionally fermented and do not contain the beneficial active cultures. You can easily make your own saurkraut. Check online for recipes. Something else that some claim gives them relief is alcohol - beer or wine in particular. If it doesn't help, then you haven't lost much unless you don't enjoy beer or wine. Stress and sleep (or lack of) can affect regularity as well. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, 8-10 hours per night might be necessary. And do something that makes you relax deeply. Take a long, hot shower, a hot bath, get a massage, read by candelight - whatever gives you peace. Lack of activity or exercise can contribute to the issue as well. I have a rebounder (mini-trampoline) at home, and whenever I'm feeling plugged up I hop on it for a while. It does the trick nearly every time. Try something light while in the vicinity of a toilet. Merely jumping up and down in place could give you the needed help. Go for a short walk, do some housework, or any other light activity. Another critically important tip I picked up that you should always keep in mind after you have solved this short term problem is that you should always go, or try to go, when you get the urge. Sometimes it is just not terribly convenient to go, but this "programs" your body to hold it in. Do whatever you can to find a restroom and relieve yourself when nature calls. Good luck.
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Allistir Allistir
Prunes and prune juice are disgusting. I can't even smell them. I've been in your situation enough times to last me a lifetime. You need to go to the store and buy Colace and a huge bottle of Benefiber. Go home and fill a large bottle of water with like 3-4 tablespoons of Benefiber and take 3 Colace with the entire bottle of water. Drink 100 ounces of water that day, and put Benefiber in every bottle/glass that you drink. The next morning, take 3 more Colace with the "fiber" water. Keep on doing this until it clears you out. It might take a day or 2. Trust me, it works. Keep on using the Benefiber forever. It's good for you and it doesn't have any taste. Also, you should go to the doctor if there isn't any reason for the constipation and it happens again. Just to be safe. BTW, this is what my gastroenderologist recommended for me the first time I was in your situation.
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Tera Tera
Forget the laxatives next time. It may actually take 12 hours to work. The best thing for you to have is a Mug of HOT Prune Juice. Heat it in the microwave. Works EVERY Time. Also 10 Dried Apricots will get you going.
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Tera Originally Answered: My seven week old is always constipated?
My son was very constipated when he was little also. The doctor suggested a teaspoon of karo syrup in each bottle and it def. helped the little man out. I also would not want constantly give my kid a laxative. It's not a good thing to start. Best of luck!

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