HELP? Will This Slow My Metabolism? 10 Points?

HELP? Will This Slow My Metabolism? 10 Points? Topic: HELP? Will This Slow My Metabolism? 10 Points?
June 16, 2019 / By Callidora
Question: I heard you're supposed to eat a small meal every 2-3 hours. And that's what I did over the summer. I had small portions and exercised for an hour a day. I ate lean cuisines for meals (I know they're not the HEALTHIEST but they helped me alot with portion control and made me eat slower). ANYWAY, now that schools started my eating patterns are off and I can only eat every 5 hours. Will I still lose weight the way I did over the summer??? Will my metabolism slow???
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Alyse Alyse | 6 days ago
Every 2 to 3 is probably wrong. 4 to 5 is more like it. It is the total calories in a day minus normal living and additional exercise as calories in minus calories burned. The best diet is taking a multi-vitamin once a day. High fiber foods, low sugar, low fat, no artificial sweeteners (which make you fat), and plenty of water. Soda should be club soda and you can add some juice for flavor. Answer here has calorie and nutrition data web sites and software: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... This is my overall advice: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;... Eat properly and you will be a healthy weight and not feel hungry. Lean Cuisine is expensive and a bit lazy and does not taste great either, but if it helps to count calories and you want to put up with it, then OK.
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Alyse Originally Answered: Is there anyway I can slow down my metabolism?
There is no healthy way to slow your metabolism. If you'd like to gain some weight there are some simple and healthy ways to do it. The best way would be for you to go to your local GNC or other nutrition store and buy your self a protein weight gainer powder. The shakes taste quite good, (Use skim milk to mix them) they have come a long way from the chalky mess they used to be. In addition to the shake, which you could have once or twice a day, you should start a regimen of resistence training, aka weight lifting. No, you will not "bulk up" so don't even worry about it. This will help you add very modest amounts of muscle to your frame and will help you get rid of that "14 year old" look. You should also start analyzing your diet, and see if you are getting enough protein in it. Try adding some lean white chicken breast, or turkey breast to your diet. 5 oz is a small portion, but will help you fill out your body over a period of time. Best of luck!

Vic Vic
You should be ok, just don't go too long without eating so you are so hungry by the time your next meal comes that you over eat. Eating every few hours does help to keep your metabolism going, but if you have to go 5 hours without eating it shouldn't cause you to gain any weight. Just make sure you are still keeping your daily calories in check and eating healthy well balanced diet. If possible try taking a small snack, like string cheese or fruit, with you to school and snack in between classes so you can keep your metabolism going.
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Ross Ross
no...its actually healthier to eat every 5 hours than every 2-3 hours...3 meals a day :). i eat once a day most days & twice a day very seldom & have been doing so the last 6 years :)
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Montmorency Montmorency
ive found out this in wellbeing magnificence and sure it'll sluggish down your metabolism and might make you extra hungier the following meal you devour and digest greater than you have been consider to and magnify the belly... if that is fake blame my wellbeing lecturers and inform me so i will rub it of their faces if feasible :P
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Montmorency Originally Answered: Does Meditation Slow Down my Metabolism?
I don't think so. Meditation is a process of relaxing your mind, body and soul; nothing to do with your food (energy)-burning process. If you've high metabolism, the way to circumvent it is through eating good meals as often as you can or every 3 hours, with lots of protein from fish, eggs and red-meat and carbohydrates from pasta/bread/noodles, rice and potatoes. Drink also at least 3 liters of water per day and workout 3-5 times a week.

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