Best place for sushi and drinks in DC?

Best place for sushi and drinks in DC? Topic: Best place for sushi and drinks in DC?
July 20, 2019 / By Gerrard
Question: For those of you that live in DC, where is the best place to go for my B-day this weekend for sushi and drinks? Just for me and about 6 friends to hang out of a while. Thanks!
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Dob Dob | 3 days ago
I don't live in Washington D.C. but my sister does so I visit her there all the time. We both love sushi so we try different places alot! Here are some of the one we liked best. I put reviews with them so you cna decide for yourself. Here you go: Cafe Asia: Even though its dining room is spacious and loft-like, Cafe Asia fills up fast. This melting pot of Asian cuisines is great for groups of friends, works for a business lunch, and makes a casual date spot. One draw is the diverse Asian menu that pleases most crowds. Another is the minimalist chic dining room. Wallet-friendly prices don't hurt either. The menu veers around the Pacific: appetizers include tuna tataki, minty Vietnamese summer rolls, spicy Chinese ravioli and piquant Thai coconut and galanga soup. Fill up on fried rice Indonesian style (with spicy prawn sauce, chilis, fried shallots and eggs) or Singapore style (curry powder, eggs, onions and scallions). In the mood for spicy? Try curry laksa noodle soup. Something light? Vietnamese bun, a cold, herbaceous noodle salad. Wash it all down with a creamy Thai ice tea or ice coffee. There's a full sushi bar, and during happy hour Monday through Saturday from 5:30PM-7, diners can get nigiri for $1 per piece and hot sake and beer for $1.75. For dessert, try the mango with sticky rice or the Indonesian fried banana with dried coconut and honey. -- Ann Limpert Tachibana Japanese Restuarant: A charming and welcoming Japanese eatery decorated with colorful silk kimonos and traditional Japanese accessories, Tachibana offers not one, but two sushi bars. An eclectic sushi-loving clientele beats a path to the McLean door: homesick Japanese, students and couples, office groups and families. Choose your specially made sushi in single pieces or an assortment by the chef's whim. Miso soup and delicate gyoza dumplings make nice follow-ups, and the ochazuke rice bowl topped with exotic cod roe and green tea is a treat. For the adventurous, there's monkfish pate, soy-marinated layers of monkfish liver. More traditional tastes favor big noodle bowls like the nabiyaki udon or tempura udon. Negimaki of beef rolled around scallions is a favorite, as are the teriyaki dishes including calamari along with more predictable salmon, chicken and beef. Crispy tempura dishes, especially shrimp, have their own following. Lunch is a special bargain, and all offerings are well priced. -- Tracey E. Meloni And last but not least, ym personal favorite: •Business Hours: Mon. 11:30 AM-3:00 PM, Tues. 11:30 AM-3:00 PM, Wed. 11:30 AM-3:00 PM, Thu. 11:30 AM-3:00 PM, Fri. 11:30 AM-3:00 PM, Sat. Midday-11:00 PM, Sun. 5:00 PM-10:30 PM •Credit Cards Accepted: American Express Restaurants in the Cleveland Park neighborhood turn over constantly. Spices Asian Restaurant is moderately priced and broad in menu options, which has helped keep it around for awhile. And it just might be here to stay. Start with the style -- a sleek sushi bar stands out amidst a tastefully subdued dining room. While it lacks the pure elegance of a more upscale spot, if you were to bring a date here, you'd certainly impress them. Spanning several countries, the menu ptions are endless and provide diners with opportunities to sample a number of different cuisines without sacrificing the strength of individual dishes. There is rich and spicy coconut milk curry, artfully arranged sushi and a long list of Asian hallmarks like pad Thai and ginger chicken. While you're not likely to be turned away in a T-shirt, the locals like to get a little dressy for Spices. Perhaps it's because the neighborhood serves as a great launching pad for destinations downtown. -- Nick Freshman There are a lot more but like i said these are my three top favorites!! Hope this helped! =)
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Dob Originally Answered: Can Sushi Act as a Fast-Acting Laxative?
i eat sushi and did not experience that. maybe the place u are getting ur sushi from are not the most hygenic, and ur body is expelling harmful bacteria

Boniface Boniface
If you want to try something a little different than a traditional sushi place, try Perry's in Adam's Morgan. They serve traditional sushi and "special rolls", but also lots of tapas plates that include sushi and non-sushi items. They also have happy hour everyday from 5:30-7:30 during which they offer a number of sushi tapas for $5 and several drinks for $4 & $5. This is only at the bar, though. I was at Perry's just last night and loved it. http://www.perrysadamsmorgan.com (for happy hour menu, click on the "Bar" link on the web site)
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Adalia Adalia
Check out Grace's Mandarin in the National Harbor. Beautiful atmosphere and great sushi. They have such an eclectiv menu and everything is amazing! And its right on the waterfront. not cheap, but not too expensive
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Star Star
What do u mean by DC DO u mean to say Defence Colony(New Delhi) or Washinghton DC If u r asking abt Defence colony(New Delhi) Then the best place for Hookah/shisha is Cafe Mocha(little expensive) & other u can try Brown Sugar(above Subway) ENJOY :-)
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Prue Prue
We consistently enjoy Momiji (505 H Street NW); upstairs is definitely more welcoming and warm than the step-down ground level where the hibachi grill is located.
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Prue Originally Answered: is sushi a healthy food choice?
That first answer is weird and reeks of paranoia. Real sushi (made by people who know what they're doing) is absolutely healthy. Nothing is cooked in oil to make it fatty, like that other person says, there's (usually) no meat, and the freshest ingredients are supposed to be used and prepared with great care. Make sure that the place you go has a good rep. I would actually suggest to fly out to Japan, if the time and money ever allow it, because there is bar none the absolute best sushi you will ever , ever get. Sounds pretty simple, but I think people lose track of it because you can find sushi anywhere in North America now, but not every place knows how to do it well. But, yeah, healthy: definitely. Delicious: oh heck yes.

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