What's the healthiest/quickest/cheapest route to weight gain?

What's the healthiest/quickest/cheapest route to weight gain? Topic: What's the healthiest/quickest/cheapest route to weight gain?
December 15, 2019 / By Felis
Question: Todays society is so obsessed with people that are overweight, I feel people at the other end of the scale are completely overlooked. Often I am unable to buy food in its full fat goodness when shopping as it's all 'healthy eating reduced fat' and was brought up on my parents 'reduced fat' supermarket foods. This is extremely frustrating as no matter how much I eat it seems impossible to gain weight. Once after deciding to plough a large amount of my wages on food, eating out daily and eating upto 4 square meals a day plus snacks I was able to gain about 1 stone after 4 months. I can't possibly afford this at the moment. Living in the centre of a city the only convienient places to shop for food are the over-priced 'metro' supermarkets namely waitrose, M&S and a tiny sainsbury's. Food is so expensive now I don't feel I can afford to eat the variety and quantities of food needed to gain weight. Can anyone give advice on cost effective foods for gaining weight? Thanks for the answers! I eat all these foods so now I think perhaps it has something to do with when I eat more than what i've been eating. Basically it is physically impossible to put anything past my throat for a good few hours after waking up so I dont eat a breakfast and instead tend to eat a moderate sized lunch then a HUGE portion for dinner, often late at night. Maybe if I tried to eat something easy to swallow for breakfast like a bananna and then snack constantly between meals I'd see some results? Can anyone suggest eating patterns/habits they know are sure to make one gain weight? Like JC said maybe I should try converting food to muscle, would that retain the weight for longer? Also I will try a protein shake as breakfast. Cheers!
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Best Answers: What's the healthiest/quickest/cheapest route to weight gain?

Cy Cy | 8 days ago
Hi. If you want to gain weight you need to consider what you are eating. You don´t necessarily have to eat fatty foods to gain weight. Rice and pasta are high in calories. Have you tried them? They are not too expensive are they? Aim for foods high in carbs. Try this: http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&... Hope this helped!
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Cy Originally Answered: What is the quickest healthiest way to lose 10 pounds of FAT (not water) from your abs?
It is nearly impossible to "spot reduce" from a specific area. You have to lose fat overall which will reduce a proportionate amount from your abs. Losing weight will reduce your cest somewhat too. The best way to do that is aerobic, also called cardio, exercise such as running or bicycling fairly long distances. Also, a rigid diet helps. Continue working your abs and the rest of your body hard to tone them, but aerobic exercise it what will reduce the fat.

Aubrey Aubrey
Buy whole chickens and turkeys and eat them Sausage in bulk is cheap and tasty too and full of fatty goodness. Contact a local butcher and see how much it costs to buy a 1/4 1/2 or whole pig/cow/lamb etc...That will be far cheaper than grocery store prices. Go kill a deer and eat it Buy bulk brown rice and eat it. Buy alot of fruit and vegetables. The whole the food the cheaper it should be. Olive oil and avacodos have alot of calories. Nuts are FULL of calories. Eat alot of peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches with whole wheat bread. Eggs are very cheap and full of calories and protien Stay away from packaged foods.
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Vi Vi
Wow...not everyday you meet someone that wants to gain weight but here is some general advise. (I would need more information to give you more accurate advise) You are very smart to keep healthy even though you want to gain weight. You need to simply consume more healthy carbs, and increase your calorie intake combined with some weight training. (remember that muscle weighs more than fat) - Lift weights to gain muscle mass - Heavy weights with low repetitions, 3 sets. (Weights you can handle up to 6 reps) - Eat lots of pasta, rice, potatoes (all cheap) etc. combined with any source of meat protein (unless you are vegetarian) - If all this is too much of a hassle, go buy a weight gainer supplement from a (GNC of sort). Follow the instructions to the tee with the weight training above and you should gain muscle mass and weight. I hope it helps...
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Serina Serina
Did you try those protein bars and powders weightlifters use? When I lost a lot of weight I started eating their protein bars and occasionally if I have no time to eat I make a smoothie with some protein powder which keeps me full for a good while and keeps my mind open as well. "Whey" is a quite well known one that you can buy and just mix it with milk. If you start working out, even in front of the tv, you'll start gaining weight, i hope. good luck!
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Ondrea Ondrea
well if u just want to be heavier you should workout muscle weight alot but if u wanna get fatter really fatty foods and being less active will help try fastfood its really fatty there is really no healthy way to gain weight except for getting stronger trying to gain weight too fast can be very dangerous and gaining too much weight can give u diatabetes or however you spell it
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Ondrea Originally Answered: Quickest (and may be) way to gain weight?
Carb up before and after workouts. Just eating Junk food isn't going to do it. If you want to gain muscle mass (i'm assuming you don't want to just get fat) then I'd use a protein supplement as well. The biggest thing is if you want to gain muscle mass then eat a bunch of protein with about 20 grams of sugar. The sugar helps move the protein to the muscles faster. Third of all, sleep. You need 7-10 hours if you want to go anywhere. When you work out, do really heavy weights with only 8-10 reps per set and 2 or 3 sets. You have to push yourself to failure every time. I like to say that failure is the only option in a gym. haha. A good website for you would be this one: http://www.hardgainersguide.com/ That's pretty much a site for everyone in your spot. Super skinny, needs to put on weight and wants to do it in muscle. Another thing I reccomend is Nitric Oxide supplements. I've been using it for about three days and I've already seen a ton of results.

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