Cereal and peanut butter sandwhiches?

Cereal and peanut butter sandwhiches? Topic: Cereal and peanut butter sandwhiches?
June 16, 2019 / By Adelia
Question: I eat cereal in the morning everyday and 2 peanut butter sandwhiches at lunch, I'm wandering if I will start losing wait because of this. Any help would be appreciated!
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Taylor Taylor | 10 days ago
Eating the exact same thing every day is not a good way to lose weight (not "wait"). And 2 peanut butter sandwiches is a lot. I would think someone who has 2 sandwiches at lunch every day is looking to gain weight... most of us, if we had a sandwich at all, would have one. Then add cereal every day as well, and it's all carbs. There is nothing low calorie about your food choices. The body doesn't know how to react when it has the same foods every day. Make some healthier choices, and vary the meals. You didn't even say one kind of cereal, and if you are using skim milk. The cereal should be whole grain, and not sweetened cereal. Consider something else besides a (ONE) sandwich every day. Some days try a salad, with added protein (chicken, tuna, etc.), or tuna or chicken salad over lettuce. And you made no mention of dinner. But cereal and 2 sandwiches every day isn't the diet of someone trying to lose weight.
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Taylor Originally Answered: is it okay to eat peanut butter everyday?
It's very much ok to eat peanut butter every day. Sure it is high in calories, and almost all of those calories come from fat, but it's really kickass fat. Peanuts are incredibly high in mono- and polyunsaturated fats. The great thing about peanut butter is that it's a good source of protein and fat, both macronutrients that will make you feel full and help build your body's tissue. The whole wheat bread is also fabulous, it's a great source of fiber for well functioning intestines and complex carbohydrates for long term energy. Egg salad sandwiches can be healthy, it all depends on the salad. Generally though, eggs are high in cholesterol and eggsalad contains a lot of saturated fat because of all the added mayonaise. It's a good food for once in a while, just don't eat it daily. P.s. There is no fat free peanut butter, peanuts are almost all fat. Peanut butter is not made of butter. Geez people, come on.

Peterkin Peterkin
No peanut butter has a high fat content, so you would not lose weight by eating this for lunch.If you're not eating dinner and only having the sandwiches at lunchtime then nothing else, this is bad for your system. You need to feed it so that it can burn off fat, and give you energy. If you don't eat, or eat little, your system shuts down, does not burn fat, so you remain the same weight.
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Lux Lux
I would like to set something straight. Peanut butter and the milk on your ceral is NOT junk food as someone said up above. Doctors will tell you that both are good for you. I don't know if it will make you lose weight. I would need to know what you eat at dinner. You need one meat of some sort, or fish, of chicken. One vegetable, and on starch such as rice, or potatoes, or beans. Stay away from sodas.
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Jefferey Jefferey
No. You could cut down to one sandwich a day. Peanut Butter has a lot of fat, unless you get the fat reduced kind.
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Garland Garland
This is REALLY a junky diet.... the worst possible for weight loss certainly. Get off the junk food... think about it. Bread, breakfast cereal, pasta, white rice.... it's nutritionally barren - all you're getting is sugar. Sugar makes you fat as a barrel. You really do need some actual food - like vegetables and beans. Unfortunately our society doesn't believe in actual food.
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Deshaun Deshaun
Try eating more for breakfast, like a bowl of cereal and two slices of toast, and think of other fillings to have in your sandwiches You are probably still growing and need more to eat Chetak
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Deshaun Originally Answered: Peanut butter okay for sick dog?
Is she on prednisone? What did your vet say about her diet? I would take his/her advice first and foremost. Peanut butter is ok in moderation. Bagels have a lot of egg in them, so maybe she is slightly allergic to eggs? Something to consider. Things to try: Raw honey. Very good for you/your dog and full of calories. One or two tablespoons a day NutriCal: High Calorie vitamin supplement. Available at Petco/Petsmart Cream cheese in moderation: good to hide pills in too. Plain chicken is great, raw or cooked. (no bones if cooked of course). If cooked, use the broth to cook the rice also. You can add regular or sweet potatoes (both kinds) to her diet as well for better carbs than most grains. Easy to throw them in the pot with the chicken. Some people feed cooked hamburger with rice for a change up. It will depend on what your dogs tummy tolerates. If she is on something besides pred, like Imuran or Cyclosporine, she needs liver support. You will want to give her Milk Thistle and SamE. These are available at any drug store. You can also give pepcid AC or tagamet to your dog to help settle her tummy. One pill twice a day is a usual dose. If you have a very small dog, you may want to check with your vet and see if you need to halve the pill. Also good for calming the tummy is slippery elm bark powder. This usually comes in 300 to 400 mg caps. One cap twice a day. This is a fiberous herb and your dog needs plenty of water with it. Give low sodium chicken broth if she is not drinking enough. Or put some of the raw honey into water to encourage her to drink. All of this suggestions are tried and true among those of us with immune disorder dogs. Absent any specific reason to the contrary, your vet should give the ok on all of these. Please check with him/her if you have any concerns about these supplements. Ro

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