My mother has lupus, any advice?

My mother has lupus, any advice? Topic: My mother has lupus, any advice?
October 18, 2019 / By Camp
Question: My mother was recently diagnosed with lupus, she has these horrible rashes on her skin and face, She will be 43 this month, I am concerned with her becoming depressed with not only the internal effects but as well cosmetically. Any one have any advice onclearing up the sores? Home remedies? Anything? Sorry yes I know its not cancer I accidentally put it under the wrong forum. Thank you for everyones feedback so far. I will tell her to try the coconut.
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Algernon Algernon | 7 days ago
Well it's not a cancer, so you're in the wrong forum. It's an auto-immune disorder, and the symptoms should be treatable by her doctor. Lots of people have lupus and have horrible joint pains and other painful problems. Her doc may give her a short term prescription for steroid pills, as that often clears up skin problems.
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Algernon Originally Answered: My mother has LUPUS is this the best medication for her? HELP!?
My daughter has Lupus, so I think your mother has been giving the medications with the worst side effects there is. Go to womentowomen.com this is the best online medical advice for women. When on medications that do not make you better change them. You are in charge not the doctor. Medications can be a good thing, but they can KILL YOU with the many SIDE EFFECTS. Doctors will change your medications when you let them know you are not feeling well taking certain one medications. You can also talk to your PHARMACY to ask are some of the medications interfering with each other. Other than talking to your DOCTOR, PHARMACIST; you can ASK QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR HEALTH at WOMENTOWOMEN.COM.

Tania Tania
First get a lawyer Second get a lawyer The social secuirty regulations on lupus changed last year making it easier to get disability. Ask the potential lawyer if they know about it. To be disabled she has to prove that she cannot work at all, not even sitting down as a ticket taker at a movie theater. They don't give a rat's butt about what she used to do or what she is trained to do. If she is working even a little they will reject her. There is no partial disability in the eyes of SSD. Document, document, document. If she is over 55 the regulations are easier. The lawyer should tell you this. Ask the lawyer where your mom falls on "the grid." And how he/she will present teh case. Make sure she files her appeal FAST. There is a limited amount of time. If she misses it, she has to start from the very beginning. I have lupus, I have been denied SSD. I know people with lupus who have gotten it, and I am speaking from my experiences and theirs.
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Rickena Rickena
Her skin and systemic problems occur because her immune system mistakes healthy parts of the self as enemies or invaders. There is no home remedy. Your mom needs a dermatologist and rheumatologist working together to manage the lupus. Without doubt, immunosuppresive medications. Complementary approaches include: 1. Healthy diet, low in additives and chemicals 2. Avoiding sun 3. Stress reduction techniques Lupus is a very serious, sometimes but not often, deadly. I have it. I have organ involvement. I am also in remission. Work with the doctors and do not try to treat this without medical supervision.
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Minty Minty
Does she take ibuprofen? Sometimes taking too much of that can make sores that look like lupus sores. It is called "stevens johnson syndrome". http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stevens... I have also read about virgin coconut oil working wonders with viruses. It is unknown what causes lupus, but virgin coconut oil is a food substance. Just watch too much of it as it is a saturated plant fat. I bought some to try it for the flu.
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Lillia Lillia
Yes I dont think their is a cure that at least I know about but I do know how to get a handel on it! Get a jar of 1 usda organic coconut oil and make sure its 1. organic 2. glass jar then have her eat it as it will boost her immune system and attack germs that are causing her to be sick I have read reports online of people who eat coconut oil and they have lupus and they feel a LOT better! it cured me of my mono in 2 weeks and I dont have ibs anymore its very good to help you get healthy! anti-viral anti-botic I know lups means the immune system is attacking its self and is out of wack but people online eat the coconut oil and they have lupus and they say it helps! you can buy a jar on amazon or vitimin shoppe or any health food store she can eat as much as she wants! oh as far as the soars go its great on skin it got rid of my acne of over 12 + years! its very good on skin and very healthy and helpfull on skin condtions even my moms eczma is gone when she applys it on her face just scoop from jar and apply on skin directly daily..
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Lillia Originally Answered: Can lupus be passed from mother to daughter?
The hereditary link hasn't been proven yet with SLE. As Linda above states, it seems that there may be a slightly higher tendency for a first degree realtive to have some type of auto immune/connective tissue disease but even that tendancy is very slight. It seems more likely that SLE is both hereditary and environmental (although no specific enviornmental triggers have been isolated yet either). Lupus is a very elusive diseas, very misunderstood and yet is more prevailant than MS or MD combined. As far as you having the symptoms there are three distinct possibilities. The first is that you do in fact have Lupus. An ANA test can help confirm this. The second is that you are suffering from another disease that can mimic Lupus, like arthritis. The third is that you are having what is generally considered to be 'sympathy' pains. That you take on the pains that your mother is describing. My wife has had lupus since 15. I often 'feel' her pain. Even though I don't have Lupus, when her joints are hurting, so are mine. I can't explain it other than the fact that we are very close and there is some type of transferance going on. It's funny because when my knees are hurting, I'll ask her if her Lupus is acting up. Nine times out of ten she'll say yes. When I ask her what's bothering her, it's almost always the same joint that's bothering me. It's uncanny. Anyway, I hope this helps.

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