Foods to avoid when constipated?

Foods to avoid when constipated? Topic: Foods to avoid when constipated?
July 18, 2019 / By Archie
Question: My one year old is very constipated and I was told that I shouldn't be giving her a lot of potatoes or crackers because it could make it worse. Is there anything else I should be avoiding? All I have been able to find out is how to treat it but this has been going on for so long that I need to make sure I'm not giving her something on a daily basis that could be the problem. It's not her milk because she gets under 3 cups a day.
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Trina Trina | 1 day ago
My 3 1/2 yr old started his constipation issues around the same time your little one (around one year old) did. And it lasted for two solid years...not to freak you out or anything (see my first post to the forum if you're interested in the details). Anyway, in my situation I could have given my son twice the fiber in a day he needed and it still wouldn't have worked...it was all psychological...the only thing that did was Miralax (an over the counter bulk fiber laxative) in which my ped recommended I give him once a day. This made it so that he couldn't hold it back any longer, but man would he still fight it! I am happy to say that they REALLY DO grow out of this stage. It was so stressful and my husband and I would argue about it constantly...it was that bad! But one day...out of nowhere...he came to me and said he had to go poopy on the potty. He did it (at almost 3 1/2 yrs old), and had done it without a problem ever since! There IS hope. Again, your situation could be totally less chronic than mine...mine is a worst-case scenario.
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Buy organic, not allowed in certified Organic food. or buy whole foods and cook them your self and you will not eat MSG, or a lot of other bad chemicals. But if all you eat is processed foods than you are eating a lot of MSG as well as GMO's.

Sallie Sallie
You should avoid bananas, rice, wheat products, dairy products. I would limit the amount of dairy even if she is only getting under 3 cups. Feed her lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Also you can put her on an probiotic, which puts the good bacteria into her digestive system. If she has ever been on an antibiotic, there is a good chance that she has an imbalance in intestinal flora, and the probiotic will help bring her back to normal. This then helps regulate the bowel movements. You can find a probiotic at a health food store that is specially made for children and babies. It is usually powder and can be put into a drink or in some applesauce. Good luck.
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Nicolette Nicolette
If your child has an overall balanced diet, you could cut back on starches and some dairy (Cheese). More than avoiding some foods try to push ones that may 'help him/her along'. Green vegetables and fruit juices are good. If you have an issue with the sugar in juices, water it down. An other thing is to really get them drinking water. It will help keep them flushed out and not have such a tendency to get constipated
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Lynette Lynette
My baby used to have the same problem he is now 3 but since he was born up until 2 he used to get constipated frequently... I tried different things and one thing I can tell avoid applesauce... bread,avoid whole milk, cheese, meat,rice cereal,eggs, etc.... try 2%milk, 100%natural apple juice to sub the applesauce,if you give her sweet potatoes or a potatoe soup.. mix some vegetables in it like cabbage and carrots...it will help alot... rarely prunes will constipate some kids like it happened with my son... so I tried white grape juice by gerber and trust me that used to be my remedy...and specially when i change from whole milk to reduced fat milk.. good luck!!!
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Keavy Keavy
Simple starches like white bread and potatoes will make it worse because they are easy for the body to digest and therefore the system can not be regulated. Usually anything from a package is made with refined starches, even white flour may make it worse. Try to give her lots of fibre, like in vegetables, and to use whole wheat products. This will help because it takes your body longer for it to digest.
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Keavy Originally Answered: What are the best foods to avoid to get rid of stomach/belly fat?
Well there are many answers for you. Medications can make it extremely difficult for people to lose weight which is why a lot of people stop taking them if they can, or switch which is the crappy part. The good part is is if you change your diet it will help you out a lot. You are right that exercise is an important part, but a lot of your stomache fat, and all fat in general, comes from not using enough of the calories that you've eaten for the day. I understand that much of your weight is probably water weight and isn't really fat, you just look bloated. To start with carbohydrates are probably a major contributer. Carbs are the fastest to be digested so if they aren't used up and there is extra carb calories sitting around, then they will be distributed as fat. Carbs are such things sugar, crackers, even fruit, but there is a difference between good carbs and bad carbs. Fruit is a good carb because it has a glycemic index that is much lower than that of a Twinkie or a cookie. Fruit is natural sugar that doesn't spike your sugar levels all crazy like a cookie will. Fruit is a carb that you should eat, whereas anything that has refined white sugar, or any unatural sugar should be avoided if you really want to change your life. Fats are the second fastest to be digested. We all need SOME fat to be healthy, and it keeps us satisfied in our meals, but look out for things with labels of trans fats, saturated fats etc. There are healthy fats like the ones from Avocados and nuts (salted nuts can also be a problem though because salt will make you hold on to more water and therefore be more bloated), and unhealthy fats like the ones from bacon, margarine, anything hyrodegenated is going to be unhealthy for your body. Lastly protein is the slowest to be digested. Protein foods are meat (preferably not red meat, do chicken or fish if you aren't vegetarian), eggs, and nuts. They help you to build muscle and keep you fuller for longer. Carbs have the most calories per gram while proteins have the least calories per gram. You should try and find a diet that is high in protein and moderate in carbohydrates because you need some carbohydrates to keep your brain healthy (so you don't feel super tired all the time or depressed), and you do need some fat but try to do your best to go for the healthiest foods that provide you with these three components of food. Fibre can also be very helpful to cut bloating. Whole grains, healthy bread made from whole grains, and vegetables all have fibre that can take some of that bloating away and help you lose weight. Good luck!

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