what should u do to lose fat quickly on hips, tummy and thighs?

what should u do to lose fat quickly on hips, tummy and thighs? Topic: what should u do to lose fat quickly on hips, tummy and thighs?
November 13, 2019 / By Aden
Question: i have heard that sit ups r good ? how many would be enough to lose the fat quickly? i have heard that sit ups r good but r there any other exercisies?
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Best Answers: what should u do to lose fat quickly on hips, tummy and thighs?

Steffie Steffie | 1 day ago
Try the following : do 200 minutes of cardio a week. Remember fat does not turn into muscle, so you need to lose your fat while putting on muscle. The 45 minute thing is not true, but don't over 60 minutes at a time. Do 5-10 minutes of cardio to warm up, then do your weight training. Do 30 to 60 minutes more of cardio, then go home. The best time to eat is just after your workout within an hour when your metabolism is raging. For your muscles, incorporate some isolated soy protein or whey protein. Whey is more potent but the soy tastes better! Don't look at your scale as the be all and end all, but get a measuring tape to check your progress, and that will show more tangible results. Read fitness magazines, like Shape and Fitness for motivation and tips. Good luck and stick at it.
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Steffie Originally Answered: Good excercises to help lose excess fat on my tummy and thighs!?
The only thing that will allow you to lose excess fat is a good diet. The excersise just helps your metabolism get faster so you lose weight faster. If you want a firmer body then i would suggest Squats for legs and crunches for you abdomenals. But from what your asking I would say just have a good diet and do some cardio. It will all go away as long as you keep your calories at a deficit. Start with -500 from your Basal Metabolic rate. That way you'll lose a healthy lb a week. Hope that helps.

Quanna Quanna
Be a kid again! When eating out, order any child’s sandwich, pizza or cheese burger. Then you can have the treats you're keen on, while reducing your portions and cutting your calorie intake.
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Meade Meade
Swap a bowl of pasta for the bowl of vegetables. You can conserve to 200 calories by lowering the starch and adding vegetables.
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Lauryn Lauryn
Hmm, just do as many as you can do first. If it's below a reasonable number that you usually do or other people like yourself do, then do more.
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Jobeth Jobeth
Keep a smaller water glass, which you should refill often, instead of a large water bottle on your workspace.
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Jobeth Originally Answered: [PLEASE HELP] How to lose tummy fat and weight?
Hi Reafdea! Losing weight is simple- eating clean and gentle exercise Firstly remember to drink lots of water (average around 8 cups daily). Have a glass before every meal to stop overeating. You must eat lots of protein, so since you do not eat meat you should eat beans such as lentils and nuts. Also take a multivitamin with dinner. Eat fresh salads and vegetables with dinner and as snacks. Celery is a great snack as it has next to no calories and includes vitamins. For exercise you should aim to do 60-100 sit ups daily, don't do too much as your muscles need time to heal. This is a great way of burning belly fat and tones the muscle. If you have a stationary bike use it for 30 minutes daily (doesn't have to be vigorous) this loses fat from thighs and legs also gives them nice definition. If you don't have a bike go jogging or running for 30 minutes daily because it has the same effect! Good luck on your weight loss journey!!

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