Atkins/ low carb - one meal a day?

Atkins/ low carb - one meal a day? Topic: Atkins/ low carb - one meal a day?
September 23, 2019 / By Zowie
Question: I'm 5'8 and 240 pounds. I want to lose about half my weight by next winter. I decided to go with the low-carb Atkins diet after many failed attempts at countless other diets. The Atkins seemingly had nothing but positive success stories surrounding it and would also satisfy my big appetite. I do love meat. However... Ever since I started the Atkins I've found I'm not very hungry. Not only that, but I don't have the time to be preparing three to five meals a day. So I only eat one meal a day, a protein and a salad in the evening around 4pm or 5pm. Keep in mind that this is completely unconscious and I'm not starving myself. I've been taking multi vitamins and drinking plenty of water. I don't have lack of energy and I feel fine. Will this put my body into starvation mode? Will I gain weight if I suddenly start to eat more protein a day or snack on fats or cheeses like the atkins SAYS you should? How much weight should I expect to lose if I continue with this "diet" as a lifestyle? *keep in mind* For most of my life my diet consisted of over-portioned meals and full bags of potato chips along with sugary soft drinks and other bad stuff. I'm sixteen years old, this is quite a drastic change. If you're here for the sole purpose of trying to convince me atkins is a bad diet or "wrong" for me, save yourself the trouble. I've spent months of research and reading the book and this is what I'm going to stick with regardless of ridicule.
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Sherri Sherri | 8 days ago
There is no reason you need to eat 3-5 meals a day. Eating one meal a day is fine but you do need to get in enough calories. Even if your not hungry that doesn't mean you should eat 1000 cals a day. At your current weight you should be able to eat 2000 cals and lose weight. If you stick to it you can expect to lose all the weight you need to lose. 120 pounds at 5'8 is under weight. 140-150 would be a better weight at your height. Maybe even more if you have a good amount of muscle.
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Sherri Originally Answered: Suggestions for Low-Carb Atkins diet?
Your chances are average. It really depends on the person. You could buy the little pee strips if you really want to turn it into a science experiment. They sell them by the diabetic supply's in the pharmacy. Pretty much follow the diet as they give it to you in the book. Some things to avoid though are atkins or low carb products and shakes. Because even though they are "low carb" they seem to affect your sugar levels still sometimes, which will stop you from going into ketoacidosis. Good luck!

Penney Penney
Hey, The best fat loss that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most useful diet that I have ever tried.
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Marjeta Marjeta
Retain it natural. Avoiding processed foods will keep your digestion working efficiently in addition to minimise your salt intake.
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Kristy Kristy
Set up reminders on your personal computer or phone every hour to encourage you to ultimately get up, walk around, and also stretch.
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Jeanna Jeanna
just eat things other people would eat when you travel to other countries on the other side of the world: meats and organ meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, insects, nuts, herbs, and spices, bread.
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Fauna Fauna
I think you should rather learn to spend some time making food. Im spending about 15-30 mins a day on preparing food for the next 24 hours. Having just this one meal (and it do looks like a small meal too) sounds very dangerous to me. I have been on 240 pounds too, and tried lots of diets - even atkins.. It eventually failed. From my own experience, I think what will happen to you is that one day your body will just suck all common sense out of your brain, and you will eat anything in sight and get right back to were you started, resulting in you thinking that atkins diet does not work. What helped for me was to eat enough healthy food. A common mistake in my past was that every diet, I was cutting out this and that and having salad meals and consuming half of the required calories that I needed. After about a week, I couldnt take it anymore and went to some store and went all in on sweets and chips. As you said yourself, a healthy diet is a drastic change to your everyday in the past. Remember that you can eat a lot more healthy food to cover the unhealthy foods (and I mean A LOT). I wish I knew more about atkins to make a better connection between our diets, but I strongly suggest you follow his guide. If one meal a day would be a better choise, he would have mentioned it.
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Coriander Coriander
Not healthy especially for a teen. Atkins is not intended to be a lifestyle. Instead shrink portion sizes, and cut out all the bad stuff. And eat some breakfast. The most frequent complaints with low-carb diets are constipation and headache, which are readily explained by the lack of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, Astrup said. Also, bad breath, muscle cramps, diarrhea, general weakness and rashes are more often reported on low-carb diets than on low-fat diets "We have known for many years that there is a minimum intake of carbohydrate necessary to maintain the normal function of your body and that is approximately 150 grams a day," he said. "But, if on the Atkins diet you go down to 20 to 30 grams in the induction phase, then maybe go up to 100 grams, still you are far below what your body needs." The body can coast along for a while with the carbohydrate stores in the liver and the muscles, but eventually problems start to occur, Astrup said. "I think these symptoms are signs that something is wrong," Astrup said.
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Coriander Originally Answered: Please help me in cooking a no/low carb meal for my diabetic dad?
I would suggest frying the porkchop in olive or canola oil--maybe 2 chops. If you had some frozen veggies--would be good--and easy. If not--do the asperagus. Maybe slice him some of the cheese--for a finger food. If you have potato--bake a small one for him--if he can eat it. This can be done in the microwave. About 5 minutes total--turning a couple times. I think he need some carbs in his diet--he would know best though--that would be the potato.

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