Is it safe to mix two different kinds of diet pills?

Is it safe to mix two different kinds of diet pills? Topic: Is it safe to mix two different kinds of diet pills?
January 29, 2020 / By Valentine
Question: I have two bottles of diet pills. One suppresses your appetite and the other is a thermogenic. I am in need of both an appetite suppressant and energy booster. Can I take one of each kind instead of two of one kind?
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Best Answers: Is it safe to mix two different kinds of diet pills?

Seanna Seanna | 9 days ago
It would help if we knew the names of the pills. In general, thermogenic means nothing and appetite suppressants are useless. Energy booster usually means caffeine. look at the list of ingredients in each product and google them, Or take them to the nearest pharmacy and ask to speak to the pharmacist.
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Seanna Originally Answered: Is it safe to take diet pills at my age?
Think about it. If you have to hide it from your parents then I think you have already answered your own question. Diet pills aren't good for anyone of any age. Diet and exercise is the key. So get off your lazy, spoiled teenager *** and go outside!

Ocean Ocean
Why are you using diet pills at all? Straightening out your diet and exercising will do more for weight loss than any pill.
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Maddison Maddison
Such pills are not effective. If they were effective they will do more harm than good to you. Doctors are not recommending such pills. These pills do good to the manufacturer by increasing their bank balance.
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Kendra Kendra
Do you have tried using Ozs Garcinia Cambogia? Choose to go in this website : http://Support.PureGarciniaGet.com . This is able to easily work for yourself!
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Ivah Ivah
Do you have tested Oz Garcinia Cambogia? Look today : http://tinyurl.com/abortivewarehou . This will definitely work for everyone!
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Ivah Originally Answered: do diet pills really work and are they safe?
No they dont work at all. The hoodia works (I use it myself). All it does is takes your appetite away and the pills "burn" your fat. Some pills work but in a nasty way. One pill burns your fat and the fat has to go somewhere right? So at random times you have dirhea and you have no warning or control over it so they have to wear diapers.

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