Healthiest possible diet (Not "Diet" diet, but daily eating habits)?

Healthiest possible diet (Not "Diet" diet, but daily eating habits)? Topic: Healthiest possible diet (Not "Diet" diet, but daily eating habits)?
September 23, 2019 / By Sharron
Question: I am looking to lose some weight. I have already started a decent exercise regimen consisting of walking/running, swimming, stretching, and weight training. Still, I need to do some work on my diet. I am a fast food junkie and am trying to battle this "addiction." I know what's healthy and what's not and am actually quite educated about nutrition, but I want some advice from someone who has gotten results first hand. Lean meats and dairy, fruits and veggies, and whole grains are all goodies I know, but to lose weight (I need to drop a good 60-80 lbs!), I need advice on 1. portion control, 2. when and how often to eat, 3. what kinds of foods/drinks are best after workouts, before workouts, when first waking, before sleeping, etc. etc., and 4. what are the best possible weight loss foods? I would also very much appreciate some advice on if I should be taking any vitamins or supplements, and what kind of teas are best for weight loss? Any and all advice is welcome and appreciated, thanks everyone.
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Paisley Paisley | 3 days ago
6 moderately sized portions a day of chicken, spinach, cottage cheese, whole grains, almonds, avocados, apples, tuna, whey protein shake, lean beef, raw oatmeal, eggs etc. No sauces, frying, or refined sugars (like you would find in white bread or bagels.) No pop or fruit juice (too much sugar.) Breakfast = 2 eggs and a piece of whole grain toast (no butter. Have natural peanut butter. Not Kraft) Eating moderately sized portions six times a day (once every 3 hours or so) keeps your metabolism revved, helping your body burn fat (because it knows it doesn't need it to survive, since you're keeping a steady stream of healthy food coming.) Before going to bed have an apple and some cottage cheese. Example diet: Wake up 20 minutes of Cardio Breakfast: Raw-cut oatmeal (not the Quaker Instant Oatmeal garbage) with some applesauce and an egg or two Snack: Protein Shake Lunch: Lean turkey sandwhich, on whole wheat bread, with no mayo. Snack: Handful of Almonds Dinner: Grilled or boiled chicken, with brown rice and a spinach salad. Have salsa with the chicken and rice if you want. Weights Workout Post-Workout: Protein Shake Before bed: An apple and cottage cheese. It looks like a lot of food, but just keep the portions a moderate size.
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Paisley Originally Answered: Japanese Diet: The healthiest diet in the world? What about mercury?
There is no "healthiest diet in the world". If you actually take a look at what consists of "The Peasant Diet", "The Greek Diet", "The Mediterranean Diet", "The Japanese Diet", etc, you'd notice they all have the same elements in common: * LOTS of vegetables - FRESH vegetables, or at least, minimal preparation. * FRESH fruit, as opposed to frozen, canned, or shoved in a smoothie. * SOME fat, but VERY LITTLE saturated fat. * Very little meat overall - mostly seafood, or chicken, very little pork or red meat. * VERY LITTLE sugar/sweets There is nothing special about this diet. Heck your grandmother or great-grandmother ate this way during the first half of the 20th century, but not because she was trying to keep her weight down. Back then, meat was expensive, so you didn't use it very much. When you did, you added it to other ingredients to stretch it out. That's why soups, stews, sausages, meatballs/meatloaf type dishes were so popular. Vegetables, on the other hand, were cheap. In addition, many people had a small garden in their backyard to help keep their costs down. It was common to trade with your neighbors, too. My grandpa could always get large bags of freshly picked corn or green beans for a basketful of his garden fresh tomatoes. Meanwhile, things like sugar were very expensive. So for most people, even having a cookie was considered a rare treat. Finally, most homes didn't have refrigerators, much less freezers. This forced people to cook fresh food everyday as opposed to relying on the chemical-laden frozen meals we pop in our microwaves every day. Freshly prepared food takes more effort but is also healthier for you since the average home cook isn't going to add things like artificial colors, car wax, or rocket fuel to his food. Freshly cooked food also doesn't require as much salt either. The other element that all these "diets" fail to take into account is that people back then were a lot more active than now. Again, even looking back to my grandmother's childhood back during the early 20th century, kids walked or rode bikes everywhere. Even when they took the bus, they still had to walk to and from the bus stop. The traditional Japanese diet would look something like this: Breakfast * Bowl of rice * Freshly grilled fish (they'd eat the bones too - that's how they got calcium) * Bowl of miso soup with chunks of tofu and nori (seaweed) in it * Freshly pickled vegetables (daikon, onion, whatever) Lunch Bento box: * Bowl of rice * Cold cooked fish or (cooked) meat * some steamed veggies or pickles -or- * Bowl of ramen Dinner * Bowl of rice * Fish or meat dish * Pickles or steamed veggies Sometimes they'd make nabemono which is a type of stew (the word refers to the pot they use, not the food itself) If you've had Sukiyaki or Shabu-Shabu, they are a type of nabemono. They also use copious amounts of soy sauce - but never directly on the rice. "But wait a minute!" you're thinking, "Isn't white rice bad for you? And soy sauce has more sodium than salt! How is this healthy!?!?" Yeah...refer to my previous paragraphs about active ancestors.

Marcelyn Marcelyn
Wow, that is a lot of food that straddax listed. If you're a guy though, you could probably handle a little more than women can. I think thats all good advice, maybe not two protein shakes a day though, unless you're really working out. For portion control, try measuring out what you eat so you know what you are eating (and then you'll know how many calories/how much fat is in it too by reading the nutrition labels.) Meat portions are supposed to be about the size of your palm. When you're just starting a new program, I think it helps a lot to write down what you eat and calculate the calories & fat. Just paying more attention to what you're putting in your body helps so much. And don't drink calories-- those are empty calories- totally not worth it. Stick to water, sparkling water, or occasionally juice if it's natural, low sugar, and add a little water to it so its not so sweet. Good luck!
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Kingsley Kingsley
I most likely love questions like this, I occur to suppose our nation is fitting (or has emerge as already) particularly gross with our consuming behavior. Did you recognize the normal measurement of a lady in America is sixteen? Over 60% of Americans are obese. This results in heard ailment, center assaults, strokes..you identify it, it may well occur. We willingly purchaser meals that we KNOW is dangerous for us! I relatively don't have an understanding of men and women. If you recognize whatever is dangerous for you, why could you place it into your frame? We overeat and consume horrible meals. There is DEFINITELY a necessity for advantage in our vitamin. I do suppose we must consume fitter, no longer always natural and organic regardless that. Organic does no longer imply healthful, it simply method with out chemical damage. If it have been as much as me, EVERY quick meals eating place could be closed. I despise the ones areas. Since the ninety's, seats in automobiles, film theatres and the whole thing else have got greater. Why you would ask? Because our asses have grown too. I don't believe any sympathy for fats men and women. None whatever. They did it to themselves and now they ought to pay the penalties. However, I like to look men and women who wish to rectify their circumstances and check out to make themselves healthful once more. I am a sixteen 12 months historic woman, and I most likely hate obease men and women who wish men and women to believe dangerous for them or any individual like that. In the beyond 12 months, I have made up our minds to foremost in Nutrition, due to the fact that our country has simply emerge as so dangerous and I could hate to look my kids and grandchildren ought to develop up and reside like this. And it's not even JUST approximately consuming behavior, you ought to recreation too. Most Americans don't and that is a further rationale that they're fats. Yes, I am blunt, however this can be a shame to have such a lot of obease men and women who're lazy and simply don't care what occurs to themselves.
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Janey Janey
fast food is salty food if you cut back on the salt in a few weeks youll be able to better taste the natural salts in food and may not crave the junk as much as you used to
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Essie Essie
got nuts with nuts eating a handful of nuts will help you stay full try soaking them in water for a different texture
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Essie Originally Answered: Is this a healthy daily diet?
Dairy is probably the most unhealthy thing anyone could put into their bodies. And no, you don't need any supplements. Vegans don't even need supplements, only a little B12 if it's an issue but you can even get that in Vegan food anyway. Listen up: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGCdc9quA... Also, you should add some grains and legumes to your diet. Eat quinoa, beans or lentils each day. I usually eat my fruits and vegetables raw as you get more nutrients this way and your body can process it better.

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